Main Round 548 was the first of the rounds with special rules. Smaller caps, transfers, 10 per family, 100 turns per op hits, and many more. Essentially a 10 day turbo. With these new rules, many players seemed more hopeful at securing a rank, whether it be for a family rank or an individual rank. But as the round came to an end, it seemed that their dreams were cut short. With transfers being on this round, the ranks were left more open.

But even still, IU managed to take the jackpot once again. After last hour transfers, Cocamafiosa stood on top of the rankings with an 8 trillion dollar networth, and stayed that way for the rest of the round to take yet another jackpot. Following behind was marlo, taking the silver medal with a final networth of just over 1 trillion dollars.

Taking the Level 4 bronze medal, also at a networth of just barely over 1 trillion dollars, was Ding_Dong, to add another bronze medal to his collection. Even with the recent upcoming of the Expendables union with a fair amount of Diamond subscriptions, all but one Level 4 prize was taken by someone in the IU_RU union. JAKEY420, from the West Coast union, was the only one that managed to squeeze into the rankings.

The Level 3 rankings also saw last hour transfers, which wasn’t unexpected at all. MissMack, after holding the bank for her union for the last couple days of the round, was rewarded with a Level 3 gold medal, ending the round with a networth of just a hair over 1 trillion dollars. Coming in second place, at a networth of 600 billion dollars, was Wesker. Closing out the ranks for the Level 3 prizes was Big_Sarge, finishing the round with a final networth of 551 billion dollars.

With transfers being on this round, many lower level players were struggling to show that they are worthy of getting a rank opportunity. But as the round came to an end, and money was being thrown around, three players come out on top. Fat_Joe came out at the very top to take the Level 2 gold medal with a networth of 350 billion dollars. Following behind him to take the Level 2 silver medal was scumcleaner, finishing the round with a networth of 348 billion dollars. Sliding into the bronze medal spot was KarloVG, who finished the round with a final networth of 300 billion dollars.

Level 2 and Level 1 prizes ended essentially the same this round. With transfers on, it makes it much harder for lower level players to make a dent in the ranks or get a rank for themselves. Even with this challenge ahead, Think still managed to take the Level 1 gold medal with a round ending networth of just over 250 billion dollars. Taking the silver medal was BaDa_BiNg, ending the round with a networth of just short of 221 billion dollars. Closing out the rankings was NGG, taking the bronze medal with a networth of 220 billion dollars.

Best Supporter Killer was also dominated by players from the IU_RU union. Cocamafiosa added another gold medal to this rounds winning, taking the prize with a total of 789,055 battle trophies. Following close behind and taking the silver medal was nis, with a total of 732,608 battle trophies. Closing out the rankings was JackHammer, finishing the round with a total of 695,198 battle trophies.

With transfers on, it seemed that less people focused solely on looting battle trophies. With the usual names not making appearances in the rankings, it left them open for other players to try it out. Maya managed to loot their way to the Best Free Killers gold medal, ending the round with 250,353 total battle trophies. Taking the silver medal was nuovoBardellino, ending the round with a total of 200,512 battle trophies. Closing out the rankings was Big_Bad_Wolf, ending the round with a total of 129,062 battle trophies.

Collecting Families was taken by surprise this round. West_Coast_420, after transferring massive amounts of money around, took the gold medal with a total of 1.4 trillion dollars banked for the family. Coming into second, and following very far behind, was HITSQUAD_RESSURECTION, managing to bank just over 600 billion dollars for the family. Managing to come into the third place rank was the SUpeR_IU family, led by Ding_Dong, that managed to bank just shy of 599 billion dollars.

Since transfers were in families only, people were jumping in and out of families, making it harder for the battle trophies to count for any one family. Even though, the IU_RU family still managed to rack up a massive amount of battle trophies, finishing the round with 2.2 million battle trophies for the family. Coming in second, and quite a ways behind, was the newly formed Cheetahs family, who were left alone for most of the round, snuck in and took the silver medal with a total of 1.3 million battle trophies. Taking the bronze medal was the West_Coast_420 family, led by BliZzArD_420, with a family total of just over 1 million battle trophies.

Collecting Unions, taken by IU for as long as people can remember, seemed to be forgotten this round. This left it open for the Exepndables union to take the prize, ending the round with a total union networth of 755 billion dollars.

Will this small victory of taking the union prize rally the union to try and take more this round? Only the future will tell.


-Level 4-

1. Cocamafiosa - $8,069,111,628,161
2. marlo - $1,055,410,084,287
3. Ding_Dong - $1,013,847,423,718

-Level 3-

1. MissMack - $1,000,896,183,047
2. Wesker - $601,058,396,658
3. Big_Sarge - $551,661,974,581

-Level 2-

1. Fat_Joe - $350,916,637,150
2. scumcleaner - $348,374,478,498
3. KarloVG - $300,509,184,086

-Level 1-

1. Think - $250,584,284,500
2. BaDa_BiNg - $220,933,654,513
3. NGG - $220,740,689,000

-Best Supporter Killers-

1. Cocamafiosa - 789,055
2. nis - 732,608
3. JackHammer - 695,198

-Best Free Killers-

1. Maya - 250,353
2. nuoveBardellino - 200,512
3. Big_Bad_Wolf - 129,062

-Collecting family-

1. West_Coast_420 - BliZzArD_420 - $1,436,278,091,465
2. HITSQUAD_RESURRECTED - Lucky_Chevy - $600,637,751,077
3. SUpeR_Iu - Ding_Dong - $598,942,032,393

-Killers family-

1. - IU_RU - Cocamafiosa - 2,224,700
2. Cheetahs - Shooter - 1,309,750
3. West_Coast_420 - BliZzArD_420 - 1,009,756

-Collecting union-

1. ExpendableS - BILBO_BAGGINS - $755,947,604,532


- The Mafia Boss Management