Hello TMB citizens, today we are interviewing someone that is a very skilled player, he has been in many different families learning from the best leaders that this game ever saw, I had the honour to play against him and with him at one point and nowadays we share again the same family. We talk about his TMB past, some wars, among other things. Ladies and gentlemen I present you: Shane Simpson


Wesker: As I return this round, I immediately read the last interviews and noticed Storm is making it and I decided to message him and maybe offer some help:

Wesker: Hey Storm, long ti-

Storm: Wesker, good you are here, why did you take so much time to come back?

Wesker: I was busy with-

Storm: Nobody cares about you Wesker, i’m tired of doing your f*cking job.

Wesker: Oh wow what the hell Storm?

Storm: If you got time to complain use it to interview the next guy already.

Wesker: But Stor -

*Storm hangs up the phone*.....He could at least said please right?

Wesker: Hey Shane, thanks for your time. Why don't you start telling me where are you from and what do you do besides playing tmb?

Shane: I am from Ohio in the USA and spend time with my kids and at work sadly lol.I work for Honda of America at the transmission plant. I build transmissions for Honda cars.

Wesker: Gotcha. So tell me, you have been playing tmb for 5 years that's correctly?

Shane: It will be 6 years on December 13. I was watching Goodfellas and was researching about mafia sites and it just popped up.

Wesker: I believe most of us found about the website that way too.

Shane: Oh i'm sure lol.

Wesker: And as a noob, did you start in which city? Do you remember what round it was?

Shane: I believe it was round 552 or 554 and I believe it was Cleveland. First family was a training family.

Wesker: I was going to say that time IU was dominating but what time they weren't? lol? So, you joined TG, did you stay there for how long?

Shane: Lol yes from my time playing IU has always been a formidable force. I was in TG for about 3 rounds. Then left and went to South Side. The Boss was Maxx. My experience was good there, they showed me the elemental basics of game and treated me good. I stayed and learned collector style for a little while there. 20-30 rounds maybe.

Wesker: No worries, that was a long time ago. So after SS you decide to leave to which family? And why if I may ask?

Shane: Domenico and Cracker recruited me to Nameless after the Titans union died...

Wesker: Titans i remember that, didn't work very well for them lol.

Shane: Not very well no sadly lol

Wesker: Dom is super cool and Cracker was his consig right? I think he was the first person I interviewed back in 2014. I can't remember. Anyway, how was Nameless? Tell us your first rounds in Nameless family. They were killers, collectors, looters? A mix of them all?

Shane: Yes cracker was his first consig that i remember. They were a kick ass crew and taught me more ways of collecting and basic killing. I was there for about 6 months.

Wesker: That was your first year in game right? I'm having difficult to believe that was 6 years ago lol. Time flies.

Shane: Yea that was like my first 18 months.

Wesker: Awesome, any story you would like to share in that time of learning and spending time with nameless?

Shane: So many to try and remember but i do remember the beef between Nameless and Hooligans over Las Vegas. I believe your family was in vegas.... Yes, that’s who we took Vegas from. Dom can confirm that one. It spilled over a few rounds and took a lot of ranks away from both sides lol. I don't remember much of who was involved or when it was though.

Wesker: Well, Emir used to trash talk a lot about Hooligans owning Vegas, tho I was with him in the family, as also Rocknrolla, Wolfgang, Mr Coco, Koyoter, etc. I didn't know Vegas history so I couldn't say much. But as we see nowadays there is only 1 fam in Vegas and that is Nameless lol.

Shane: Emir yes i remember him, funny dude shitty trash talker but i liked him. Most of the history was before my time on tmb i do believe.

Wesker: So you stayed in the warehouse for 6 months. What happened that you left? Which fam did you go?

Shane: Nothing happened. Really just went looking for more activity. I moved on to Jackanapes. They were a group started by Davidd and king_kayle. Jackanapes family, only for a few rounds. They were a group that did both union and indi for a bit. I wasn't really involved with what they did other than collect for them and bank up. I enjoyed, but went looking into other families for learning aspects of game different styles of play etc

Wesker: Between collecting, looting, killing, which one is that the most attracts you? Or it depends on the moment or situation?

Shane: Mainly depends on situation or what family needs. But i'll be honest i don't loot, im too lazy.

Wesker: Haha it's cool. And tell us what happened after you left Jacknapes.

