Sometime last year, the last three months of 2013 to be exact; when the low capped main rounds with transfers were introduced, we saw IU and Hitsquad join forces, and bossed everyone else in the game.With an exception to WC of course, and London Elite union in some rounds.Together the two sides were unstoppable, they whacked The Expendables Union round after round until the latter threw in the towel and disappeared along with their 'revolution.'

It is a fact that the merging of the two unions didn’t benefit IU in any way whatsoever. If iu benefited in any way then I’m sorry to say that I, The_All_Seeing_Eye, didn’t see it. Maybe I am not an all seeing eye like I think.Maybe I got a blindspot because I only saw HS benefiting from the pact, not IU. HS was ‘allowed’ by IU to rank consistently, both as a family and as individuals, and got medal after medal to decorate their profiles.

HS ranking didn’t come freely though, now and then a player from HS got zeroed by IU at some point, while the two unions were still together. Stickycat many many times more than the others. Why they were zeroed only HS and IU know. All of us outside IU/HS still don’t know… Maybe it’s time I recruited spies within IU/HS so they can whisper to me now and then about the goings in their unions.

As of now, the union of the two sides seem to be over. As of now HS is not in the IU union. What could have happened to the union of the two sides? Is the split temporary? Have IU/HS decided to split temporarily because there is no enemy to challenge them at the moment and they are bored? Will we see them attacking each other, a friendly duel, to test each other's strengths and have fun with the game?

Lets be honest guys, a lot of the anti-IU/HS have been waiting for some proper zeroes round after round. We have all seen anti-IU/HS comments in the forums by V and others who called HS bootlickers and pussies without spines.

Is this true about HS? Are they pussies without spines? Yes IU has supporters and are strong but that doesn’t matter, we still expect you to fight them. Show us that you are real mafiosos . And let it be known that I sat the whole day watching the game thinking one of you will make the first attack to start the war officially, but was disappointed. I only saw tagging against Haggs. Four on one.

It's time. Whack each other ! Fight fight fight!

Maybe then Expendables will come back to join forces with HS against IU. I wonder what the union name would be then, Expendable Hitsquad? LOL.

I couldn’t get any comments from either IU or HWS as to why the fallout happened, but according to hearsay, Stickycat 'stole' a level four medal last round.LOL.

Here is to Sticky:

Level 4 medals are not for HS. They are for IU ONLY. Everybody else is ‘allowed’ level one and two medals only, whether bootlicker or not.
That is sarcasm by the way, I know sarcasm is lost on some people…

Until next time bitches!

- Your intrepid war reporter

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