Coming off the family gold win in turbo round 617, and the family gold in main round 616, the warehouse has been, should we say, messy...the celebrations are mess enough, but also the continuation of planning leaves many empty shell casings littered right along with the beer cans. Going into round 618, the goal was clear. We keep working for the family, to try and continue our streak, and we must keep out of dealing with other families wars and dramas, to focus on our own goals and our own ideals.

Round 616 saw us primarily focusing on war with West Coast. Mid round, some messages were exchanged between Blizzard and myself, about mutually ending the war, which had been slowly escalating for almost a month now. The start of round 618 saw a deal struck between the families. In the past, WC had wanted all hits to stop between the families, and NameLess stuck hard to that we don't do NAP's, we just agree to not make families our primary target, because a game full of NAPs just puts everyone to sleep.

WC and NameLess were able to hammer out a deal starting with a message from Blizzard...Looting hits and smaller hits for kill points would let slide, but big hits on defensive's, and op hits would cease. With Blizzard and myself having a long history, even if it hasn't always been hugs and kisses, we were able to secure that for our families.

This left NameLess without a main war target for round 618 from the onset, but as usual, the game drama took over from there...

Round 616 had seen Davidd leave the comforts of IU. and contact both Dynasty and NameLess about forming a new union in the game. Davidd negotiated while being in the Detroit union with both Scaronface and myself, about how he was going to start his own family because he was tired of being the main engine of IU, and wanted NameLess and Dynasty to join him in a union. There was some back and forth between the three bosses on Skype, but it was eventually revealed that both Dynasty and NameLess were enjoying their successes in the family ranks, and had no desire to join a union.

Just a quick disclaimer, I'm not speaking for scar, I'm just reporting on conversations which i saw and responded to both in game and on Skype. The window was left open, as there were no hard feelings on any sides, for talks to continue.

Also in round 616, Viking_Slap, as per usual, has taken a hard stance against IU, and was trying to organize families in the game to hit IU, and hit WC. A Skype chat was created with the main bosses of families involved to that effect. Viking reached out to everyone he could think of, and most were on board with his plans. The game is tired of the rule of IU, and also resentful of WC for getting a free pass, so the frustration was palpable.

This is where the warehouse looks out for the 19. We are an independent family, and we wont be drawn into wars that other people started, for their own reasons. Jackanapes wants to create its own union, go ahead and show some strength. Viking and Legends wants to take on IU and WC, go ahead and show some strength. But the warehouse is not going to join any war, unless we have reasons of our own, and want to join that war.

As 618 has progressed, Jackanapes has gone back to their IU roots, and used them to help fight their wars and help them secure family ranks. This flies right in the face of what Davidd claimed he originally wanted, and makes any accomplishments he achieves tainted. At the same time, Ive seen Viking talk down on the warehouse, saying because they aren't helping the cause, it must be because they are in bed with the enemy.

Is it this hard in the game to work for your own? No matter what you do, even try to stay neutral, each side is eager to drag you in one way or another, so they can paint you as a friend or foe. That's mafia 101, but the warehouse refuses to just submit to one side or the other. Round 620 will be very telling for us. We have been collecting because of the rules and the turn cost for war, but its about time we got back to roots and stood up for what we believe is in our best interests.

Keep in mind TMB...IU didn't have a clear builder in round 616 until fifteen minutes left. With the game rules as they are now, and with Coca, Eck, Siilentbob, and Missmack taking a backseat to Murderer, is that a show of weakness from IU? Normally they have a build all round that is clear to win the round. It certainly looks like a team of solid people could have taken on IU in 616. Also, what is the future of Jackanapes? Do they make their own way, or do they continue to rely on their IU background to boost them in what they cant do themselves? Also, how about Viking? Is his all out war on anything in the game not with him going to be effective? Is he going to make friends or foes in how he uses people to help fight his own wars?

I can promise one thing. The warehouse is FOR THE 19 next to me. Don't assume anything, don't take anything for granted

This is Dom, flexing those sexy legs, and signing off for now...catch you all next round

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