Greetings Mafiosos. Today we bring you a very currently trending player interview with none other than S3XTOY. He has been making major waves among the top echelons of the game, and has achieved some monumental goals after overcoming some big struggles and loss. So without further ado - we present S3XTOY.

Hi SEXTOY - So- First things first. Tell us a bit about yourself and what made you join TMB?

Found TMB through a friend years ago. Was very inactive until recent. Came back to prove myself on the biggest mafia game and to support my friends.

.......A man of few words....Ok - So tell us about the start of your mafioso life on TMB? Where did you start? Who showed you the ropes? What play style did/do you like best?

I started in one of the Phoenix families with a player named Rainy. I was very inactive and uninvolved for the most part. The game is much different now compared to back then from what I recall. Mike(Hype) has shown me the ropes through modern day TMB, as well as various members of the TrapHouse family. I prefer killing and chilling, but take to the other playing styles when needed. You will never see me looting though. Can't stand it. Props to all the looters out there.

So let’s switch optics from the past to the present as there seems to be much more going on now. Tell us a bit more about your relationship with Hype and the TrapHouse family? What made you join TrapHouse? What makes you stay?

I've played with Hype forever on various games. Him and I are like brothers. I joined TrapHouse because of the leadership. Brad(TPK) and Mike (Hype). I knew a few others. But, I have 100% loyalty to those two individuals.

Nice to see some real friendships forged through playing these games. Let’s talk more about the actual nitty-gritty now.

Your first win came out of nowhere and it shook the TMB world..... Can you tell us more about what went through your head when you decided to try to snatch the round? How did you feel in the moment while you were collecting ?

How did you feel after you knew you won?

It's pretty simple honestly. I came to prove myself against the best. I felt TMK has been dominating. He has the most wins on TMB and [for me] it was a great time to pounce. I respect his ability. I just don't respect some of the tactics. He's a great player. No doubt about it. I respect my enemies. I would definitely do it again. I will never apologize.

[When I am] In the moment, [during the final collect] it's 100% focus. Surely, [I am]nervous as anyone would be about losing and being embarrassed. The win felt good. I never waver my approach of humble in victory and humble in defeat.

TMK, Babbo, Pewe, Bread and many others have my respect. Just because we are enemies doesn't mean you can't have respect for them. Always have to be prepared for all scenarios. He wasn't prepared that time. Trust me I've had mine as well

How did your inbox look like after that win? What kind of messages were you getting?

Some people were definitely shocked. Mostly [I got] love and congratulatory messages.

Nice to hear. After that round, TH and IU escalated into a nasty war that is still going on to this day. Do you feel it was due to you stealing the round? Do you see an end to this war?

I'm sure it played a part. You would have to ask leadership on both sides. I'm just a noob trying to beat the best and reach my goals. Helping my friends along the way. Winning is all about interpretation. Ops and Dus killed, family ranks, rounds taken, money spent. Honestly, for me all the talk of who is winning is silly.

They take rounds, we take rounds. They kill, we kill. They spend, we spend. It's a game, and long as you are reaching your goals within the game, YOU are winning.

Everything eventually ends in time.

Let’s talk about your battle with Pe_We_Pe. What a crazy round that was as well! What made you go after him? What was going through your mind bringing in so many turns and evidently a risk…. taking a huge loss if Pe_We_Pe wasn’t going to challenge?

Yeah, that was a crazy round. It was all about patience, precision, and POUNCE. Something I had been scouting on for a few rounds. If you beat someone once, it can be a fluke. Beat someone twice, it leaves no doubt. TMK asked for a challenge. I knew it was likely PEWE would get involved since TMK was in FoundHell Family.

So, I knew they would possibly chase. I was willing to take a huge loss money-wise to try to have two wins over TMK. I didn't really see what happened with PEWE. From what I heard he went too late. I've heard rumors about what happened but they are just that - rumors.

So now that you have stolen some big rounds twice, how do you assess your gameplay?

I wouldn't say I am better than TMK. He has sustained his success for many years. To say he is "Irrelevant or Dethroned" is not true. I just wanted [revenge for what I think is his past transgressions]

Do you think PeWe will ever come back for revenge on you? Do you have any other objectives for the game or have you completed everything you’ve wanted?

I hope PEWE comes back. I wish him the best. Hope he is still around planning, practicing, and plotting his revenge. All good competition and I honestly wasn't after him. He just took the fall for a friend. Which I can respect.

I am satisfied with what Traphouse and I have accomplished. I accomplished all but one goal. But, I will not seek to achieve it any longer. After the round vs. PEWE and TMK, there is nothing that can top that.

What was that last goal?

Beat Babbo. I wanted to redeem my loss to Babbo. However, I respect Babbo and Inner Circle family. I actually have a few friends in Inner Circle. More of the competitor in me. Nothing personal there. Plus, PEWE came out of nowhere. Babbo is loyal to Inner Circle and does what is best for his family. Very good player. Hats off to him.

Anything else you’d like to add or talk about?

Yeah, I would just like to thank TMB nation for all the support and kind messages. Thank you to TrapHouse and all my ZDC family members .

Any shout outs to anybody specifically ? Last words other than those?

I have so much love for so many people on these games. So, I only want to shout out 1 person specifically. Who has been there from the start. Called me when I was down, congratulated me when I reached my ultimate high. Mike (Hype), thank you brother.

That wraps it up! Awesome to hear for one of TMB’s greats! Thanks for taking the time to interview Sextoy.