Greetings Mafiosos, I wanted you all to know and see that there is more to me than just being the Game Admin Asshole that bans you guys from time to time. So I have decided to share my favorite past time with you which is cooking exotic African recipes. I do hope you enjoy this and try it at home!

So I was reading Miss_fortune'spost for players to post their favorite recipes and I decided I would turn my one into a Blog.

Smoked Python and Sheep Char Grilled Steak in Mushroom and Mopane Worm Red Wine Sauce

A Storm original Creation


This is a typical African-Upper-Class delicacy and is a brilliant exotic Main Course Feast, especially when you have foreign devils visiting. Most of the ingredients are easy to obtain and all you really need to purchase are the mushrooms, olive oil, redwine, and a whole baby sheep. (Lamb)

You will also need access to a smoke-box, in order to smoke the Sheep-in-Python before you grill it.

Ingredients: (serves 20)


1 Large African Python
1 Baby Lamb
Whole Coriander
Olive Oil



This is the tricky bit:

1) Catch the fucking hugest Python you can find in the bush with your spear and wire trap
2) Try not to puncture the skin of the Snake whilst catching it (This is really hard as that fucker will puncture you - YES they do BITE, and constrict as well but are not poisonous)
3) The next trick is to hold the Snake in your kraal alive for 2 weeks and starve that fucker.
4) Go find a baby Lamb somewhere- preferably from a butcher where it is already skinned and one likes woolly steaks
5) After the 2 week starvation period is done, throw the Lamb meat into your kraal
6) The snake will eat that fucker whole and it will look something like this:

7) Okay so then now is the time to kill the snake. Stab it in the head with your spear. That should do the trick.
8) Take the dead self-stuffed animal and chuck it into the smoke box for 24 hours
9) When properly smoked (hahahahahaha), skin the fucker.
10) You can now proceed to cut it into Steaks and a normal smoked python steak looks something like this:

smoked python.JPG

Looks fucking yummy eh?

11) Now you can rub in with Olive the coriander and salt.
12) You are now ready to BBQ this! Treat it like a normal steak on the grill and enjoy!

The beauty of this recipe is that you get to eat a Lamb Steak rolled into a Python steak! How fucking cool is that?



2kg Black Mushrooms
1kg Mopane Worms
2 cups Self raising flour
2 litres milk
3 cloves of whole peeled Garlic
Salt to taste
4 Cups redwine
Olive oil


1) Saute' the Mopane worms in the garlic, mushrooms and olive oil, Until crunchy and ADD SALT to taste
2) Add the red wine once the Mopane Worms are well cooked and crunchy
3) Add 1/2cup of extra virgin olive oil
4) Add 1 cup of self raising flour
5) Stir
6) Slowly add the 2 litres of milk whilst stirring slowly
7) Allow the sauce to thicken
8) When the sauce is thick enough, you are ready! Just pour it OVER the Steaks and enjoy!

This is what Mopane worms look like:

I Do hope you all try and enjoy my recipe!

- Storm