Greetings Mafiosos - today we bring you part one of a series of quickfire interviews with some of our female players. This is part 1 of an ongoing series where we will present you some short interviews to give you an insight into their world. For Part 1 we feature: FamilyMatters, Constanzia, Cass/Tiki, and Enid

1. Tell me about how you got into the game and why have you stayed?

FAMILY MATTERS: I joined TMB Oct 3 2009 along with my son to spend some mother/son time together. Since he was young and had difficulty in reading we played as a family. That is how we got the name FamilyMatters. He got tired of the game and I was meeting new people and enjoying being the DON of the Degenerates and bankers. I decided to stay and never left.

Constanzia:Back in 2009 I watched The Godfather for the first time and really enjoyed it (my name was inspired by the movie). The next day I started googling mafia and came across this game and got hooked. i quit the game for 4-5 years and came back 6 months ago just to see what's happening. and got hooked again. also not so busy at work :P

Cass/Tiki:Many, many years ago I played online poker with a group of online friends from all over the world. There were probably about a dozen of us that all played with each other regularly but not all at the same time due to the time differences. One day Jeff said that he had found this great game called ‘The Mafia Boss’ and wanted us all to go there to help him. I politely told him that it wasn't my sort of game and declined, however all the others joined and a few days later while kicking and screaming that I didn't want to, I joined too. Funny that now the others have all gone and the one who was most reluctant to join is still here.

Enid:A friend introduced me to this game one weekend night of September 2005. I was in awe…. like, 'are these people really this serious.' Before sunrise, I found myself on a mission, I became a 01110011 01110000 01111001. It was addictingly good and lasted almost two years straight, and some more years of on/offs until I quit.
2. Tell me a little about your history in TMB, where did you start out and who guided you in the beginning?

FAMILY MATTERS:I joined a family named the Degenerates with DON Spade in NYCU..I started as a collector and a banker and the welcome committee of our family. After about 4 months I stepped into the shoes and became DON. About the same time I started to work social media for TMB. Scoller, Luke, Blizz and BBW helped me in the banking world of Wallstreet bank. I soon was banking 8 hours a day up to some shift of 16 hours plus. I took Degenerates to Detroit and we were known as the DD. We were in alliance with Phoenix. I had a great consig called Naughty1 and worked closely with BBW. On the sad day that BBW and I closed down Wall Street bank and Degenerates was smaller, I joined Pope and the Union - New Hope. I was sort of the cheerleader for the union..LOL. We were to be the new hope for the game..When it was time to retire the union I was asked by Nexus and HH to join UC avengers Dec of 2012 and have been in this family still to this day. (condensed version…LOLOL)

Constanzia:I started in SouthSide Slayerz. I think it was in London. Can’t remember much from that time, but I know I was taught how to kill and mentored by Cuchilian. With time I created my own family – Immortal Assassins. Mostly killers, trying to have fun and cause a little bit of trouble here and there. Soon afterwards I met Lucky Chevy and we merged with Hitsquad, moved to Detroit. LC and I were a brilliant team! Those were some really good times. I think we ran families together for 3 years or so (in the meantime) also merged with Phoenix. And then life happened, many people didn’t enjoy the game so much and we all ended up quitting. Then a few months ago I came back and restarted Phx with Donx and Chicanowolf and for the past few rounds trying to re-establish HS-PHX with as little rules as possible hehe. but it's difficult as any semi active player ends up joining some subbed family

Cass/Tiki:Jeff had a rare skill - he had a true TMB master brain. The game was dominated by Omerta and Pissheads at the time, but there were many small, independent rebel families that refused to submit and played by their own rules.......this meant they never had much impact. One such family was Iron Cross. Jeff's plan was to join all these small families under the one banner and take on the big families. The plans were well under way when Jeff fell ill and had to leave the game for health reasons. I've always wondered how the game would have evolved if his health (and wife) would have allowed it. I started in the collecting family of UML and was constantly being robbed by looters such as Want2Rank and Jaxx. They also constantly asked me to join their family called Jerks. My answer was always the same "No way am I ever joining a family called Jerks".

