About a round back I gave an interview to Scouser, at the time AKA Heisenberg. He is a TMB vet and a recent member of Titans. After talking to him he expressed interest in an interview, so I agreed to one, and here we are. Now, I am fully aware that the context that the blog was written in contrasts from Scouser’s current situation as he is currently no longer with Titans. I am aware that this puts things in a sort of strange lighting, but, ah well, this interview was conducted then and this is now, about a full round afterwards. Things change, involving factors that I am not fully aware of as I am of the interview's context contrasting with present circumstance, but we have here a decent interview nonetheless. So then, read on now that any issue of context is properly addressed.

AndyRosato: We will start, as per usual, with your background. Where'd you start out as a newbie, learn to play, your first family. Your history as a vet, shoot

Scouser: No problem shall I just go ahead and say it all yeah?

AndyRosato: Sure man, like I said, shoot. You know, the basics at least, then we can delve deeper from there

Scouser: I started playing TMB around 8 years ago when I was at school and all the game websites was blocked I found TMB and kept playing it each day meeting new players for about a week or two then i met Dungeon_Master who was a boss of Covent which Chrispy who is still with me now was apart of we started out the same time, Dungeon_Master taught me how to play and what to do he was a pretty cool guy i was with them for 100+ rounds, we was a tight knit team and chatted on MSN frequently we was like a real family sadly they all left and the only guys left now are me and Chrispy, we have been playing TMB together for numerous years even though we may have been in different families we always kept in touch and now we are part of Titans Bank. Before Titans bank i was away for a year I moved to Florida so i had trouble getting on but before I moved I was actually with IU/RU for about 10-15 rounds.

AndyRosato: Ahaha lucky bastard, my school always had TMB blocked! So before we get into Titans, any highlights or big things you'd like to talk about in all those rounds and years before? Wars, fun times, bad times, ugly times, perhaps even fugly times if you will, anything at all?

AndyRosato: Surely as an 8 year vet youve got some story to mention

Scouser: Well there is lots of stories I could tell but the main one for me that would stand out was when Harry_Hatchet built up against pops all those years ago and 0'd him and 10 omerta family's i was astonished, Harry was with HS at the time and Covent was good friends with HS, i was mainly a free player back then pretending I was a big guy border patrolling for MBU with Viking slap and i was also good friends with ChosenOnE from Illuminati who I still keep in touch with.

AndyRosato: Wow, that is one feat that I'm not surprised you remember. Ok so, Titans. What were you doing before it, and how did you get involved in this relatively young yet growing strong, not to mention banking, union?

Scouser: Well I was with IU/RU in shells family for some time but my family decided to up and move across the world from England to Florida i was there for around 12 months which is why I had to stop playing for awhile, when I got back about a month ago i tried to log into my TMB account but i forgot the password so i left it for awhile then i remembered, when I logged in I noticed chrispy was back so I messaged him and got some info from him and decided to help him out with the union/bank thing that they had going. Now i have become heavily involved in something that is very exciting we are not a union of authority we want to bring fun back to playing this game and give others a chance so we welcome anyone with open arms. There has been some issues at the start of it as it would with any other union this round we have formed a committee etc..and we are closer than we have ever been now.

AndyRosato: Interesting... may I ask, closer to what exactly?

Scouser: Closer to the tight knit group that we wanted we had some guys who didn't agree with what the rest of the committee wanted, they decided to leave. The guys we have now are all friends and we all agree on everything. we have appointed positions for different people so that they are in charge of banking, turbo. This makes it easier on everyone. But I would like to add for anyone reading this that we did not force anyone out we gave options.

AndyRosato: Alright then, we appreciate the insight now speaking of insight, you are very involved in the rising potential new powerhouse in TMB economics, the Titans Bank. Shed some light for us on the bank, how it was doing, how it is doing, what you are doing and where everything is heading with the bank in relation to union this round. And feel free to speculate, optimistically I am sure, to the future?

Scouser: No problem, Well we see it in a way that there are no other major banks except of course IU/RU/WC, we want to change this and introduce our one we do understand it will take a lot of time to get where we want it to be considering the amount of supporters IU have compared to us. But we want to bring back more family's into the game and give them all chances to rank. In the near future we hope to have a bank that is running all round not just 3-4 days near the end.

Scouser: We are also hoping to bring on board a lot more people because we can see that the game is one sided and everyone wants that changing, I hope that anyone reading this can see our point of view and may be interested in what we are doing and jump on board.

AndyRosato: Of course! And as you may know I too am rather optimistic about all of this, as I am a part of it of course ahaha. So you really think the bank is going to grow to a point where its up all day all round and a very real competition for IU? What do you think IU's reaction will be? I'd like to think you'd know something of how things work with them, considering you stayed with the cuntlot for some time.

Scouser: Hahaha you should be optimistic if you are on board as should everyone who is involved I haven't seen so many people excited about the game since Pissheads was about. The way things are going i can definitely see it yes but as I say it will take time. The team we have behind the scenes helping everyday on making the union/bank what it is, is remarkable. IU''s reaction will be as it always is get there credit cards out lmao, but thats what what we want, we don't want to be adding our credit cards we are for the free players. Hahaha the cuntlot I can see from the outside why everyone would say that but once you get to know them they are ok I guess

AndyRosato: Lmfao cuntlot ahaha I making myself laugh now that you repeat it. Much else you'd like to elaborate on this fine afternoon? (it could be nicer out really, but on the note of optimism and positivity..)

Scouser: Hahahaha there is nothing else I would like to add apart from that its been a pleasure, I wish it was afternoon its 1am where I am haha.

AndyRosato: Oh yea, Florida you said. In PA myself. Been to Florida a few times, have some family there. I'm getting sidetracked ahaha, did you intend you intend to do shoutouts?

Scouser: I wish I was back in Florida I’m back in England now where it always rains lmao, I will keep it short and sweet and just say Thanks for everyone involved in the running of Titans and everyone who is apart of it and I hope for the best that it will keep growing in this direction! Hopefully someday we can compete with IU you did say to be optimistic right? And also don't worry Rio we will get you a medal soon LOL

AndyRosato: Alrite then that’s it, thanks for your time. Goodnight.

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