Hello all, welcome to my thoughts of the week. Lots has happened, in this past month, so far, some players upset, others happy, staff leaving on very dramatic notes, players speculating and accusing. Damned ridiculous if you ask me. Everything should just run smoothly, right? No. Hell no it never does. Murphy's damned law, really. But I will say this has been the most exciting gameplay month by far for a long time! SO: Let's take case in point: The latest Rookie of the Month Contest:

So I decide that a certain player cannot qualify for this round due to personal account issues for this month only. What do I have to endure for that?

"IU put pressure on him", "I am not happy, you have not stated valid reasons, " etc. Its a clusterfuck if you ask me. How the hell do you go from: "You are disqualified" to "You are corrupt" in one swoop? Guys, I am the game manager. I make decisions based on very intricate issues sometimes which cannot always be discussed with players.

I have a game PM so why the heck don't you try messaging me one on one to see what possible details can be got? Maybe then you will find out that although I won't give the exact reason, it is not based on "IU said/complained"....

Let me explain something: I lose respect for gameplay quality of late when I hear moans like this. Sorry, but there it is. That is what I feel. If you can't beat them, bash Admin or staff? Ever tried BEATING THEM? Whoever "THEM" might be? What the hell has happened to "Getting even", "Payback", "Zero the fuckers"?

Ever tried WORKING toward gathering players, RECRUITING everyone you can to rally toward a common cause? That is what this game meant to me when I played. I dunno, it seems to have changed now.

Okay enough of that shit. I am sure you get my point.


Onto brighter things: So yes as per my last forum post, we are working on rule changes, and damnit, no, I still don't have details yet. I don't even have the dates of these changes yet and no one has seen what they will be yet.

I got some reports from players that another player had some inside knowledge. Well, that is BS. I don't even know yet how this will formulate into new game setup, so how the hell can anyone else know for certain? So stop speculating as you are losing sleep over nothing.

However, let me say that what I do know is that the changes do address many things mentioned by various players from across the game, (Not just IU).......anyways...sorry could not resist that....that players find sticky, or delay gameplay excitement and activity.

SO Larbi is a clever dude and he will work around those and within the new frame of the game design that he wants, he will incorporate these. I for one, can't wait!


Last: as usual: Guys: I am a PM away, I am a skype message away or an email away. Dont hesitate to contact me if you have issues, and I will do my best to help.

I will also ask all Mods to post their skype details here in the comments below so that you can also bug them if you have urgent game queries that require immediate attenton. I can't be on 24/7 but staff can call my mobile and get my ass online pretty fast if they cant fix it for you and it is VERY SERIOUS.


Here you go:

Skype: tmb-storm
email: [email protected]
PM in Game: Storm (pretty obvious )