Greetings Mafiosos, this post is about some game upgrades proposals we have planned, which we want to implement as soon as we can finish the mobile design version of the game. So below, is some ideas that came from players, some months back, that we now want to revisit with all of you. Please share your feedback via making comments on this blog please. I will keep everyone posted on the findings, outcomes, and actions we will take on that


- Many players said it would be useful if rounds could end on SUNDAY and run for 7 days only
- So we are thinking we could host 3 MAIN rounds a month and have another 7 days in-between, to do some different types of rounds.


- Also coming out as a majority issue from those discussions was subscription levels = players said they would like to see the competition come closer, felt there was too much gap between level 1 and 4.

So this is what we are proposing, let us know what you think in comments below:

200turns / 10mins
20,000 Turns start with/20,000 turn max build up

Upgrade to level 4

150turns / 10mins
15,000 Turns start with/15,000 turns max build up

Upgrade to level 3

100turns / 10mins
10,000 Turns start with/10,000 turns max build up

Upgrade to level 2

5,000 turns / 10mins

5,000 Turns start with/5,000 turns max build up
Level 1

LEVEL 5???

Higher spending players also majority said they would like to see a more exclusive level for themselves:

- Create special privileges for players [untouchables/made men] who add ‘x’ amount of bought credits into a round
- Can only be attacked by another ‘Made Man’, provide install tools to adjust limits on ops and du’s attack limits
- Can attack anyone’s operatives
- Only this level of player Can win the jackpot


Create [automated] NPC/Bot accounts that can change cities and change networth and be Attacked by players for various player bonuses [treasure/loot]


- A major concern from everyone is teamwork vs jackpot players, teams get upset that they work hard all round, loot and collect, and then on last day someone goes for JP and does a deposit into family bank that can sometimes make the weakest of families get a better rank, not because everyone worked hard but that someone spent and ranked them all

Please share your comments also about the above issue, so we get to know how you all feel about it.

We are looking forward to hearing from everyone, your feedback here will be used to shape the game changes that we need to implement so you guys can have new[and hopefully, more enjoyment] experiences

Thank You
- The Mafia Boss