Shane: That is when i went to Brotherhood on and off for about 18 months or so. It had Dirtynick, Hypocrisy, Tammygunz, 12 and a lot of others. It was a very fun time there. We just had fun as a group. Sadly everyone including me got busy with real life after a time. There i met Tears-for-fears and learned how to kill under the new kp system. After Brotherhood I bounced around half active from the iou family to iu to ic every few rounds. I wasn't fully active so just jumped around.

Wesker: Thats cool. If we have fun, we stick to the family no matter what. Tears-for-Fears is a killing machine btw!

Shane: Yes he is. I had fun in each spot for sure I just wasn't fully active enough to stay permanently.

Wesker: And let me ask you, during that time, who are your more close friends if you have any? Also, i’m trying to remember that family we were together with big sarge, skeemin, stalked,etc. Do you remember it?

Shane: Yes. I have a lot of people on here I consider personal friends in different families I believe sarge came up with CCS or something idk what stands for. Not too many brain cells left lol. It had a lot of good players some had real life come up. I was so busy that time, i don't think it lasted much the others were busy too. About 4 months off and on but was a good run. My fondest memories recently would have to be TMK smacking the_freak and crew around for quite a few rounds.

Wesker: Have you ever tried go for jp or is something it doesn't attract you much?

Shane: I’ve thought of it but nowadays not really. I like watching or helping more than anything. Like a good jp contest makes for a good popcorn event.

Wesker: And now you are back to Nameless, when did you ended up joining them again?

Shane: I've been bouncing between here and Southside for last yr I believe been in nameless last 5 months solid.

Wesker: Nice.

Shane: Yea its been like a small retirement home, got Dom, Tease, Secret, Scoller and few others experienced players. They are definitely a great group.

Wesker: Yea, I love that fam, a group of people that doesn't give a f*ck and have tons of experience together. All from different families but all of them under 1 flag. Great place. Alright now it's that part of the interview where I starting throwing at you some random questions. Are you ready?

Shane: Lead the way.

Wesker: Favorite food?

Shane: Pizza.

Wesker: Favorite movie?

Shane: Dumb and Dumber.

Wesker: If you won the lottery what would you do?

Shane: Buy Africa and kick enfufufu out.

Wesker: A TMB crush? (can’t say Wesker)

Shane: Tiki.

Wesker: Favorite staff member?

Shane: None. F*ck them all.

Wesker: Best looter?

Shane: KS/Miko/Soulja

Wesker: Best killer?

Shane: Tears.

Wesker: Best collector?

Shane: TMK.

Wesker: A player you hate or do not like?

Shane: Storm.

Wesker: Lol. A idiot?

Shane: Definitely Levi.

Wesker: Any player(s) you respect/admire?

Shane: There are a lot for different reasons.

Wesker: Well throw at us some names.

Shane: Babbo for his leadership. Same with Domenico, Maxx, Eli and others of past. Tears and a few others on their killing skills new rules and old.Tmk for his dominance. I mean there is also a lot of families as a whole.

Wesker: No worries. If you could change any rules in the game, what would you change?

Shane: Honestly i don't really know. I think that rule change comes with game growth, it does not do any good to piss or moan about it but just adapt game play styles.

Wesker: Good answer.

Shane: Just honest.

Wesker: If you could pick 10 players to make your TMB dream team, which ones would you pick?



Wesker: Interesting list, but i'm curious about Mr Worker choice. Mind to tell me why he?

Shane: For humor and someone to antagonize on the boards.

Wesker: Hahah alright.

Shane: I could name a sh*t ton more but that is what id consider most over all experience off top of my head minus worker. But everyone needs a God feared man sometimes.

Wesker: Of course. Getting killed by any of these guys over there while receiving Mr Worker messages would be a mortal combination lol

Shane: Lol sadly yes it would.

Wesker: Alright mate. It was awesome chat with you and know more about your past. Thanks again for your time and its shout out time, go!

Shane: No problem mate.
I'd have say Tammygunz, Dirtynick, Hypocrisy and Brotherhood crew.
Lopov, Ant, Eck and lotta IU crew.
Nomrcy, Maxx, Big Sarge, Righty,
Loota Klown and his group.

Big shout out to Dom and Nameless.
Miss you tiki love you!
F*ck you storm!
Missed a lot but i love you all!


Wesker: Alright folks, that’s it. I hope everyone enjoyed the reading. Make sure to keep an eye for the next interview and if you got any suggestion of a player that you would like to see interviewed or even yourself, make sure to contact me in game. See you all soon! (If Storm doesn't fire me)

Wesker out!!

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