This seems to be a difficult time for smaller families and unions to make any headway in the game. Constantly we hear cries from these that they struggle to make ends meet against the odds of a mighty ruling Union who gives no quarter to anyone. So, whilst many players and families struggle against the current powers that be, one family and group of friends have shown resilience, success and great strategy in the current turbo rounds against great odds. This blog is the story of their struggle and fight to achieve success.

As the moon slowly rises over the dark allies of another TMB turbo a small little known family meet in a corner of the smoky local pub. With a watchful eye on the door for any rivals they discuss the plans to achieve the coming challenge. They are proud of their family name – The Avengers.

They revel in the fact that while their union may be small, it is indeed united in more than just sharing a union board. Their beliefs are firmly embedded in their proud history, the traditions and goals of the family tightly bound together. The first two goals of the family are achieved every round and will not surprise many but the third goal is unusual in the mafia world.

So what are these goals I hear you ask? Their dream is not to victoriously carry off the glowing jackpot, nor is it to totally desolate any enemy family; but their goals and the way that they work together to achieve them is what keeps this close knit family strong.

The golden and first tradition is to have fun, the second is to always be there for the family. Family comes first, before any individual, before any monetary gain and most certainly before any egos. And the third? The third and most unusual tradition is to give everyone a second chance. While in another family a mistake may lead to you being booted and kept triple zeroed for a hundred rounds, this family will open their arms and give that second chance.

While there is carnage and mass killing happening on every corner they quietly plan how to achieve their latest aim. Each round they try their best to rank a different member of the family. The results may vary but the effort and bonds stay firm. This last won turbo started out like many other turbos before it. The family log in one by one, trying their best to escape the notice of the mighty powers.

They each have their role and they follow it with enthusiasm knowing that if this is not their turn to try to win some rank then their turn will follow, just as surely as the sun will rise each the morning.

At the end of the turbo they came together and started the usual regime of forming the family, ensuring that who ever the chosen one to rank was maxed. With an ever watchful eye on the prizes page they suddenly realised that a bigger, better opportunity was opening up before them. While everyone else seemed to be concentrating and out doing each other on the individual tiers it looked like a family medal was well with in their range.

Quickly they decided to change their plans and try for that valued family medal and to their immense satisfaction they were able to achieve the Family Gold medal for turbo round 583.

So you think that was just a lucky chance do you? The Avengers also managed this very same achievement in the turbo round 579
. Congratulations and well done Avengers on a well earned place, I, for one, would not bet against you making it three in a row. Well not quite...but you know what I mean...3 of the same!

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