Hello everyone, what an amazing end to the round we just witnessed in 1023! It is always exciting to see the round challenged in the last seconds like it happened then. The Normality of one person taking the jackpot totally uncontested is just boring, but, as we all know, challenges never go unpunished, when it's stolen by someone using their real name, instead of an alias…...

IGoogle_profile.jpgt’s that act of challenge that leads to the excitement AS we’ve witnessed this past round.

Pe_We showed us there wouldn’t be any freebies, building to 19million operatives right out of the gate…..almost as if daring the previous rounds jackpot thieves to build.

Bold move, but as far as breaking morale goes, it seemed it had no effect on the members of Trap-House and the high they were feeling from the previous round’s dramatic win. Each member sported their own profile message, boasting about the win, and kept it up, almost as if they were ignoring such a dramatic build by Pe_We.

As the first few hours passed by, the profile harassment of TMK continued. It started to feel as though they were laughing at him, taunting him, claiming that he was no Islander. Until he showed us he could in fact take on that persona after all. Quickly showing even though only an hour had passed, he’d had enough, and the grudge match would commence. TMK built high and started to pick off the members of Trap-House one by one, following in Trap’s methods, cheekily updating his profile message, each time, as if he was leaving his own signature on each kill. Trap-House didn’t just take it lying down and began to build as well, picking off members of IU and FoundHell. This would continue all the way through the round without pause.

Fast forward a couple days. Late in the evening shortly before midnight on the East Coast, there seemed to be tension brewing, The_Wolf and Benny_Blanco seemed to be trading blows, which neither would allow to stand. Everyone in THE MAFIA BOSS WORLD was constantly refreshing their screens as we would see the jackpot jump incrementally, then see a major jump.

We all watched knowing these bumps in the jackpot could only mean one thing, this early in the round. A test of wills, a test of endurance, we were witnessing a major build off. Each raising their defensive's higher and higher, both seeming to be matching the others count.

vector Babe.png
Finally, it looked like Wolf had enough.
He hired up to a drastic 13 million defensive units, leaving Benny'’s 9 million behind. All hope seemed to be lost for Benny, what would he do? Could he match this huge show of offense? We would find out the answer in a most unexpected way........

Benny decided to put skill to the test instead of continuing to build. Claiming experience over credits on his profile, he elected a tag team option. Pe-We came out of nowhere dropping net worth to get in range of Wolf.

Once he had passed off his trillions of loose cash, he and Benny would eliminate Wolf, taking minimal loss to their own defensive's.

Even though Wolf lost, it was one hell of a show ...... and it DID take 2 people to get the job done. Wolf was also a bit hamstrung, due to rushing in to attack, while waiting for his reserves to be delivered, just a few minutes too late, to achieve full effectiveness.

The round would continue at this pace, each of these families being engrossed in an all out war.

Finally we’ have reached the 1 day mark.

We start to see players making their moves for killer ranks picking off targets ripe with kill points to help them in their efforts of trying to obtain a shiny killer medal of their own. Pe-We sitting pretty with a massive lead in front due to his monstrous build at the start of the round it looked like the fight would be for silver and bronze. A familiar face lately, in Roku, spiked his kill points jumping into 2nd place. ID of Inner-Circle following behind creeping up ever so QUIETLY.

Then, the moment we have all been waiting for,..... the final hour. The game sat by idly waiting to see if there would be another challenge to the Found-Hell, IU, reign on the jackpots. Each family having their designated rank sorter maxed as well as their potential tier winners.

30 minutes remaining: Pe-We finally makes a move, but not one that most were expecting. Jackpot jumps a mere $100 and instead of a collection being placed Pe-We chooses to build up more operatives and goes back to waiting patiently watching to see if any challenger would move.

5 minutes remaining: Pe-We finally decides to make his move showing the game he was more than ready for a challenge building to an unseen 60 million operatives and starts to collect. With 60 million ops it's clear to the world that no one will dare challenge such a build up so the pot shots into the value of tiers starts to become the topic of interest.

Ultimately Pe-We collects over a quadrillion and takes home an uncontested jackpot-making it a solid statement that the win matters more than anything else.


Congratulations to everyone who took home some swag!

Stay safe, stay happy, live long and prosper.

- The Mafia Boss