As the special three rounds came to a close, many were anticipating an exciting final round. IUs main threat, the Expendables, had managed to round up a nice collection of won credits in both turbos and main rounds, and many were anticipating them to use them this round to try and steal the jackpot away from IU.

Either the Expendables are waiting to use the won turns or they have already spent them, only they know, because IU once again took the jackpot. Eck managed to add his 18th Level 4 gold medal to his already record medal collection, ending the round with a networth of 5.7 trillion dollars. Coming into the silver medal position was CeSaR_yAyO, ending the round with a networth of 1.8 trillion dollars, proving the point that multiple supporters are not needed to get a rank in a transfer round. Closing out the ranks and adding another bronze medal to his collection was LanskaBRO, ending the round with a total networth of 730 billion dollars.

As the Level 4 players sent money around to each other, some of the Level 3 players were on the receiving end of the transfers. Except for one lone player. Cowboy, who was on the receiving end of many attacks on his operatives, still managed to come out on top, taking the gold medal with a round ending networth of 894 billion dollars. Coming into second was BliZzArD_420, adding another silver medal to his collection with a networth of 769 billion dollars. JaeJay came into the third place, taking the bronze medal with a networth of just over 600 billion dollars.

As per usual with transfer rounds, the top three level 2 ranks were taken by people who had money sent to them. donkier from the IU_RU union came out on top to take the gold medal, ending the round with a networth of 300 billion dollars. Coming second was NGG, who took the silver medal with a final networth of 275 billion dollars. Closing the top three ranks, and also from the IU_RU union was Ken_A_Rock, with a networth of 250 billion dollars.

The level one ranks also saw late transfers, but nobody from the IU_RU union managed to take one of the top three prizes. Mobking217 from the Expendables family came out on top, taking the gold medal with a final networth of 227 billion dollars. Taking the Level 1 silver medal was NuGGz, who ended the round at a networth of just barely over 200 billion dollars. And closing out the top three was Vassar with a networth of 163 billion dollars to take the bronze medal.

Best Supporter Killers, being dominated by high builders that can build really high and let the battle trophies add up, was the same this round. After Ding_Dong built high to do a couple one car drive bys on JAKEY_420 just to scare him a little bit and to hold onto the bank, he took the gold medal with almost 1.3 million battle trophies. Coming into the second place was A-Town, taking the silver medal with just over 1 million battle trophies. Closing out the top three rankings was Chewbacca, ending the round with 918,606 total battle trophie

The Best Free Killers saw quite a fight near the end between Low_RyDuH and Ulster for the gold medal. The two struggled with minutes remaining to find as many battle trophies to loot. In the end Low_RyDuH came out on top, ending the round with 404,317 total battle trophies. Following only four thousand behind was Ulster, finishing the round with 400,034 battle trophies. The bronze medal was way behind the other two top finishers, not even having half the amount of the other two. Alphonso was the one that took the bronze medal, ending the round with 199,121 battle trophies.

Collecting Families, taken by one of the West Coast families the last couple rounds, saw the same thing this round. With JAKEY_420 recently joining the team, they have had a lot more success with transfers being on. With the new help, West_Coast_420 once again took the gold medal this round, having a total of 1.7 trillion dollars banked for the family. Coming into second place to secure the silver medal was the IU_RU family, ending the round with a total of 943 billion dollars banked for the family. Sliding into the last spot was RU_IU, ending the round with a family total 807 billion dollars banked.

Killers Families, taken by either a Hitsquad, IU, or sometimes even a West Coast family with the new rules, saw the same thing happen this round. IU_RU, led by LOPOV, took the gold medal with a family total of almost 3.8 million battle trophies. SUpeR_Iu, led by Ding_Dong, took the silver medal with a total of 2.3 million battle trophies for the family. Closing out the ranks was HITSQUAD_BRO_FIST, led by Lucky_Chevy, finishing the round with a total of 1.6 million battle trophies.

The old saying “Strength in numbers” was very present this round. The Expendables union, with over 100 members the last couple rounds, did not need any money at all to once again take the union ranks, finishing the round with a total union networth of 1.2 trillion dollars.

Review results:

-Level 4-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Eck $5,738,229,056,544
2. CeSaR_yAyO $1,856,672,046,773
3. LanskaBRO $730,928,442,607

-Level 3-

rank mafioso net worth
1. CowBoY $894,810,489,375
2. BliZaArD_420 $769,904,262,427
3. JaeJay $600,320,827,141

-Level 2-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Donkier $300,208,709,975
2. NGG $275,092,387,685
3. Ken_A_Rock $250,554,981,503

-Level 1-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Mobking217 $227,081,339,083
2. NuGGz $200,553,693,441
3. Vassar $163,418,079,467

-Best Supporter Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Ding_Dong 1,270,407
2. A-Town 1,075,453
3. Chewbacca 918,606

-Best Free Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Low_RyDuH 404,317
2. Ulster 400,034
3. Alphonso 199,121

-collecting family-

rank family boss net worth
1. West_Coast_420 BliZzArD_420 $1,794,683,930,916
2. IU_RU LOPOV $943,547,376,982
3. RU_IU Big_Sarge $807,679,171,910

-killers family-

rank family boss kills
1. IU_RU LOPOV 3,792,175
2. SupeR_Iu Ding_Dong 2,319,591
3. HITSQUAD_BRO_FIST Lucky_Chevy 1,648,816

-collecting union-

rank union boss value
1. ExpendableS DASHER $1,246,473,800,386

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