Hello Everyone

I am looking for players to participate in 6 group discussions just after Mid January please. I will need around 36-40 players in total from different categories, divided into different groups, related to what you spend - We do it this way because free players and small spenders have somewhat different needs and game excitement requirements compared to those who spend a bit more and vice versa.

We will cover a variety of topics mostly around game rules, to try and understand your needs, frustrations and ideas you may have, please.

We will also be conducting a Game Wide Poll for ALL PLAYERS in this period so that every active player has input into our research for 2012.

What do you need to do to participate?

[LIST][*]Please send me an E-MAIL expressing your interest - I will contact you and confirm via pm in game. My e-mail address: [email protected][*]Include in E-MAIL: Your preferred style of play (e.g looter, killer..etc), and current game name please.[*]Let me know in your E-MAIL which Group Number you are eligible for please. I will be checking up on this as you submit applications[*]** Please note I cannot accommodate everyone, but I will make sure we have an even spread of players from different factions and styles of play in the game.[/LIST]

You will also need to meet the following requirements please:

[LIST][*]90 minutes time to spare please[*]Punctuality is of prime importance (15 minutes beforehand, online on Skype) - If late, I will replace you with someone else[*]Skype: Text Chat (No Voice/Mic required)[*]A nice friendly attitude helps[*]Able to write responses concisely and clearly[*]Able to stick to subject and be objective[*]Must have been playing longer than 6 months please[/LIST]

For your time and information offered: You will get:

[LIST][*]A small thank you gift[/LIST]

Here are the Discussion Group Times:

Discussion Calendar.jpg

- Storm