So Mafiosos and Mafiosas, CrazyRuss is back with another interview with yet another veteran of the game. This player has played in some of the most memorable mafia families here on The Mafia Boss Aand he has won a few Jackpots, he also has friends all over the game, it is, the one, the only, NINO!
In this interview we talk about a wide variety of things all Mafia Boss related, and we also discuss one key rule on this game, keeping your word is paramount.

Just like in the real mafia, if you don’t got your word, you don’t got shit. Inevitably we also talk about betrayal something which is rife in every Mafia community worldwide, unfortunately The Mafia Boss is no exception.

nino:I’m ready

Russ: Ok so shall we start?

nino: lol yes let’s start

Russ:Also,..have you got a translator?

nino: lol no you have to fix the grammar for me

Russ: Ok So nino. Thanks for joining me here in the small dark corner of the Internet, also known as Skype and thanks for agreeing to do this interview.

nino: I’m pleased to be here with you

Russ: Good man, so we shall start with the Basics, Age, location and current player style.

nino:I’m from Denmark, age is too old to mention and my current player style is being boring

Russ: Ok, so now we have the introductions out of the way, how did you come across TMB?

nino: A friend of mine in real life introduced it to me he did play it many years back his name was bulletproffed, he quit it like 6 month after I joined, but I got addicted lol and never left again.

Russ: Ah ok and when you started, what Family/Union did you start in?

nino: right after I joined The Mafia Boss I got an invite to phøenix_avengers from jumbo and joined them, after a few rounds avengers split up from phøneix and made their own family, avengers.

Russ: Ok so what were you doing, killing, collecting or looting after the split?

nino: only killing that was all we did in avengers, nobody cared about any ranking there

Russ: It’s always a great way to get involved in TMB.

nino: killing was fun with all the war chats going on. We would choose a day before somebody else did& make us target and so we could kill them.

Russ: Yea those kinds of wars were better, almost like a Mexican Stand off, everyone building and a nervous tension until the first shot is fired and then it just gets messy!

nino: A lot

Russ: How many years have you been playing nino?

nino: let me check I have a 6 year badge and I think on the 4thof January it will be 7 years

Russ: Nice! So you started out in The Mafia Boss after a friend invited you, you got hooked, like we all do and you were killing with Avengers and when they split form Phoenix, did you go with them?

nino: yes I went with jumbo and beasy who was running avengers, with a few others who also followed them.

Russ: Ok and the killing continued?

nino: Yep only killing, we didn’t do anything else.

Russ: I only really remember meeting you when you were in Omerta, with pops & co. so tell me, how did you go from being a hard-core killer with Avengers to collecting in Omerta?

nino:I was very good friends with Ronin back then and did often get their help whenavengers needed them.There was a point when I stayed in Ronin some rounds but always most in avengers then suddenly avengers and Ronin got in a fight, this happened becauseRonin attacked a family avengers was blood allies with.

Russ:ruhroh, killers V killers certified blood bath!!! Just to clarify for our newer players “blood allies” was a term used back in the earlier rounds of The Mafia Boss and it basically meant that if one of the families blood was spilled, the other family would get involved.

nino: And I said if they, Avengers and Phoenix had to fight each other would I not be a part of it and at this point I asked pops if I could join Omerta, he had helped me one time before all that blew up with avengers and phoenix and he said yes and sent me a invite and that was when I joined omerta_blood, if avengers and ronin had never been fighting have I maybe never left avengers.

Russ: I know right, there's always those moments where you look back and say... If that one event never happened...

nino: lol yep :P jumbo now named rambozo is still a player I like a lot he did teach me all the killing stuff. I was only killing in avengers, also had my best fights there against a player harry_hatchet it was crazy lol

Russ:I remember that Harry guy, pretty sure he killed me a few times when I was collectarding & I kind of dislike rambozo at the moment, fucker keeps killing me!

nino: Rambozo never breaks his word &he is in my list of those I trust 100%. Harry was great he was back in game a year ago but only a few rounds, me and him had some crazy build offs in the past in the end did we become friends because there was no sense in what we did lol

Russ: How do you mean?

nino: one built to kill the other then the one who got killed did build back up again and there was no limit on rounds back then, so it just continued

