This round still saw transfers on, but a twist was thrown in. A player could only send 2 transfers an hour. Would this new rule cause EOR transfers to be messed up? Also of interest, the beginning of the round saw the forming of a new family named the Xmas_Killers. This family quickly had four Level 4 players join, and they did not wait long to start proving their name true. Lanska and Ding_Dong were not the only ones being early targets that fell quickly. Throughout the round, many players saw their defensive units and operatives being slaughtered. That, however, was not the main highlight of the round. Desperado was another player that wanted to prove his name, and did so in quite the fashion.

Even with the Xmas_Killers out slaughtering everything left and right, some IU and Hitsquad players were still able to build big and collect. Ding_Dong and Lanska, who were zeroed quickly at the beginning of the round, rebuilt to a bigger level. Ding_Dong added another gold medal to his collection, taking the Jackpot at a final networth of just under 4 trillion dollars. Following quite far behind was bawbags, another IU collector, who took the silver medal with a final networth of 730 billion dollars. Lanska closed out the rankings, taking the bronze medal at a final networth of 614 billion dollars.

As the last hour came to a close money was being passed around to a variety of different players. Some Level 3 players were trusted to transfer money but two of them (as well as sending money out) also received some of their own money to rank. Constanzia, of Hitsquad, ended up taking the gold medal at a final networth of 810 billion dollars. Following behind was Niaz, taking the silver medal with a networth of 625 billion dollars. Closing out the rankings at a networth of 311 billion dollars to take the bronze medal was Big_Sarge, adding yet another to his collection.

With transfers on once again this round, the lower level ranks saw many last hour transfers. But even with trillions of dollars being sent from player to player, Donkier still managed to come out on top at a final networth of just over 300 billion dollars. Taking the silver medal was NuGGz, finishing the round at a networth of 175 billion dollars. Closing out the rankings was CYCLONE, taking the bronze medal with a final networth of 116 billion dollars.

The Best Supporter Killers saw quite the battle this round. The gold medal was taken by Ding_Dong, yet again, thanks to his very large early round build, as he finished the round with 1.6 million battle trophies. Coming into second place was bawbags, taking the silver medal with just over 1 million battle trophies. Desperado, who started out as a Level 3, quickly added in bought credits to jump to Level 4. But he did not build high and kill everybody, instead he did what the Best Free Killers have been doing, which is mostly looting battle trophies throughout the round. However he did manage to do far better than the Free Killers did, impressively looting his way to a Best Supporter Killer bronze medal, finishing the round with 972,060 battle trophies.

With Desperado proving that looting battle trophies is not as hard as people think it is, two free players also put in quite the effort and fought for the gold medal. As the dust cleared and the round ended, Mitsui came out on top, ending with 353,440 battle trophies. Coming into a close second was White_Snow_Sniffer, with 350,582 battle trophies. White_Snow_Sniffer, who was not a sore loser, congratulated Mitsui on a well-earned gold medal on his profile at the end of the round. Sportsmanship is always a nice thing. Closing out the rankings was dieslow, ending the round with 89,799 battle trophies.
Collecting Families, normally going well into the trillions of dollars, stayed low this round. Even so, IU_RU came out on top to take the gold medal, ending the round with almost 562 billion dollars banked for the family. Coming into second place and making yet another appearance in the Collecting Families prizes was SuPEr_IU, with 440 billion dollars banked for the family. Closing out the rankings was HITSQUAD_KCVF_U_N_U, with 392 billion dollars banked for the family and just barely beating out West_Coast_420 for the bronze medal.

Killers Family prizes, not seeing much last hour fights for medals recently, did so this round. As the last hour approached, it seemed that SuPEr_IU would take the gold medal, and IU_RU would end up taking the silver but it was still close as the round came closer and closer to ending. IU_RU eventually took advantage of having more big builders, and won the gold medal with a family total of 1.71 million battle trophies. Coming into a close second was SuPEr_IU, ending the round with 1.69 million battle trophies for the family. The newly formed Xmas_Killers family, ended the round in third place with just over 1 million battle trophies.

The Union prizes saw IU_RU_HS_XMAS_PARTY take the prize, ending the round with a union networth of exactly 855 billion dollars.

IU and Hitsquad dominated the rankings once again this round. Will they continue? Are families flying the Untouchables logo recently planning on making a comeback? Does the recent sighting of Pops and Omerta mean they are also going to make a comeback and spark some controversy? Only time will tell.

Review Results:

-Level 4-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Ding_Dong $3,997,409,459,371
2. bawbags $730,797,058,770
3. Lanska $614,628,166,196

-Level 3-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Constanzia $810,260,683,276
2. Niaz $625,175,981,375
3. Big_Sarge $311,755,386,567

-Level 2-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Donkier $300,059,351,441
2. NuGGz $175,239,179,281
3. CYCLONE $116,714,503,694

-Level 1-

rank mafioso net worth
1. QQQ $175,183,809,285
2. ajax $141,130,119,833
3. what_ever_mike $141,130,119,833

-Best Supporter Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Ding_Dong 1,682,109
2. bawbags 1,081,486
3. Desperado 972,060

-Best Free Killers-

rank mafioso DUs killed
1. Mitsui 353,440
2. White_Snow_Sniffer 350,582
3. dieslow 89,799

-Collecting Family-

rank family boss net worth
1. IU_RU bawbags $561,928,388,509
2. SuPEr_IU Ding_Dong $440,060,808,802
3. HITSQUAD_KCVF_U_N_U Lucky_Chevy $392,167,483,637

-Killers Family-

rank family boss value
1. IU_RU bawbags 1,713,119
2. SuPEr_IU Ding_Dong 1,699,665
3. Xmas_Killers ebiga 1,078,574

-Collecting Union Prize-

rank boss value
1. IU_RU_HS_XMAS_PARTY bawbags $855,000,000,000

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