Hello all and welcome to my weekly Blog. This is where I try to share all sorts of shit with you guys and Ladies, so that you know what is going on and also get to chat to me in the comments section. SO please, post your comments, ask questions and above all, Enjoy the Media! Last round end was damned sick, everybody and their mother’s crawled out of the woodwork to have a shot at a near $5k Jackpot.

I guess this was the highlight of it all, The Pope won it, but just by a fraction of a ball hair. I was sitting on the sidelines watching and still not sure until the last minute, who would take it. Good job on the subterfuge and JP pushing early in the round by Acedumbase and Jamrock, that was some clever stuff indeed. I guess you all had as much fun as I did watching all that go down!

Speaking of going down...


As Admin, I often I have to endure bullshit and just plain difficult players. Last round - point in case – So I freeze some dude for saying that “I accept bribes” on the forums. Of course, “he did nothing wrong” and cannot accept that because he had a sub “he should not be frozen”. Listen: if you are going to talk shit like that, you WILL get frozen. Thank your stars you don’t get banned. The game rules are clear - so don’t bitch and moan when we apply them. We don’t like doing it – freezing or banning anyone, but we also don’t have to put up with BS.

So think before you speak, ditto before you post. It costs nothing to send me a PM about stuff that bugs you, and no subject is taboo in my private mail except when you become insulting to a point where you speak to me like a 13 year old. None of the staff will tolerate that for too long. We try our best but we are also human beings on the receiving end of your rants, and it costs nothing to at least be courteous.


Rookie of the Month: Seriously? Only 4 nominations? Wow! So we only have 4 newish players here that deserve mention? Come on guys, I will extend until the end of this round for more nominations to pop up and I would like to do this every month where a new rookie wins it every time = give something back to the new guys, you know?

New News: New Forum Section coming soon! Soon we will be hosting a special section in the forums for fun contests, giveaways and promos, so keep an eye out for this! We plan stuff like Rookie of the Month, Rap battles, what about using sound for a change so we can really hear how shit you sound?, Blog contests, and many other fun activities. I kind of get from speaking to players that you guys don’t mind these as long as the prizes are not too high, and that turns rather get earned in the game via gameplay. SO I will try my best to make sure that we recognise your points here as valid and do not attach too much value in turns prizes to any of these.


Staff – Okay guys so I told you all that I am trying to commit to better customer service, so I need your help here please. If any staff take too long to deal with your queries or do not respond concisely or you have any problems with any of us, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Mafiosogod about this. A reasonable turnaround time for an urgent query is around 8-10 hours MAX, and if very urgent, then look out for staff member who is online to deal with your issue immediately.

If you need compensation for being hit by a frozen player, best is to catch RAIN or STORM ONLINE so we can do it immediately. If you just message us offline, and we get it at next logon we will just compensate as we see the query come in and we don’t always have time to look at past mails. This won’t get hit while being compensated while YOU were offline. Capice?

For serious emergencies: there will always be an Admin on at round end. Myself, Mafiosogod or Rain. Please check my Skype and you will see my mobile number there. I don’t mind being called at ungodly hours if you have a VERY serious issue, but please do not waste my time calling for BS. If I see that this becomes a problem I will stop this and simply not answer unrecognised numbers. So again, My Skype is: tmb-storm – My mobile number is on my Skype profile. Add me.

Okay so that is it for now, chat soon and have a great Round 409. Please do not forget that next MAIN ROUND 411 will be a TRANSFER ROUND. The rules are on the Main menu page!

Have fun and happy gaming on The Mafia Boss! Remember to play hard, recruit, don't forget the noobies, and fight for your piece of the action. Being a whining bitch never got anyone anywhere in this game! Get even!

- Storm.