So recently I was chatting to Cass about political correctness across the globe and how perceptions, speech, and consequences for actions have changed the landscape and is changing the landscape of international morality. Coupled with the fact that we are living in the age of information, fake news, real news, is available for everyone to see, comment and have discourse about, all sorts of stuff is creeping out of the woodwork.


So, she told me this little interesting tale: So person on local telly, in Australia, recently said something along the lines of:

We should ask kids for permission to change their diapers
She assured me this actually was aired on Telly, I personally couldn't believe it. My thought was that it would be abuse to NOT change their nappies.

'hey kid, your asshole is full of shit, do you wanna wallow around all day with that stink, or would you like me to clean you up?'

Bloody hell.

Anyway, whats your thoughts on this?
- Storm