Greetings Mafiosos

In order to bring more excitement and gameplay to you: Next Main round 443 will see the start of a new Turbo round system where we will feature 2 Turbo Rounds within the space of the 10 day Main Round!
The first of these will be a new 4 day round which will start ONE DAY after the new main round commences.

Thereafter we will have a one day gap and then launch into a 2 day Round and it will end with 2 days left for the MAIN ROUND.

The 4 day round would be geared toward Team Play, Unions, Banking and Transfers, while the 2 day round would be very similar to the current version of Turbo rounds we now have and we would move toward gearing the 2 day turbo toward even competition and low cost products as we develop this further, based on your responses.

Here is a brief look at some of the rules variations for each type of round:

4 Day Turbo Round Setup: Rules are fixed, Turns add in Ratios may differ per round
[LIST][*]JP starts at $1000[*]10 per family[*]Leaving families allowed[*]Transfers on[*]Revenge Allowed (Via drive byes only)[*]Max % at 25% (8-10 hits per hour)[*]Ops hits cost 2000 turns[*]Banks and Safebox at 10%[*]5 or 10-1 ratio on all won or bought turns[*]Capped at 1 million turns (Must reach $1500 to payout, or we pay in credits only)[/LIST]

2 Day Turbo Round Setup: Rules are not fixed and may vary
[LIST][*]JP starts at $300[*]5 per family[*]Can/Cannot Leave Families variations[*]Transfers on/off[*]No revenge[*]Max % at 25% (8-10 hits per hour)[*]Ops hits cost 2000 turns/Vary[*]Banks and Safebox at 50%/Vary[*]Capped at 180k or even lower[*]High turns ratios in future rounds that have lower caps[/LIST]

Here is on overview of how the timetable would work every Main round: Click the image to enlarge.
We hope you enjoy the new setup and we welcome your feedback!

- The Mafia Boss Management