Russ: Hahaha

nino: lol he was the one who saw the light before me and messaged me and I’m glad he did that lol, no idea what I spent back then

Russ: Yea, it doesn’t really surprise me.

nino: :^)

Russ: :P

nino: lol

Russ: Back then though, it was a different game. Anyway, when you joined Omerta_blood did your player style change? Or did you simply keep killing? And how long were you there for?

nino: after I join omerta_blood I did keep killing but some rounds did I just not have any target lol I think I had played around 2 years beforeI joined them and I stayed there many years

Russ: And were you always killing? Or did you end up donating DU's to the greedy hierarchy every eor like most of us did back then?

nino: no in omerta I did do different things, killing and collecting

Russ: oh ok, so you were constantly switching between those two game styles? Killing and collecting?

nino: if there was no enemies I would always collect but if there was someone to hit would I do that, but when pops went away for a while I went back to only killing hahahaha

Russ: So, when you finally left Omerta, where did you go?

nino: Omerta_Blood was not a part of the rest of the old omerta/13 union and most of them joined up with UnTouchables (UT) and I ended up going to IU. The funny thing is many of the old friends that I had from Omerta that joined up with UT messaged me all kind of shit when I joined IU. Yet I never said anything to them because they join UTwhich was my only real enemy at the time. I have decided to take this opportunity to really explain my position in the game at that time and what was going on for me.
When you ask about how I ended up in IU. It is a story that goes far, far back in TMB. UT screwed me on a rotation, I did nothing to begin with, but I waited until it was my turn in the rotation again, and built again, at which time Tony (boss of UT) decided to kill me, even though he had promised me and pops something else, but it is what it is. I started then to kill all players who built ops in UT when it was their rounds on the rotation, after just 2 rounds large parts of the Omerta players with me began to flee because UT of course reciprocated the operative killing. I have since seen many of them I saw as loyal friends in Omerta, not to be and instead of staying with me they sought refuge in UT wings.

Eventually we weren't very many in ouromerta family, maybe 7-10 players, everyone else had slipped away to better places. Tony contacted me and we talked and I stopped attacking them and went back to playing as a 1 star player. At this point all our old allies from one of TheMafiaBoss’s oldest unionswere scattered throughout the game in other unions.

But that was not what made me leave omerta, we were a small group who tried to keep omerta running. I slowly lost interest in the game because it was incredibly disappointing for me to see how many people who were described as friends at one point were not really, they were only friends when it came to the more fun times.

It did actually get to a point where I just wanted to stop playing.This came to the ears of eck who I have seen as a friend for a long time and he did not want me to leave the game.IU offered me the opportunity to win rounds when I wanted, but that was not what the game was about for me anymore, I only saw the game as a place filled with disloyal people. I talked to eck, bob and coca from IU for some time, where they tried to encourage me to continue playing. I still had 1mill credits in my account and really wanted to leave the game, and they offered me to win a round I saw it as an opportunity to check my credits out of the game, while I said that I would not promise to keep playing. I cannot forget to mention that Sheikh was involved in it at this time, and the story ends with the fact sheikh builds and collects, along with a second and send it all to me.

Now comes the part which is actually quite impressive and there are not many in the game who can take the mantle on this, sheikh, eck, bob and coca showed all the same.

I had big losses and I wanted to leave the game, yet they sent their collected money to me WITHOUT ever ask me if I wanted to send their used money back and we did not even play on the same side in TMB. This action proved something to me that I had missed for a long time. Of course, I sent everything they used back but the point is they could not be sure that I would and did it anyway without even asking.
I had checked my credits out of the game but was in the game along with the few loyal players left in omerta_blood.

Pops came back to the game, and joined us, which I was very happy about, pops has never been anything but good to me, but with him back in the game started a landslide movement that came more and more back to omerta, which I perfectly well understand there are many who have been friends with pops very long time. But as people came back I could not see myself playing there more.For most of these players, I would probably not lift a finger for, after they left us to be alone in a difficult time. While I would not put a spoke in the wheel, causing pops not being able to be with his friends and I could not see myself in the mirror as a person.

