French toast. Quite possibly one of the most delicious breakfasts around. Delicious bread dipped into a batter of eggs, milk, cinnamon, and butter. Fried in a pan, then covered in real maple syrup, not that crappy Aunt Jemima stuff. It is one of the best smells to wake up in the morning. But it was not always just a delicious breakfast meal. Medieval European cooks were forced to use every bit of food that they could find, and did not dare throw anything away. These cooks found out that stale bread could be reused without people realizing that it was stale. They moistened the bread and then heated it to be served as a meal.

The 4 day turbo round had a mix of both collectors and killers building and doing what they do best. Some built early to a massive amount of ops and du's. Nard_Dog quickly jumped up to over 3 million ops in the first hour, but was soon after overrun by level 4 sub collectors, including Scumbag and many others. x12 was another player that did an early high build, getting to over 10 million du’s before the first day of the round.

Nard_Dog must not have liked being left out of the spotlight, because, after a little bit of looting, was once again ranked number 1 nationally. After being number 1 nationally for a little while, people started to send him money, which was the first bank that seemed to be set up. A level 3 bank in a turbo round? I don’t remember having seeing that happen before.

The rest of the round went as everyone expected. Killers quickly punished their enemies that dared attempts at building. Three players seemed to be at the head of this killing spree. With the help of some transfers from Nard_Dog, LEPTEJEBO, Richard_Kuklinski, and AM3RiCAN_IDioT, of the Major_Distribution family, were at the top of their game. Du’s and ops were getting wiped out left right and center. This was definitely made easier with the help of the banker, and here is what he had to say about being the bank, especially with transfers costing 1000 turns a piece.

As far as I know it wasn’t planned. I just kind of looted a couple hundred billion from someone and then some of the killers asked if I could bank them up so they can range targets. And it just kind of escalated from there. It kind of sucked that the transfers costs 1000 turns, made it a bit harder to pass money to people.
Two families were also quick to jump out on top, The_Owl_Farm led by Hunter_Thompson and Major_Distribution led by LEPTEJEBO. The_Owl_Farm were quick to have almost 30 trillion dollars banked, helped by the fact that the bank was in the family. Major_Distribution was also quick to bank a hefty amount of money, with about 7 trillion total banked before the last day of the round. It must help to be allies with the bank.

With these three killers keeping everyone but their allies zeroed and begging for mercy, there didn’t seem to be too many threats in the way of the collectors who were allowed to collect. As the round came closer and closer to an end, some lower level players were passing were starting to collect and pass around money to get as much banked as possible. With transfers costing 1000 turns, it made it a bit harder for smaller families to pass around money, but it seems like they figured it out.

As the last hour came upon the round, players were quick to begin maxing each other, quickly switching to glocks or ak's so there wouldn’t be any unnecessary defensive units killed. jar quickly took over the banker position, although it didn’t last very long. The bank was quickly passed to LEPTEJEBO, who was then quick to transfer it to Kool_French_Toast, who eventually took the gold. The silver medal was taken by Gorilla_Biker, finishing with a 72 trillion dollar networth. Bronze was taken by LEPTEJEBO, who wasn’t quite finished in the ranks.

boredmuch ended up taking the level 3 gold medal, with a total networth of just over 42 trillion dollars. Hopefully she wasn’t too bored when she took the gold medals. Following not too far behind was LaDiDaDi, with a networth of a hair under 41 trillion dollars. Taking the bronze medal was Screen, who wasn’t quite as close as everyone else, ending up with a total of 30 trillion dollars

The level 2 ranks did not finish closely. Gold was taken by bullseye, with a total networth of 16.5 trillion dollars. BoR trailed by over 6 trillion dollars, but was still able to steal the silver medal from MattyFratelli, who took bronze with a networth of just over 9 trillion dollars. This certain level rankings points out something that many players cannot quite grasp. It does not take multiple diamond subscriptions to get a rank in turbo rounds with transfers. BoR, with the help of two other players who had their ops hit all round, still managed to get a level 2 silver medal. Maybe people should stop complaining about not being able to do anything and use some strategy to get ranks.

