Now watch some fucking bastard mess it up....Case in point - There I was, just woken up, a beautiful sunny day, birds are singing, Elephants are bathing outside, my lady has some Snake on the spit, I had just logged in to work, when I am very rudely and abruptly brought down to earth by the fact that The Mafia Boss Players are not your normal everyday average customer with everyday normal average queries.
Sometimes the behaviour of these individuals make one want to climb walls in sheer frustration and on other occasions, one is left with a smug sense of morbid satisfaction.


Fuck me. Today was no fucking different. No sooner had I logged into the game...

Player PM: Storm! I just saw your ad for new staff. I want to apply! You must take me! I have been playing for 4 years!

Storm: Checks player details, sees the player has a bad track record for game and staff bashing...

Errmmmm...No sorry, I am not interested in your application at this time. I note that you have some warnings and your account is flagged in the past so I dont think you would really enjoy being staff here anyway.

Player PM: But that's not fair! Who the fuck are you to tell me what I will and won't enjoy?

(Good fucking point, but the issue is I simply don't want this person anywhere near helping other players - it's like hiring a child molester to caretake at Grade school)

Player PM: I think you are just biased and I bet that you gave all the jobs to your friends!

Storm: Sorry to burst your bubble, but it is exactly this way of thinking that I don't want around other staff and players, as you just talk nonsense most of the time, and the other times that you are not speaking nonsense, is called bed time. Now please - I have better things to do than to argue with and listen to you.

Player PM: Listen here you 3rd world stinking *ginger*, your game is shit, you are shit and your staff is shit. Fuck you, Fuck Larbi, Fuck Tiki, Fuck all of you, I don't want to play your stupid game anyway! FUCK YOU!

Storm: So it would now be safe to assume that you don't want the staff job anymore, right? I mean you get a free sub and some turns every round? We could have used the extra hands you know? Its a pity it didnt work out!

Player PM:.....??

Storm: I mean you think the game is stupid and you don't like the game and everything else, right? So I am just going to now discard your application? I was really looking forward to having you on staff!


Player PM: Wait...Do you mean you would consider my application?

Storm: Well yes but seeing as you don't like the game and staff what's the point? Anyway thanks for applying. Bye!

Player PM: Wait! I really think I can help the game! Please please consider me!

Storm: Sorry but we are not taking anymore staff applications at this time....Thanks.

Player PM: You are a fucking cunt really. You did that on purpose just to wind me up!

Storm: Did what? Sorry I don't understand? Sorry But I am very busy I don't really have any time to discuss this further. Bye.

It is not always that easy, but sometimes that is as good as it gets.

So next time you message staff just remember, Our job is not easy, and we also have the means to make your life a misery. It's not that we enjoy it...but...Ok I lie...But still a little courtesy goes a long way.