So as you all know, being staff or admin on this game is not always a bed of roses, and in fact, it can be downright nerve wracking some times. You have all sorts who come to play here and have their say: The Pseudo Intelligent Know it All, The Big -I want attention now- Supporter, The cocky free player who expects to get the same benefits as a big supporter, The Downright Stupid, The Attention Whores, The real Whores (Chicks who webcam flash their shit)....The list is endless.

Case in Point: (...and believe it or not this has happened at least 10 times since I have been admin with different people!)

Female Player: Storm! Please help, some guys are showing links of horrible images of me around the game!

Me: Please explain more?

Female Player: Well, *** is sending real life pictures of me to all his friends! Isn’t this against the rules? I want them banned!

Me: Yes it is against the rules, but I mean....I want to understand more about what you mean when you say “Horrible images”

Female Player: He has naked pictures of me on webcam that he is sharing with his friends!

Me:....Errrmmm.....How did he get those?

Female Player...We were on chat and he asked me to do it. We have been friends for years until now!

Me: Okay one sec....I am verifying in his mailbox that he did do this....

[I see some links to photo bucket and see some really horrible naked pics]

Me: Err...he couldn’t get this unless you gave them to him so why did you do it?

Female Player: He said he loved me!

Me: Have you ever met him?

Female Player: No, I live in USA and he is from Uzbekistan

Me: So how the heck ....I mean...why the heck....

Female Player: He said he loved me.., and I love him back

Me: .......Okay, I will ask him not to share the links in the game anymore. Please don’t trust anyone online with such things anymore?

Female Player: Oh trust me....I have learned my lesson. Thank you so much Storm! Where are you from?

Me: I am from South Africa.

Female Player: Oooh!! I hear it’s very nice there.

Me: yeah it is beautiful

Female Player: So what did you think of the pics, Storm?

Me: What pics....oh!.....

[Awkward silence]

Me: Errrrm...I didn’t look too much so I don’t know...

Female Player: Here is the links again....

Me: isn’t this what got you into trouble in the first place?

Female Player: No....he was just sending them around without anyone paying!

Me: WTF?

Female Player: yeah I make a living doing this....

Storm: Sorry but this is not allowed, you cannot whore yourself out here for cash. And those pics are fugly.


Fuck me.
- Storm