Greetings Mafiosos and Welcome to August 2019!

Wake up. It is damn cold outside. Go grab a coffee. Sit down and boot PC. Login to TMB. Turbo round has just started. Time to figure out a way to make the rules settings benefit me and my team the most. Check main page rules....hmmm....I see there is bots in the round....ok so I know level 4 sub collect with hitmen and hustlers will do the trick, especially if I add some won turns into the mix...that last hour collect can be fat if I don’t get hit. Free player looting can be decent this round...

Login to main check the family boards.


So, what’s YOUR team doing?

Login to main check the family boards. Do we have any plans, or just gonna go in like a bunch of noobs and hope something cool will happen? That’s the thing with the game...if you don’t have a plan you won’t optimize chances of winning something.

'So I see on my main round family boards the plan developing....all sub guys are gonna collect and all few and smaller subs gonna loot and kill other collectors. Clever, that can help me maximize my sub build.

Guess I will build H/H until 16 hours left then wait for turns to max, save my reserves, add 100k won and put in a ton of cash to the family bank. Our looters should rake in a few trillion with the BOTS and some killers can help eliminate other bigger looking collectors, so we stand more chance. size is 10 but we need 15 people working in tandem. Doing different things. Ok No sweat, we got 2 looters and 2 killers who will take one for the team and we try to rank then NEXT ROUND...that’s what family is for, right?'


Unless you want all the enemies you made in main to make you RIP in Turbo real fast. Hide your identity, dumbass. And....unless the round is loot heavy you don’t need to start a family very early...but if there is lots of loot around the looters will need bankers.



Step up guys...last or round before last.... [TURBO] round I saw Mitsui, [cleverly hidden] I think it was, loot close to 20 trillion. No one noticed. Or did you?

Then there IS the looter everyone currently seems to [love or hate] on, KS...did anyone notice he made 100k hits out last main? Was it legit? We can check the math - Did it seem superhuman? Yes. Is it possible? Well, again....let’s do the math....Considering I can do a slow 6 attack hits per second using CHROME and allow some time for banking or whatever, that’s 200 clicks a minute I can do easy 12k clicks in an hour....let’s just take it even lower........and say:

- 4 clicks per second
- Count only 30 seconds PER MINUTE as attacks=120 ATTACKS [per minute]
- 60 minutes per hour: 7200 attacks per hour played
- 100k ATTACKS OUT / 7200= 13 HOURS of solid looting over 10 days.

Does it seem feasible?

= YES.

Sit down and take notes. The man is on fire.Flameman.png

[‘Storm! That %$*ing Clutch, stole my lunch!’]

Our indomitable, ever present, clever, conniving leader of West Coast HAS BEEN making waves and entrapping humans in his snare and trafficking them off into oblivion. Love him or hate him [from what I can see in the community forums from others]...Clutch is one scheming, strategizing ....[insert your own adjective] Don’t fuck with Buck, or Buck will fuck you up’ – funny as fuck.


No_Mrcy was the latest MAIN ROUND victor and did it in fine style. Nice one brother! The ever present IC danger is always a threat and they pounce when you don’t expect it. Mandatory shout out to IU at this point. They been on top a lot for ever...

Speaking of there’s a team who always seems to adapt to whatever. Damned Babbo, apparently he works out a lot.

And for those of you who DIDNT notice, CONTINUITY won the TURBO ROUND 974. I told y’all IC are sneaky!!

AND NOW ON.....a serious note:

Y’all may have noticed that TIKI is not with us. She is in good health, but she had to hastily remove herself from all TMB activity, to deal with a family crisis, that will take all her time to attend to. Cass, we send you tons of love and we hope that everything will be okay.


Question: What happened to BEVA? Did Clutch swallow him whole?

Tune in next week folks when we bring you a brand new player interview. Until then, stay tight, and kick some ass at life.

Lot's of Love
- The Mafia Boss