Welcome to the Round 961 review TMB folk. We saw a very interesting round rules set than we have not been accustomed to. Recently we have been seeing the 2-1 ratio rounds with 1 million cap, and this round we saw a much smaller 360k cap on a 2-1 ratio round. This means that 1 cap can do about 18trn only compared to a 1 million cap doing around $120 trillion.

Early on, we saw that IU was taking a round OFF, via message display on TMKs profile. This opened the door for IC who has been a powerhouse recently. I was almost confident that they would be taking the round when I saw Babbo build at the start of the round - to nearly 3.8 million ops! It seemed as they would be going for the round, until I saw X from UC put up a big 5 million build. The ideal build in this round to collect would be near 3.8m ops, so I am assuming that X wanted to be a safer bank.

It didn’t matter. POTUS from VALHALLA came in hot with his 5.2 million defensives. Not only did he zero X, he also zeroed some UC members. Along with killing many defensives, he also worked on those ops. Shortly after, I saw 4 builds from UC near 3.8m ops. At that point, I realized we might have an interesting EOR looming ahead.

machine gun.jpg

As the round went on, we saw IC dominate the looting boards putting up a comfortable lead and hold their ground in family ranks. This has been a stranglehold from them for a few rounds now. Southside did their thing and was able to get an easy silver medal. BH was able to snatch up the bronze with nearly 10trn banked. The gap from second to third in networth value was nearly double, while second to first was nearly triple. GMK and NAMELESS Families rounded up the top 5.

In union rankings, it looked likely that UC would come close to taking the gold - going head to head vs IC, but what we saw during EOR, is it seemed they wanted to try to secure the jackpot position, rather than going for the gold union. We saw IU end up with the gold union by a mere 3trillion.

Rumour has it that a few members in IU were building in UC for the round, so that is why they let them get gold via VALAHALLA. UC ended with 17trn and took silver. Valhalla ended up taking bronze by beating KA-Strikeforce by a small $200 billion margin.

The Last Hour:

In the Jackpot/Level 4 we saw a good fight! As EOR came up, we saw two main challengers, IC and UC. They were pretty much equal in cash at around 50 trillion. I noticed UC sent up a couple of early collects to get above IC for the time being. Around the ten-minute mark, it looked like UC ramped up their production. They were sitting on nearly over $110 trillion and looked to take a commanding lead. Just as I thought that was the case, boom!! Half of IC was built up and I almost choked on my popcorn.

It was around the 4-minute mark and it looked as if IC had the win secured until I refreshed the global page and there were five more UC builds starting. I wasn’t sure who had more cash until the minute mark where Reckaholic of UC was sitting on $180 trillion and Babbo from IC had $ 145trillion. That was a tough looking fight right there!


Level 4: UC took the win, Babbo banked down and set Brostar for the silver ($60 trillion). NuGGz of IU won bronze with $13 trillion. The rest of the tiers were actually very cheap compared to the last rounds with fourth place only needing 2.8trn (Enigma).

Level 3: In level 3 we didn’t see much difference from past rounds. Cash was sent down as Hitman took home the gold in peace with 5trn whereas Miko got smooth silver with 4.3trn. SS’s very own, John-Dillinger took bronze with 3.6trn edging out Bunny’s 3.45trn.

Level 2: Level 2 saw MitchGMK take the gold. I must say it was very well-deserved as he was working his tail off the whole round! Diego and Da_Secret had a close encounter with silver and bronze. Diego edged him out by 100bn. 4th place – 10th place were some easy turns. Fourth place was taken for 113bn.

Level 1: Level 1 turned out to be cheaper than it usually is but not by much. Buffel won the gold with 1.1trn, only 100bn over second place winner MacK who had 1trn. Lees and fasano battled for third and fourth respectively where lees won by 50bn!

Jackpot Winner Quote: Reckaholic

“ I think my next challenge in my TMB career is to become the don of IC and bring them back to winning”

Looks like the UC Don has no love for IC.

Stay tuned folks for our next reviews, we welcome your quotes and comments

- The Mafia Boss News