Hi All, welcome to my world of intrigue, hatred and vendettas. This is meant to be a fun post about the work I do here. If some of my comments and stuff refer to you, please consider it as a light hearted attempt on my part to give you some good reading. I hope you enjoy.

I call this one BIAS

IU Member PM: “You are favouring UC, because they are on staff and never listen to our complaints”

UC MEMBER PM: “You are favouring IU, because they are on staff and never listen to our complaints”

FORUM POST: “Storm is Part of Omerta that’s why he won’t do anything to them when we have complaints”

WRITER COMMENT: Fucking Hell! I just realised - I am the game’s biggest rank whore.


Then there is this one: The round end Dillema!

PM: “Storm, I added 300k credits last Turbo round with the 10-1 Ratio and I could not collect as the game was lagging”

Storm: Let me check:...Okay, I see you did add them. When did you do this?

PM: In the last 3 minutes of the round, and I want them back as the game was lagging and I was going to win!


Storm: Sorry, no, as much as I feel for you, you can’t leave it so late. Also: Read the terms of service please. You added late, took a risk and it did not work out. Plus...well it worked out to 3 MILLION turns you had to work with, in 3 minutes....




Then there is this one:

PM: Storm, *** called my other a whore

Storm: Oh really? Where did they do this?

PM: In my mailbox.

Storm: Ok checking....
Storm: Okay yes I see it, they did call your Mom a fucking filthy whore to be exact.

PM: I want them banned

Storm: Sorry no this is allowed as this is an adult themed game, so I cannot really do anything

PM: So you are not going to ban them?

Storm: No.


THIS Next one is a staff classic:

PM: Can I ask you a question?


Storm: (quietly to himself) BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!


Last: I like to call this one “Dr. Phil”..

PM: Hi Storm, Please check my mailbox, *** said they will come to my house and kill me and rape my sister.

Storm: Oh really? Ok, I am checking...
Storm: Okay yes I read it, but I note that you guys were trash talking the hell out of each other and it lead to that...so normally I would ban someone but in this case I will send them a warning...as you were both quite bad...

PM: No, it is against the rules, I want them banned...

Storm: Do they know where you live?

PM: No, but what has that got to do with it..?

Storm: Okay hold on, brb

Storm: (message to offender) Hello, I noticed that you sent so and so a message that you will kill them and rape their sister. This is against the game rules, and normally I would ban you, but I note that you guys have been trash talking each other for a while now. But I really do need you to apologise and not do it again

Offender: Sorry Storm I did not know, but he said my Mom fucks Dogs....

Storm: Yes, I saw, actually to be exact he said your Mom likes Dogs with big dicks...

Offender: ...Yes that is when I got upset

Storm: Okay so can we patch this up?

Offender: How?

Storm: I need you to send a message to them and PM me that you are sorry

Offender: But he said my Mom fucks dogs

Storm: So you won’t apologise?

Offender: Not unless he also apologises?

Storm: Okay brb....

Storm to 1st PM: Hi, I noted that you said his Mother fucks dogs with big dicks first and that is why he said what he did but he was not serious about killing you and raping your sister ...but is there anyway you guys can make it up, please?

(I already know this is not going to go down well...)


Storm: But actually, I think you are both at fault?


Storm: back to offender: Sorry but he won’t apologise but if you made the first move...

Offender: FUCK YOU!


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