However when Jeff become unwell, the other family members started to leave and then there was what I considered to be a grave injustice done to Jerks. They had made a huge hit on a high ranking player in the last moments of a round that affected all the carefully planned ranks of both Omerta and Pissheads. The result was that neither Pissheads nor Omerta would bank the Jerks and in those days a looter without a banker was unable to loot. I was always a sucker for the underdog so I joined them then.

Enid:I was with Uncle Tony and Don Corleone (DC) families for many rounds. I also joined WAR, Hitsquad-Immortals, Phoenix. Good times. Then, I met Clutch somewhere in 2017, he's very helpful for a returnee like me. Later on, "IC" why this game is still addicting.

3. Where are you based in the real world and what do you enjoy doing outside of TMB?

FAMILY MATTERS:I live in Kansas city, USA and I am a retired Nurse. With current Job of teaching nutrition in an adult PSR Center

Constanzia:I’m now living in CH, after moving around Europe for the past 5 years lol.

Cass/Tiki:What? TMB isn't the real world???? What planet do you come from? In RL I am a Clinical Nurse Educator. I teach both student nurses as well as nurses and love my job. When not at work I love time with my family, long walks on the beach and gardening and so many other things.

Enid:I'm from the Philippines, I love rock 'n roll and anything vintage. I enjoy and support underground music gigs: so escaping, so inspiring.

4. Who are you impressed by in TMB at the moment?

FAMILY MATTERS: Hard question. I am impressed actually by the Vets that continue to play all these years with all the different game rules and changes. 15 years the game has been in play and I am impressed with those that will not give up on the game

Constanzia:Honestly, no one. Just doing my own thing, not caring too much about the TMB drama.

Cass/Tiki:Really there is no one person, the ones that I have great admiration for are those that have been in the game for a long time, those that join the game with a passion and those that do the work behind the scenes that often goes unnoticed, those that recruit, those that take the time to teach and encourage new players and those that can be relied on to always be there when needed.

Enid:I am impressed by the players who have that x factor to run and maintain a family. Definitely not an easy task. Hats off to 'em.

5. Who don’t you like and why?

FAMILY MATTERS:I do not hate people but I cannot stand drama

Constanzia: Looting is fun now. I never was much of a looter, but now I loot more often than kill. The main thing I don’t like right now is the enormous amount of people with lvl 4 subs. It used to be a rarity. Now it’s rare to be a free player. Also don’t like the “no range” rule in turbo. Bloody difficult to kill there as a free player

Cass/Tiki:I hate trolls, they are just annoying with no good purpose.

Enid: hmmmm,..... next question.

6. Any advice for the other ladies out there on TMB?

FAMILY MATTERS:LOL…would tell them to not take male players bull and find their place in the game

Constanzia:Don’t listen to men and their tough talk and you’ll be fine

Cass/Tiki:Ladies? Hmmm. If you are a true lady then get the hell out of here. If you are a woman of passion and loyalty and strategy and a love of community then get your arse moving, set your goals, don't take any crap from anyone and enjoy.

Enid:Play by the rules, dress up, be sassy, watch your step, watch your weight, laugh, flirt a little, constantly remind yourself nothing personal.. it's just business as usual, move on, be sincere, be respectful, work hard and enjoy your loot.

vector Babe.png
7. Any shout outs you would like to make?

FAMILY MATTERS:Shout out and Ty hugs to HH and Nexus and my fellow UC Avenger family Members. Like Wolfgang, Braavos , Marco, king and the others. Ty to NYCU fellow mate (my Roots) that are still playing like Scoller, chopper, pinkdot and raven, and Ty to All the members of the TMB social media team, that helps me run a very smooth successful TMB FB page with over 2 million fans.

Constanzia: Keeping my list short! Donx & nexus

Cass/Tiki: I won't ever list names as I would leave out someone that needs have a shout out too but I want to thank all the staff (game, blogger, twitter, facebook) you do such an amazing job. All those friends that I have made in the game that I consider true friends and enrich my life.

Enid:Shout-outs to my old-pal chevy, fibo and to some friends out there. Stay safe everyone.

Watch out for part 2 coming soon!

- The Mafia Boss