Greetings Mafiosos - salutations and well wishes to everyone reading this. I hope you all had as much of a blast as I did, watching the most recent in-game developments. Words of war, thuggery, and very big backups of putting your money where your mouth is, or otherwise known as “Shut the fuck up and play” has been the order of the day.


The question on many people’s minds: to which I respond: Sit down and take notes.

Not for sissies:The Mafia Boss has been running for almost 15 years. Many have copied it, as one does, and, I am sure, have experienced some moderate successes. However, The Mafia Boss is the original front-runner of this type of game, and we have been graced with some of the fastest, most conniving, sneaky, foul mouthed, intelligent and downright mean-ass fast skilled players over this decade-and-a-half.

There are players past and present who are so fastand have spent so much time on their techniques, it would make your head spin with questions like: “what the fuck just happened?” and....”that’s impossible, he/she is a cheat”...or....even worse, will send love letters to admin like: “So you allow players to cheat?” My mental response is always: [In most cases where I know 100% that the person is super fast and skilled] -....“ I think you should go play outside now.”


And by the by - The team who made the move, didn’t flinch at all.Big Elephant balls, I tell you. Yeah they asked questions, which are totally understandable, about round end. I mean, come on people, during those last 2 minutes, things happened at such blazing fast speed,

If you don’t put in the time: Zip the gash in your face. You can’t expect be good at something, if you don’t practice. So it goes in The Mafia Boss. You got to make sure to understand the mechanics of stuff to master it’s operations. Simple fact, people.


It was almost curtains and sunset on a very long successful run for TMK. But due to some unexplained malfunction, that didn’t happen. Congrats once again to TMK for a huge win, and I must give total credit and respect to Trap_House. Big Elephant size balls, I tell you.

ShayneG was the drama person again, that everyone loves to hate. Pick a side already, will ya? Meanwhile Families: Inner Circle and Ronin, Loco, Southside, and Nameless, took the top 5 family spots.

985 ranks.png

Yeah, So neither of the BIG GUNS got in there.Traphouse, and IU both seemed to implode at round end on the family ranks thing ... and neither family took a spot in the top 5, despite having well more than sufficient resources to do so.

TMK messaged me recently, prior to this round when I called him FUGLY and SOFT in a previous blog….and said: '“I’m not getting flaccid, old man'”....[I did kind of cringe and reflex-clench when he said that]...but I mean….

....besides maybe being a kind, benevolent person... I’d love to hear this round’s version.

Family profile: WEST COAST:

Our past is important, it shapes our future, it can define a moment and it always remains a memory. When looking at this game, which has become an absolute vital part of our past and present, there are many important moments and families that shaped our future.

Devils_Gate, Skidmark, Inner Circle to name three examples. This is about another such family: West_Coast.

"Many of you will only know the version you have seen over recent rounds. West_Coast took the ‘family’ idea to a whole new level - were a support network, friends and treated each other like family. “-......These are some of the fondest memories I have and is the reason I returned five rounds ago” Says Domiola, the current big-wig, in the Westside Cartel.

“I grew up in WC, I spent four years of my life invested in the family and it’s culture. This game gave me a home, it gave me a hobby but West_Coast kept me here. We all know the game has its own current living legends - TMK and Snoman to name but two, but before them was the almighty Dub And powerhouse Tony_Uncle_Johnny - these are my hero’s.”

West_Coast as I remember it, was an absolute behemoth - 25+ full families, an executive council, a Don and some of the funniest late night yahoo messenger chats I’ve ever witnessed. West_Coast, was more than just a digital family, it was a god damn institution and still having that flag flying at nearly 1000 rounds brings a fucking tear to my eye.

West_Coast started at the birth of the game, dating back to the beta rounds and being created by ‘Knowledge’ under the name West_Coast_Hitmen. Inner_Circle was also growing at this point under Torm and Torm himself helped in WC’s early rounds- these families are god damn historic, like the fucking Romans and Sparta.

WC had LA on lockdown - it belonged to us, if you trespassed - BOOM one of several hundred members would smack you back to where you came from. “

Then WC began to fade, and one man flew the flag out of love - Blizzard420! He continued to rebuild WC and ranked WC for numerous rounds. WC all but disappeared once Blizzard hung up the gloves, it came back in different versions but never the way it was.

