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I am a gamer. I am addicted to playing online games, and The Mafia Boss was the one big game that got me hooked for years and still to this day. I still enjoy logging in and checking teams in the game, good players looting, end of rounds, all exciting stuff. From my time spent here I have seen the game from all sides and observed: A good all round TMB Game competition excitement comes from having a lot of different things to do, different ways to get ahead in a round. In TMB we have looting, Killing and collecting as the main activities that lead to winning of any prizes

We used to, not so long ago, have killer family ranks, as well as collector family ranks. The FAMILY prizes were quite low for each; we split the current amount of won turns 50/50 between the 2 at starting 15k for gold. Killers quickly took over and the game got zeroed from day 1.

This made the game very difficult and empty for anyone else, who didn’t play as killers. There was no loot, casual players couldn’t complete their collect missions, as everyone just got killed from day 1 and by day 3 in the new round there was nothing.

Hardcore players would argue the point that you should outplay the opposition. I would agree with that, but also have to take notice that this isn’t very helpful to anyone new coming into the game, they stand no chance to get ahead...and even smaller existing families need to get by in order for them to actually enjoy playing the game.

So in the end we canned that family kill ranks, simply because the end result after some rounds was no one else besides killers enjoyed playing.

Again, hardcore players would argue: that you need personal and team skill to get ahead, why do you dumb down the game rules?.

A: As the game management we always have to consider what is best to keep the game active. The logical answer is to try to be attractive to players across all the styles of play, have some balance on value/satisfaction returns.

Which brings me to some point I was thinking about related to the same issue above:

A level 1 looter can easily make over 1 trillion a round. A level 1 collector can only make 30 Billion a round max.

There is no balance here. Not even close, right?

Hardcore players will argue that harder working play styles like looting need more reward. Again, this is not wrong to say. But this disparity obviously cannot be attractive to the more casual players.

Then let’s just [try to] factor in some effect on supporters: these guys spend a lot and play for JP and want to also contribute to their families to keep their guys on top. Pretty much a pay to win setup currently. But now we are introducing NPC cash that is not generated by players which is giving simple level 1 looters the same power as a level 4 subbed collector, in fact the smaller level 1 looter can make more.

But looting is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Does Collecting need a Buff?

And one more ask, which I KNOW is unpopular on the surface:

Implement capped won turns for the round:

This is something we had running in the game not so long ago. Won turns are currently uncapped. We also reduced the number of family prizes turns. In short time players won’t have many turns lying around. It could somewhat level the play field, where....unless you add bought credits, you can only add like, let’s say 100k won....and if you add bought credits you can add the same amount of won over and above the capped amount, extra.

7c26b8e2649f57b6d0d3c79c9fb69055.jpgI guess i would also just ask when considering your opinion: Don’t just think about how much less you might have to play with, think META [for future rounds]- where you KNOW that ONLY THE SUPPORTER GUYS who added BOUGHT CREDITS, have added more won turns than you and EVERYONE else can only add up to [X] won turns in the round.

These ideas/points are not new. But I think they are relevant to discuss for the game to consider, right now.

Have at it! [Please TRY to be nice and respectful please, to admin and other's who post here - if you feel the need to vent, PM me in the game and please try to stay on point/topic]. I am very interested to hear more on this.

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