The squealing of tires turning a corner and the sound of weapons being loaded filling the street followed by the pop-pop-pop of Ak47 fire blanketing the dark ominous building surrounded by shady looking people. The sounds of shock and hearing the bullet riddled bodies falling to the floor and cries of revenge from those lucky enough to have escaped the slaughter singles the start of round 549

Here were the rules for Turbo Round 549:

- Jackpot Starts at $300
- 5 per family
- No transfers
- No Leaving Families
- No Range
- No Revenge
- Business Hits Cost 2,000 Turns
- 10% of net to max
- Family Banks and Personal safe at 15% deposit
- Round capped at 360K
- 10 -1 ratio on won or bought turns added into the round

Walking down the streets in the early morning knowing by tonight the streets will be red with the blood of fallen soldiers and those to incompetent to command. Turning a corner and noticing one man named James with a massive army following him (13.700.000).

So I turn and run the other way only to run into another person walking with a smaller army them James but still large(3.750.000) and as I duck into a spot between two dumpsters James and Jake walk up and shake hands. They go their separate ways and the noise that follows is a screaming sounds as Jake wanders down the streets blowing away every single person he sees.

After the screaming stops and the sound of bullets being fired stops, I creep out of my hiding place and, stumbling on the spent shell casings, I look down the road and see James and his entire army dead, blood still oozing out of their many wounds and the remains of what looks like a suicide attack on what can only be described as a fortified department store with guns and men in every window and open space occupied by BuzZ_LightYear and 39,900,000 defensives!

James, at start of turbo, jumped to 17 million du’s and attacked others dropping himself to 13 million, trying not to be outdone BuzZ_LightYear at the 1d19h mark jumped to 32 million dus and 10,700,000,000,000 after banking 1,799,684,557,446. Jake who had around 2 million dus suicided on Buzz not even killing 500k defenses and zeroing himself in the process

At the 4 hour mark the top player is murs with 15million ops and 9 mill du’s sitting on $164,000,000,000,000 and buzz is still in second with $36,000,000,000,000 with under 2 hours left Buzz zeros James, killing his goal of any rank, and ensuring he [Buzz] gets first supporter killer

The last 10 minutes of the turbo saw a very close battle for 1 star 2 star and 4 star rankings. This round featured no ranges wich means as soon as you are damaged or dead you are fed to the sharks

This round, lets start with the 4 star players and going from there.

The 4 star players had a very close fight for second and third but 1st place was taken by Ludwig_Beethoven who did not build very high until end of the round and stole it handily. he ended up with more then second place

-Level 4 Rankings-

- Ludwig_Beethoven - 358,030,472,905,160
- Pierce - 291,690,482,795,004
- Murs - 223,086,145,318,635

3 star players also had a very close fight a single good collect could have shifted the top3 easily they are as follows

-Level 3 Rankings-

- lotti 30,785,167,118,471
- feety_pajamas 23,748,322,857,112
- Roni 21,076,771,719,871

The two star players had a very productive round and used the no range rules to their advantage and again it was a battle for the top 3 spots

-Level 2 Rankings-

- Hooty_Hoo 3,507,844,911,893
- Vector 3,078,793,517,849
- hazziano 2,351,652,217,101

-Level 1 Rankings-

- Turd_Ferguson 1,781,659,389,262
- friendlyboolsack 1,674,237,147,705
- AleisterCrowley 1,024,471,362,700

The supporter killers had a surpsing victor this round when Buzz took out James and his 13 million defenses easily securing first and second and third had a hell of a battle

-Supporter Killers Rankings-

- BuzZ_LightYear 7,435,813
- Ice_Cream 542,610
- Murs 511,304

Free killers had a prety tame round and first was taken easily and second and third had another close battle:

-Free Killers Rankings-

- Diesel 172,347
- I_Dont 45,568
- Tormented 43,029

Collecting family ranks where far enough apart at the end that even a good collect would not change it

-Collecting Family Rankings-

- 0912837465 - Pujo - 41,856,773,071,854
- Post_Office_Closed Panties 11,218,098,128,957
- abc123 - lotti - 5,710,125,296,278

First place killer family was single-handedly taken by buzz with his massive kills this round

-Killer family Rankings-

- Toy_Story - BuzZ_LightYear - 7,463,251
- 0912837465 - Pujo - 1,273,419
- lickety-split
- Ice_Cream - 542,610

We hope you enjoyed the round and we welcome your comments and feedback!

Thank you
- The Mafia Boss Management!