It was a quiet night on the streets of Istanbul and Chicago. There wasn't anything too odd about this night. The streets were filled with the normal dirt, clutter, blood and bullets as one would expect... but no one expected what happened next - A flurry of bullets flying between supposed allies, Istanbul Union and Untouchables.

Defensive Units and Operatives were dying by the millions. Eck had taken on the forces that were so proudly built up.

His kill count flew past 1 million, 2, 3, 4 well past 5 million kills. Operatives were lost and hopes that UT may or may not have had about this round seemed to be fading. Cash jumped online and built to the credit cap, amassing over 7 million defensive units.

Did Eck let this bother him? No. He decided to jump at the chance to ruin Cash's round!

Early this morning, I had a chance to catch up with Eck and get it from the man himself. What happened? Why the blood, the gore, the death between supposed allies? What does he have to say in the aftermath of last night?

Scrappy: Hi Eck I noticed you had some fun last night with UT... mind commenting on it? (nice kills btw)

Eck: lol! I capped out lol had 124 turns to hit with when I hit him, for once in a long time i miss calculated. I should have asked Splooge.

Scrappy: Ha-ha. Some people say you were just doing it to make a point... others say you just screwed up... what do you say? Was it to make a point?

Eck: I made my point earlier that day killing 1.5 million of his DU’S along with 2.5 million ops and killing RealT’s 1 million DU’s too I also knew it would be close I was 300k out on what i thought i could build but had 1 million more thugs so thought should be fine.

Scrappy: but you weren't... ouch, eh? Many are under the impression that UT and IU are allies... what do you say to that after this display?

Eck: Either way all my DU’s had to go use can think what you want don’t matter what i say use will come to your own conclusions too.

Scrappy: Were you just out for the kills or is there something you're upset about? You zeroed ops and DU’s... something must have ticked you off, eh?

Eck: Damn! You are worse than the police!

Scrappy: Ha-ha - just full of Questions!

Eck: They like to build like retards, I like killing, they decided it would be smart to kill me, so I fucked up there ops. He thought he was smart with his cc, building what he could. I said “Fuck it, I will just cap out and go from there”

Scrappy: Ha-ha and it looks like it worked for you... Cash only got 20k kills and RealT only got 31k kills ha-ha... You're clearly the victor here...

Eck: Cash got no kills not one… oh… and only reason my first 8 hits never got me more than 40k in kills, is that I most likely maxed him.

Scrappy: Ha-ha. Again, you're the clear victor. But several of them have rebuilt. Does IU have plans to kill the rest of their DU’s, or since you capped out, is IU done for the round? Or is this a “wait and see” type of thing?

Eck: It depends who gets pissed!

Scrappy: Alrighty, ha-ha. Looks like the rest of the round should be full of fun!

Eck: lol! It should be, I had my fun, now I get to chill for round!

Scrappy: I guess since you're capped out ha-ha. Are you worried someone will overtake killer gold?

Eck: No I get 10k in turns every day off my Titanium Black Sub. If I want, I can still hit another 2 mill and I already got 5 of them. The way I see it man, is I walked away with nearly 6 million in kills and I think I proved my point - I don’t care who they are, if they want to call me out and mouth off, I will not hesitate to think of building and killing.

Scrappy: Well good luck to ya. It was quite a show to watch ha-ha. Thanks for the entertainment last night

Eck: You’re welcome

Okay so there you have it folks, that is Eck's take on what went down yesterday. All is clearly not well in the streets of TMB and we will wait with baited breath for the next installment of this tense and brutal war!

Scrappy out!

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