Level 1 ranks, which sometimes have a tendency to go higher than level 2 ranks, did not go quite as high this round. heagumus, who is normally a level 4 four player, took level 1 gold with a networth of 10 trillion dollars. Must be trying to finish his medal set. Trailing by over a trillion dollars was Ikeeelu, taking silver with a networth of 9 trillion dollars. Following behind the other two was Diesel, with a networth of just over 8 trillion dollars.

LEPTEJEBO, appearing in the ranks once again, took best supporters killer gold, racking up an impressive 6.7 million battle trophies. Following close behind was Richard_Kuklinski, with a total of 6 million battle trophies. This must be how to killers are rewarded every round.x12, who was one of the early high builders, ended up taking bronze with 3.3 million total battle trophies.

Free killer ranks seemed to be led by people who were online at the right time after people were zeroed. Pincher was the one that managed to fight his way though everyone else and take the gold medal, finishing with 602,528 total battle trophies. Even though they were able to take gold, it definitely wasn’t easy. Silver was taken by weed_head, only trailing by six thousand battle trophies. Bronze wasn’t nearly as close as silver was, as hoops took the bronze medal with 520 thousand battle trophies.

Collecting family ranks are almost always dominated by the person who takes the jackpot. This round was certainly an exception. The_Owl_Farm, with only level 3 collectors, managed to take the gold medal with over 50 trillion dollars banked. Was this the reward they got for having the player who held onto the bank and transferred money around all round? Maybe it was, but only certain people know the answer to that. jar led the creative named family jars to the silver medal, with a total of 41 trillion dollars banked. Taking the final medal spot was the family Rubbish_Love, led by LiVeR, with a total of 27.6 trillion dollars banked.

With yet another appearance in the rankings was LEPTEJEBO, leading his family Major_Distribution to a killing family gold medal with almost 20 million total battle trophies between the five players. Trailing by over 14 million battle trophies was Rubbish_Love, with a total of 5.53 million battle trophies, barely nosing out the Asphalt family, led by Prod, which managed to rack up 5.52 million battle trophies.

Even with 2 golds and a silver medal under his belt, LEPTEJEBO was not finished. His union, LAST_HOUR_MASSACRE also took the union prize, with a total value of over 10 trillion dollars.

Another turbo round is in the books, and it seems like turbos with transfers are always going to end the same way. Players on the no hit list will be able to build as they wish and dominate the ranks. But as BoR proved, it doesn’t always take the help of many supporters and allies to get a rank

Review results:

-Level 4-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Kool_French_Toast $133,053,262,899,940
2. Gorilla_biker $72,279,745,278,699
3. LEPTEJEBO $58,105,279,201,146

-Level 3-

rank mafioso net worth
1. boredmuch $42,179,183,443,100
2. LaDiDaDi $40,927,027,366,969
3. Screen $30,364,682,305,876

-Level 2-

rank mafioso net worth
1. bullseye $16,515,090,170,240
2. BoR $10,859,035,637,000
3. MattyFratelli $9,038,323,810,675

-Level 1-

rank mafioso net worth
1. heagumas $10,003,997,306,591
2. Ikeeelu $9,000,831,742,600
3. Diesel $8,000,139,333,722

-Best Supporter Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. LEPTEJEBO 6,689,268
2. Richard_Kuklinski 6,028,428
3. X12 3,301,451

-Best Free Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Pincher 602,528
2. weed_head 596,532
3. hoops 521,949

-collecting family-

rank family boss net worth
1. Owl_Farm Hunter_Thompson $50,893,984,444,242
2. jars jar $41,055,424,402,545
3. Rubbish-Love LiVeR $27,602,090,593,784

-killers family-

rank family boss kills
1. Major_Distribution LEPTEJEBO 19,147,771
2. Rubbish-Love LiVeR 5,532,661
3. Asphalt Prod 5,528,722

collecting union
1. 1. LAST_HOUR_MASSACRE LEPTEJEBO $10,005,000,000,000

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