We went fishing to find a newer player to fire shots at and found an unfamiliar, yet uniquely named player, “seat_gypsie”. We decided to fire a salvo and test the gypsie mettle. To our surprise, it was none other than the lovely Harley_Quinn that shot back with some of her insights. Keep reading to get to know her and also hear her discuss what happened with the Expendables union.

FIRING SQUAD: What is your TMB name? (or your mainly used name(s))
Harley_Quinn: I’m known as Harley_Quinn, other names some players have created for me! Amongst themselves, they should do stand-up comedy, geniuses here at tmb!

FIRING SQUAD: How or why did you select your main name?
Harley_Quinn: I love Harley, she is like me! The way she is too loving, submissive, caring but she can kick ass, and doesn’t give too much of a shit what others think, she only cares about her Mr J, she is twisted but also loveable and smart.

FIRING SQUAD:How did you find out about TMB?
Harley_Quinn: in school, my guy friends played it, at the time I was a moderator/admin for my friends website which was along the same lines as this game and I liked the look of this game , I am a bit nerdy.

FIRING SQUAD: When did you join TMB?
Harley_Quinn: Around round 90 but I came back about 100 days ago, after round 200, I played round 90-200, when I first, first began I was Enforcers mainly, that and generation/mobster club, I was happy being with either of those.

FIRING SQUAD: Who taught you the most?
Harley_Quinn: I think jamrock did, that guy knows a lot.
Seb taught me a bit, such a sweetheart he is.

FIRING SQUAD: Which family/union did you spend the most time in?
Harley_Quinn: IU-RU, the best family in the game and left to help seb in expendables voluntarily as the boss.
It was a good experience for sure, I do not regret what I did, I had reasons to do it but at
the same time IU is the only place I would want to be, others aren’t even on their level.

FIRING SQUAD: What family/union are you currently in?
Harley_Quinn: Hitsquad union, hanging out with honeybadger. Hitsquad seem to be too nice to me, considering.
The first family I was ever in since back was hitsquad and I left them for iu after a month.
They are good but they lack the teamwork iu have, maybe things can change a bit.

FIRING SQUAD: What do you enjoy about TMB?
Harley_Quinn: I am the queen of drama, but it gets me in a lot of trouble so it calmed down!

FIRING SQUAD: What do you dislike about TMB?
Harley_Quinn: I dislike some people, this is a small game now it’s all about who you know, if you already pissed off basically the whole game it makes things harder, still fun. I dislike westcoast/loco family, they are my favourite punching bag, westcoast were biased to iu, they hide iu in their families, they are so scared of iu and 2 faced, they also help loco union lol, they still suck, it is funny. I hit them all I like and I hit hard.

FIRING SQUAD: What would you like improved about TMB?
Harley_Quinn: Ive already discussed this with admins but they are listening so I think we should be positive, we know what should be done.

FIRING SQUAD: Do you have any TMB shoutouts?
Harley_Quinn: Seb, jamrock, dieslow, tears for fears, Spade, Mr.Worker, Mike, ragamuffin, killa, these have been my favourite people, I don’t talk that much so if I didn’t add you it’s because of that Bigg_Rigg, I miss him.

FIRING SQUAD: If I may ask..
What's the last movie you saw?

Harley_Quinn: Men in black 3, 3d, so long ago

FIRING SQUAD: How would you rate it? and why?
Harley_Quinn: It was kind of crappy, I lost interest half way through, I don’t find interest in films or anything anymore, the internet ruined that for me, everything is more instant and accessible of the things I enjoy most, instead of long boring stuff.

FIRING SQUAD: Do you have a favourite celebrity? Why?
Harley_Quinn: Carrie underwood, I’m a country girlie, not many know this. But that is my type of music.
...and that is my type of woman!

FIRING SQUAD: What country do you represent?
Harley_Quinn: I was born in Canada, parents are Asian and Mexican and I live in the uk… so I guess Canada right?

FIRING SQUAD: If you won a lottery, what would be the first thing you would buy and why?
Harley_Quinn: Id pay back my poor parents! Family, that’s the main thing, they need help not me, I like to earn money the hard way I wouldn’t know how to spend it, im living a life of hard, rewarding work, life isn’t meant to be easy. I expect that, to throw money at me, it would do more harm to my future than good.

FIRING SQUAD: Do you drink alcoholic beverages when you play TMB?
Harley_Quinn: Nah, I don’t drink much, im one of those annoying drunks, I only drink when sad, then I drink and I'm like this.

FIRING SQUAD: Ask and answer a question that you wish I had asked.
Harley_Quinn: Who or what inspires you and why?
You should see me, I do good, even if I am solo which I am. I still beat many; inspiration
comes from those messages crying when they lose, and those medals I’m continuing to get.

Harley_Quinn: What happened with expendables?
FIRING SQUAD: That's more than one question but I'm sure many out there would like to hear this one out...

I took control of expendables with seb after talking to him for a short while on skype, there were rumours about me in iu union and it started to piss me off. So I acted on impulse and thought I can have some fun. Seb and I decided to hit westcoast together, as soon as things were looking good for us in killer family ranks Storm gets rid of the prize completely and leaves us with nothing so that made only turbo a reason to play.

dasher seemed to have left after getting owned by iu so really it was only me and seb and a bunch of people who wouldn’t work together yet got subs bought for them by seb and loyal players like dieslow and ragamuffin who are great people. Those are two are very trusted players.
Expendables was failing and seb asked me to help, he ranked many people yet they were not appreciative, other unions didn’t trust expendables because of the past which I had no part of, along came titan union and soon all our union ditched us for them, we had to keep fighting to get people back, all for union ranks…. Then there was London elite who wouldn't join us. It just was not worth the bother. It opened my eyes to all the shitty players who are not to be trusted, they were all taking advantage of seb.
We had limited resources, really it was for excitement, we never had a chance at ranking and we never aimed to, we just killed. then I noticed we could do okay in killer ranks, we could have ranked nicely if the others cared but they didn’t and when I pushed the issue of working together they just left so really I feel they were on their way out anyway, they said the family was only for them to have fun as friends and told me to f off for trying to help rank everyone. So that's the story for now.

FIRING SQUAD:Any last comments you would like to add?
Harley_Quinn: As Bigg_Rigg, my best old friend on here would say, use that revenge button, bitch!

FIRING SQUAD: That was a very informative insight you provided! Thank you very much for your time Harley_Quinn!

If you're interested in writing a blog or have the desire to give information for a future blog, contact Blogger, Slixed, Storm, or Tiki in game.

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