Now there are many who probably would say that IU also have been in union or partnership with UT, but it does not compare.IUwere never my allies in TMB, so for me it was bad that the same many of them who would ask that question had played with me over the years could be so easy to just leave when things got bad.

I felt there were not many left in the old union I could trust anymore, however, I have seen what character the bosses from IU&RU have. Many would do well to learn from them. So to all those who think I am IU in order to achieve something. I can only say you’re wrong, I'm here because the people I know here keep their word no matter what.

To pops and the old members of omerta_blood always love, but there are so many others in Omerta I do not want to be too close to, when I do not see any reason to play with people who are only there while it's fun and easy. I hope it is enough to answer many of those who ask why I'm in IU.

Russ: I’m glad you can get that off your chest nino. I charge by the second for my translation fees by the way! So moving on from there, you having played 6 years how have the rule changes affected you when you were playing?

nino: hmm I never liked new rules, but rules that fit all will and can never exist

Russ: Yea me too actually I guess we just adapt and what do you think about the BT's now?

nino: bt sucks in my opinion, kill count should only come from real killing, but The Mafia Boss is long from what it was when I started. Warchatrooms was the best ever!

Russ: Ah well. So, now you’re in IU and seem to be doing very well indeed.

nino:I was on the way out of the game because I only saw players that was not up to their word and I didn’t think I would spend more time here on The Mafia Boss but then 4 from IU_RU side showed me a the very thing I had been looking for and that made me want to continue playing TMB.

Russ: Brilliant and you’ve been in IU now,..what at least 1 year maybe 2?

nino: lol time run so fastI have no idea its feels only like a year, but maybe it has been longer

Russ: Ah ok cool. So....Nino...Sir. Nino….what does the future hold for you in the world on TMB?

nino: sir lol,I’m a lady, noI’m kidding weeeeeeee!!!

Russ: For a minute there I was like WTF

nino: lol

Russ: So,...You and TMB, Parting any time soon?

nino:I’m not addicted anymore lol and TMB is boring for me at the moment, it was a great time when UT challenged IU even if we didn’t completely own them and win all rounds they challenged on wouldI have enjoyed it

Russ:Ok man, so I think we are about done here unless there's anything else you’d like to add?

nino: it should only be RealT you owe me a grand lol

Russ:Yea...Want to discuss that a bit; You and UT?

nino: we can do that

Russ: I mean we have what you said earlier but you only got mixed up with them because of a rotation and they fucked you on it?

nino: yes they stole a round in rotation and I have been online many eor to back them up if it was needed, so they still stole a round, but that was not the problem. RealT promised me and pops he would cover that loss but he was aware that pops had to leave game and right after pops was gone he not keep his word.He came up with excuses and in the end He saidI had talked shit about him so he would not cover lol so stupid I am not the kind of guy to not to speak shit about anybody that will cover, but I have after long time heard from some old UT players that RealT did not cover them after they backed him up and he won. So I guess he tried to make it look like he had no limit but that was not the truth. I would never break my word for 1000 dollars,I have all Skype convos saved from back then between me and alot of playersand it’s fun to see how many say one thing and do something else.

Russ: Yea man. Some people are just idiots. Ok man, So..I think it’s that magic time again...SHOUTOUTS!

nino: what the hell is that :^)tons of names?

Russ: It's basically your chance to give credit to all your friends in TMB, the ones who helped you get to where you are, the mentors, the partners, etc.

nino: damn so many names lol

Russ: We have time bro the floor is yours…

nino:rambozo,eck,pops,coca,missmack,ilovebites,ton ydefalco,junior_mafia,sellz,lopov,silentbob,sheikh ,tmk,jonzo,hook,beasy,frank_cali,harry_hatchet,cha insaw,gallio,bug,monkeykilla,qqq,shell,merci,con,s arge,monster,bulletproffed, slo_mafia, coolwindy, lucky_chevy, Ikah, mrtuff, splooge, Woodsman, bigben, daniele, ducky, dirtynick, Morton, pinkdot, pills,the_dudes,tripp, mr_eight, lollipop, homicide, gary, gunchester, kid, dusk, macabre, blues, familymatters, cj and of course ManTits and many more

Russ: Ok bud. Thanks again for the interview

This is CrazyRuss signing out.
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