TODAY: West Coast has begun its long term project of finding its former power with original members at the helm. We, along with other great families mentioned in this blog, shaped TMB and it’s important we remember our history.

Now we have just as impressive families adapting to the times such as Trap House, Loco and IU but the classics like IC and WC remain and always will remain influential and powerful.


KS Broke the 100k hits out barrier. Many were not impressed, and KS didn’t give any fucks about it, seemingly.

HAPPENING RIGHT NOW SEGMENT: Avengers collectors and looters are kicking ass, Inner Circle and LOCO are also at it and these people didn’t come to play nice. The birds of prey swoop down on unsuspecting bots who actually don’t give a fuck. Maybe we should are some of them and thrown in more challenges.

top 3 looting 987.png


Eli explained ShayneG’s sunny disposition on the forums as follows:

“'yeah, calling Shayne a [insert nasty epithets here] tells me you don't know Shayne. I will put it like this: Shayne is family, stupid family, yes, but family. Told him all round don't hit anyone it's stupid and pointless, but like that stupid family member that gets drunk at a family reunion, and gets the police called, and ruins everything, you still invite him back because every once in awhile he makes you laugh.”'

Errm is Eli actually condoning the unwarranted violent behaviour, or not?


Best Minister of defence and attack and covert espionage: That’s easy: Lopov.
Best Banker: Cassius [she once spent 36 hours non stop…]
Most Abused Player: Cassius [Back in the day she was most attacked for a year straight]
Biggest Bitches: Hand’s down [SOME OF] the old 14 Crew, under Islander, some yhears back…..whose people got caught exploiting a glitch, wouldn’t own up to returning a measly fucking 900billion in early main round [which they would have won anyway] and then proceeded to hack some accounts AND DO VARIOUS mean spirited things over time. To this day I got this to say about that: Go get bent, you stupid earthworm eating fucks.
Meanest/Most interesting Trash talkers: Any Skids, Nuts, MiT, StuGots, Nameless, VBP…..and myself ............I cringe inwards sometimes, at myself, when I look and think back at some of the nasty gems I put out there. Odd thing though, I never broke any rules, yet managed to intimidate many players until they went offline or quit playing out of sheer embarrassment. The other guys I named…......these were THE real people ...of TMB, they were/and still are ... plain wit and intelligence, brilliant entertainers and writers.... on the old forums we used to call the many great posts and much nostalgia.

And New History to be made.


Round end race: in the last 5 minutes of the round, everyone who is anyone is online. The servers can get busy. So do not overestimate your capabilities to execute fast actions. Be prudent and move early, but not too early to give your entire strategy away.

Recruit New players: Today’s noob can become tomorrow’s big hitter. Don’t be afraid to spread the love and invite new people into alliance families. We all enjoy the game, I enjoy working here, but the game becomes nothing, without the influx and assistance of getting new players into the fray of things. Please, if you guys can find it in your hearts, to help us, by having a lookout for noobs and try to engage them. Please note that we have provided alliance families extensions and alliance boards, that could become useful for this purposes.

I do note some staunch players always messaging new players. You guys know who you are: thank you!

Turbo Rounds are Great for Training! - yes that’s correct. You can learn at leisure how to do almost everything in the game by running some small simulated collects and attacks or looting in turbo. You could run 100 small collects using 1 turn to see how fast you can become. This will set you up for big rounds, as collecting with 1 turn is the same as collecting with 99k turns, you just need to work out your trigger finger.

You will also learn how to work with big amounts of cash on hand in some rules instances, which becomes very useful, when you can learn to carry cash, protect, loot, and kill all at once while moving around in the game, UNMAXED. Yes folks, this is a very necessary skill sometimes, to work around the clock to get shit done,m range up and hit someone and then disappear below range again if the rules allow.

Did your head explode yet?


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“"Okay Fine” or “no you can fuck right off!”" CHALLENGE


1 - Post in the BLOG comments below why you think you deserve a free sub.

2 - Members from the community will decide via comments “okay fine” or ‘No you can fuck right off, buddy” [maybe with a reason] in the comments below.

3 - Admin will review all requests, submissions and comments and have the final word if its “okay, fine” or “you can fuck right off, fancypants”, to THE TOP 5 BEST CANDIDATES

And remember to keep your sanity hat on people, it is a game after all and you are allowed to have fun. So, be nice, be kind, be courteous to your fellow human beings, and may you all live long and prosper!
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- Storm