To Many people including myself, this player is a looting pest of note and also when he wants something, he can be incessant, but he is also loveable, annoying, a good looter, great killer and an all round sneaky player. He has of late been making some waves in the game with some really good looking solo and teamwork ranking efforts, Hailing all the way from India, a medical doctor by profession, without further ado, we present The HoneyBadger Interview!

TMB-Reporter: Hi, are you alive?

HB: Hi Yes bro I am here now so let’s make a move

TMB-Reporter: Ok so let’s start at the did you find out about the game, what got you started and what made you stay.....? In the early days?

HB: It was in the early round 270 I was in medical school searching the web for word jackpot, I saw TMB JP at high $ rate, so I just signed up, into game and was happy seeing 1000s of players, icons, And more over, I was noob in 270 rounds where I was asking all about how I can get $ for colourful medias, and many families.

I started with DD Degenerates under Familymatters. This was my first round, Jamo was one who invited me, they taught me a lot about the game, motivated me to loot cash, send up to bankers like Cassius, Ilovebites, Fixer, FM, then in those eras families were many organized as NYC, and Moscow Families.

TMB-Reporter: ok so yeah .... you hung with Cassius and them’s bank...what was your player name then?

HB: I was jumping in NYC families and got my first medal in ICS, that Fixer got me from TCF family. I was using name RIP because I was fan of WWE wrestling then and there was this really interesting person who used the phrase: RIP

TMB-Reporter: Ah ok....the Under-Taker yes?

HB: Yes Undertaker. Then I moved to Tax-Collectors. I was attracted by their icon. From then on I was a looter but further also I was trained by UC -Splooge and Cheese – Pope-Benedict - those were my real TMB godfathers, apart from my looter teacher, Franky4fingers

TMB-Reporter: So nowadays you seem to be doing really well for yourself, and making some impact on the game, and you seem to be in an ongoing fight with IU and them...Would you care to tell me more about that? How are things going between you, and IU/RU? You don’t seem to be friends with them – so how did that all start?

HB: Ok So I had been in fight with IU from round 338 where I was on the side of UC and Cheese, lifting banks of IU. TMK and RealT then warned me to stop lifting banks; it was like I changed names and fucked the banks off, sent cash to my bosses. And why I was lifting bank?....

TMB-Reporter: why?

HB: Reason: Davidd, Sebastian, Michael the old time IU players snatched 3 trillion of my hard earned loot. I went to Cocamafiosa and explained this and he said for me to fuck off. Then a round after Aka-Jingles did it to me, and then I decided to fuck of banks of IU-UT.

TMB-Reporter: did you manage to get a lot of loot ever from them?

HB: 13 times I did it and after long time I screwed them in level 3 and getting my friend Kuwaity a level 4 rank! Do you want to know what happened in round 567?

TMB-Reporter: 567 was last night’s Turbo, yes? You did very well there, want to tell the readers what happened?

HB: Yes last night it was a different story. I got one of my friend’s. Mac, to join West know that looters think of....and being a hardcore Anti-IU guy, I lost many friends because of them. ...also lost families like UC, Cheese, UT, Expendables. Ok so I asked my friend to stay in West Coast which is in NAP with IU or an Allie. I told them to stay calm and build ops.

Then turbo, they were doing theme round, so my friend passed me a message saying I need to choose a name out of Mario Brothers theme, so I did the same and silently hired. Many were asking who I was. A very very bad habit of IU. They make players uncomfortable and threaten players to show medals or die or get killed

TMB-Reporter: So when they asked - how did you escape this?

HB: So IU always finds me somehow. It’s a miracle, but fact is this time the theme worked out. And I was messaged by Jakey that I had to tell who I am and warning signals from IU came.

TMB-Reporter: ok...So when did you start protecting, lol?

HB: I was sitting alone and chilled... ok...I asked Taken (AKA. Mac) to be on and he said that it was 6 hours and then his turns max and then he would be on, HB: so from 6 hour mark we really protected like mad

TMB-Reporter: Ok so you sat for 6 TOH’s and just protected yes?

HB: I was the one in danger...exactly...... and then I saw the war between players of Hit Squad and IU, the Hit Squad players did a real job

TMB-Reporter: Ok yeah, I also saw HS get into it....they seemed to do well but IU is really tough

HB: I suspected who some of the IU players were, and told HS guys to get them done

TMB-Reporter: So were you working with HS also? In this last turbo?

HB: I am in HS now, my first round

TMB-Reporter: ....And do you plan to stay with them?

