Greetings Mafiosos

Recently, over these past few months we have had some complaints from various players about attacks from various new or unknown accounts, who seem to login from nowhere and have credits and sub and be able to do some serious damage. So also, we have noted with advancing technology it is really easy to have a few devices on one connection these days.


While this is not against the rules, it is not allowed for one player to operate more than one account. On our side it is very difficult to determine who is legit and who is cheating.

At first we were thinking to just ban every same IP account in the game.

However, this will result in legitimate users being punished for the sins of a few. We realized that the main issue here is to disable players who actually cheat this way.... from stacking a second account with subs and turns, so they can have an unfair advantage in capped turbo/rounds, or against single players that they have game beef with.

So in general, the idea is to stop potential overpowering of a second account operated by ONE USER, from being unfairly operated against legitimate players who stick to the game rules.

So to solve it this is the new rules:

- If anyone has another account on the same IP as an existing player: that account holder must buy THEIR OWN TURNS and subs. – No transfers of turns, reserves or buying for such people will be allowed. In other words: Legit players on same IP must use their own PayPal and/or card to buy any products for themselves/are not allowed to buy for anyone sharing the same IP

- No subs/turns will be issued from subscription family packs for same IP accounts of any other player in the same family [I.E prevent allocation of sub from a Family sub pack and give subs to player A and B who are on same IP]

- Players who support: Your signup email must match the email on the PayPal transaction [This part we can assist with to update where needed] Many of you are regulars and we will not interrupt legitimate players who have been playing for years without incident and have impeccable records and zero negative complaints. incidents or reports.

- Secondary accounts will be carefully monitored by staff now, and if we don’t see simultaneous activity at same time, and its a constant trend....the second account will be removed without prejudice or negotiation or notice. We will be doing random checks and sometimes asking players to do voice calls on Skype in extreme cases.

There are not many players who have many accounts on same IP...., so it will be easy to identify.

So please be prepared in advance now: Any player with several devices showing on one IP will be under strict scrutiny - we will actively be blocking all unverified accounts


It is not our wish to stifle or punish legitimate accounts and players, but we have to control this as it is creating a very unpleasant climate in the game.

Please remember everyone plays here because they want to have a good time here and have a fair game with one account and not be disadvantaged by someone who has more hardware resources.

One player, one account. It makes the game fun and fair for everyone.

Please note that This is in effect IMMEDIATELY, NOW.

Thank you
- The Mafia Boss


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