Greetings, Mafiosos! You know, no matter what the game rules are that we set, we can't make everyone happy always. So in advance I just want to say, do not blame the messenger. [I know you will anyway] The Mafia Boss is not an easy game to manage sometime. Players get very heated and always expect that their opinions and views, and likes are pandered to, regardless, and that is going to be their be all and end all to this game. Most of the time players complain about the game rules and setup. This is what this Blog is about.

When I think back to pre-TMB...I loved playing games like GTA and Warcraft 1. 2 and 3, Starcraft, but when I discovered TMB, I dropped all of those and solely played only this game until I became admin a few years ago. I was drawn in by the strategies, social interactions on the GRD, which I always used to find quite funny, when players had a go at each other and lost their tempers and starter REALLY swearing and insulting each other, still in a good natured, but very competitive way. Nothing really rivalled the high I got from all that and I still love this game now, the same as I did then.

Then, after that... we had to do some few rules changes for various reasons... done by a team of the game had grown stale due to an imbalance in the game play and it needed some changes. The game went into a decline of players leaving, which we did anticipate... as it had a number of issues that created problems, like farming, players dictating ranks, killers not getting rewarded and transfers creating monopolies.

There were a few things that needed some fixing. We were in new territory... as Larbi was the first person to invent and code such a game so all the variables for balancing game excitement for all styles of play, sustaining the business, so the changes we made were very strange to many players.

Coming full circle, I note also today that we are in a totally different economy, not many players can afford to spend $1000s but they do like this game and just want TMB to provide some awesome fucking game play, and bring back some old rules that were cool and take away some new rules that are not so cool, and make it more affordable to make a challenge or to make a good contribution to your union and family.

So this is my mission right now. You will all notice that I did a few lower capped rounds, I played around with the rules a bit, and my next step is to do a massive player research thing with current players and players who left the game to find out what variations is the right combo to make everything tick again nicely and get game numbers, game play excitement, and competition UP.

We have enough information from past rules, to find something very cool....and now I just need to understand what the bulk of people can afford, [the game does depend on supporters] ... I also understand why older players left the game and what would bring some of them back, so I need to chat to them...and then present a set of rules that we can work forward on and keep for many rounds and hopefully years to come.

I note a lot of statements on the GRD like: “IU always win, the rules favour them”...truth be told, many of their players have echoed personally such sentiments to me, that they would like to see some variations in the rules, better balance of game play styles and more competition...and then of course the old school players also want the same thing – A cool balance of rules that both old and new players will love.

Let me just give you a preamble what I envision and am working toward: We need to attract more collectors, looters, bankers, and banks BACK into the game. Obviously we would need game rules that allow for such types of gameplay. That will immediately grow the game numbers. We need the game to shift from all out senseless killing back to the authentic mafia feel of “You got killed for a reason, Bitch!”

We need the JP not to be the main focus of game play, but must be cost effective so that rather 100’s of players can afford to cap out and fight it out, than just the select 2-3 players who got cash or stacked up Jackpot credits. If there is no competition, then the game play is dull and unexciting. So we NEED this to be in how the game is structured.

We need a Main ROUND that has 10 days of exciting game play, not just everyone get killed in the first 3 days and that is the end, lets watch the strongest family now take all the ranks and dictate who gets what from the prizes list. Also if players LOSE a round, they must not lose $1000’s, it has to be a sustainable, and fun way for you to spend your disposable cash, if you can afford it.

Okay so all that being said: I am setting up some player chats and a poll to just get the final understandings I need from players past and present and then I am going to make the changes and upgrades, add cool stuff and take away stuff that breaks the game down.

So please: If you see poll or discussion invites, I would appreciate your help, I am very serious and committed to what I wrote above and I do need some final very crucial info especially in the poll and I would really appreciate your help and honesty there when it is setup shortly in a week or two.

Thanks to all you E-Gangstas who took the time to read this, I am not messing with you; I want to make this work! Happy 2k14 to all of you and thank you to everyone who supports this game, players here, to all game and CM staff, to everyone in the community – Have great year!

- Storm.

If you're interested in writing a blog or have the desire to give information for a future blog, contact Slingshot, Slixed Storm, or Tiki in game.

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