HB: In turbo I was with HS indirectly and yes, of course, as they look to be good team and I tried to be a part of them many times got kicked because of IU. So also one more added part the IU killers were not spending, so then decided to join DingDong and know his moves. I felt that IU took it easy...myself and Taken tagged hit and got Bobby Blunts. Also I was waiting for IU to collect.

TMB-Reporter: Yes I saw you do some hitting just before the last hour, you seemed to do well?

HB: So Coca caught me and I was vigorously hiring in last 2 hours. 4 IU guys were on me and I was alone. They are noobs got pissed and added credits in. Instead Eck could have passed cash. They made many unhappy. OK, fact: Taken looted Bobby and I decided to hit Ding Dong

TMB-Reporter: lol I don’t think they gonna be too happy to hear that lol, but the result seemed to be good: You did very well for yourself last night, 2nd in level 4, 1st in Supporters Killers and Bronze collectors family yes?

HB: So one way hats off to Taken for passing cash to me! No, it was silver Collectors family Prize

TMB-Reporter: Oh ok and how do you feel about that result?

HB: My Level 4 silver - all credit to Taken for helping me (Thanks Mac) and thanks to HS killers. For my Support killer medal thanks to DingDong for being overconfident, and family collection again idea of Mac! The overall result was ok.

TMB-Reporter: So tell me what are your future plans in TMB?

HB: Should I speak openly?

TMB-Reporter: Yeah

HB: I lost many of my friends on TMB, Splooge, gambit, Sebastian, Popebenedict and many more like Steve Suravez, and UT Titus. It is just because of one reason the time factor. But my plans are just help new players in TMB, get my looting skills passed to players. Also build positive waves among as many players as I can, as many players also approach me on Skype for medical advices

TMB-Reporter: Oh yes you are a doctor....that’s very cool that you also help players. How has that been working out for you?

HB: It has been okay. Yeah another doctor is Swiper

TMB-Reporter: Oh I didn’t know that....

HB: There are 4 doctors who play TMB. Yeah and to players who hate me , don’t take anything personally , and I am here to make friends

TMB-Reporter: lol I don’t think they see it like that lol....but

HB: Yeah I want to complete my medal set off help as many players as I can. Also hatred is no solution. Out of hatred you get greed. IU is destroying itself

TMB-Reporter: I think it’s very cool....[that you want to help others]...there is a thread on the forums right now saying that you are the best player on TMB right now....what do you have to say about that?

HB: I should thank whole hearted who created it, I guess it was Bad-Intentions who did it – seems many players like me, here. Those who are not in IU seem to like me.

TMB-Reporter: So it seems you have lots of friends here and certainly do not lack modesty...I have noted that, lol.

HB: Yeah HS have become recent friends; trust is important which IU heads are losing day by day: How many JPs do they want? My TMB friends questioned me

TMB-Reporter: About what?

HB: About anarchy facing IU. I could not promise them. But I said I wont fear any in doing , I need some support too. All reliable friends left. Now I need to work with and find new friends.

TMB-Reporter: Ok well I do hope that you continue to have fun here and further your quest in the is time for shout outs....any shout outs to friends and other players? Any special mentions and thanks?

HB: I have a lot, it is a big list, I hope if you don’t mind, us Indians are good and young by heart

TMB-Reporter: no problem, take your time brother

HB: Popebenedict, Splooge,Lu_Bu, Niño, Pops, Man_Tits, Gasface, Haterbob, Franky4fingers, Roberto, Tankcwb,Family Matters,Jjamo, Aziz, Lee, Eli, Raven ,Gambit,Tearsforfears, Uncleoldschool, Kimboslice, akaJingles, Amon, CJ, Hungryhamster,Nosz, Cassius, Fixer, Chaostheory, B, Drob, Rayray, wolf, Mftrrr, Harlytiger, Bomb, Pussy, Contractor, Mr8, V,Ikah, Gaara, Rooso, Wesker, Titus, Shorttermmemory, Goatboy, Annello, Sheikh, Steve, Lanska, Dirtynick, Swiper, Roksolosa, Juggernuts, Diablo, Roger, Stinger, Weebabong, donotr, Naughtygurl,Luckychevy, Costanzia, Azuzu, Chong, Cheech, KK, Clem, mass-destruction , bi.
HB: To all ICS,UCc , Moc and Capo families

HB: Also all NYC, SS, West-Coast, Hitsquad , The Firm families, all my fellow players friends and foes - shout out from your beloved HONEYBADGER

HB: Last but not the least regards to Storm , Tiki , because I trouble them the most

TMB-Reporter: LOL- thanks for your time have a great week!

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