Being Admin here has its fun days as well as some crazy busy days. You get to deal with all sorts of issues and some of them are quite funny, and some others ...well just get to deal with some really mad people. The following story is based on fact, but some names have been changed, don’t ask me why, I really do not know....but needless to say many of you who have been playing here a while...would work it out anyway.

This blog may seem a bit outlandish but believe me when I tell you, some people are fucking cooked in the head and this shit is for real...

One Saturday Morning: I login to the game and check the multies panel looking for cheating players....I notice a regular player account and another account attached to it. I notice the regular player account user is online so I message him:

Storm: “Hey XXXXXX, I notice you have a multi on your player account, what is up with that?”

XXXXXX: “Hi Storm, I make multi to kill [union name], to help you in the game...ok?”

Storm: “Errrrrm....I am not at war with [union name], lol, I am part of game staff and that is against the rules to make multiple accounts”

XXXXXX: “Yes but I can kill [player name here] just now if I can make 3 more multies....then the game got more competition”

Storm: “Sorry but I cannot allow that, I am going to remove all accounts, please stop this nonsense”

XXXXXX: “But Storm I want help you make the game better. I don’t like [union name], and [player name] is fucking cunt, and cheat also make multies, come one Storm you see this tell me!”

Storm: [at a loss for words]

XXXXXX: “If you ban my accounts i will make everyone know you is a cheat”

....Fucking hell, lol.

Storm: [Bans all accounts and player’s original account with medals and all and I logout and go about my weekend business of Snake BBQ]

.................................................. .................................................. .....................Time passes...

That Saturday afternoon: I login again to check if all okay in game, and check queries etc...I note 17 new messages in my in game PM. Normally when this happens in a short space of a few hours, then some sort of shit has occurred.

So I open my mailbox

1st Message: From Stormisafrikacunt [this player is removed from the game]:
You cant ban me i just come back all the time and i will let all players know what a cheating staff you is.

Lol, really.

2nd Message: From Afrikastinkstorm[this player is removed from the game]:
Fuck u why your staff remove me, you are all cheaters, I will tell everyone!

That’s just some fucked up shit lol, I check the forums and I notice some 10-20 posts by these player names along the lines:

“Stormnigger and staff cheat, all [union name] is on staff and they cheat”

Lol, so I woke up and decided to make multies, lol.

The following messages are similar except...

From Tiki:

“Hi Storm, I noticed that [cheating player name] made 27 multies while you were offline so I removed them all and just monitoring them and the forums as he is now spamming everything”

Ok so now I need to do some preventative shit, so I ban his IP....soon ....nothing....then in a few hours a new IP....and the cycle starts all over again...until I ban that IP....

Here’s the kicker: one hour later....

From StormStorm: “Hi Storm pls don’t ban this i want speak to you”

Storm: “What do you want?”

StormStorm: “please can u unban my original account i wills top, i want to help u in this game...

Storm: “I do not need your help”[bans account]

From Stormisbafrikananstink: “pls storm don’t ban me pls give my account back”

Storm: “dude fuck off I will ban every account you got on sight, go fuck yourself”

From Stormisbafrikananstink:”Fuck you Storm!”

Yeah, yeah stand in line lol.

See you all next week!
- Storm

If you're interested in writing a blog or have the desire to give information for a future blog, contact Slingshot, Slixed Storm, or Tiki in game.

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