Greetings Mafiosos, this week's review of last MAIN and TURBO is written by Anonymous, and we get a good look back at the happenings and movements that took place. So lets not muck about and get started!


As the dust and smoke clears from main round 981, and 983 gets underway, we see DARKSTAR from IC with another MASSIVE day 1 build of almost 3.5mil operatives. We also see PETENASTY from Trap House jump off with a nice pre build of 1.8 million operatives and CAPTAIN CLUTCH himself building some heave defensives day 1 sitting at 1.5 million defence….. It is shaping up already to be an interesting round!

After day 1 and going into day 2, we see DARKSTAR has not built more and is just collecting on his massive ops build. PETENASTY has built up a bit more, sitting at 2.2 mil ops, and CAPTAIN CLUTCH is now at over 2mil defensives. Then also NUGGZ from IU, does a big build of all defensives, as well sitting at 2.4mil ops. I guess IU is opening up a bank, as we see players like NOMRCY looting immediately getting almost 300bil in the bank by morning time of day 8…. TORM from IC and DEAD_WEIGHT from Trap house are also on a nice ops build of almost 1.4 million.

DON_CORLEONE from GOGO_LOCO decided to jump into the action and do a BIG build of hitmen and hustlers, but not only that, he figured he would FIRE SHOTS right over to IU and 0 their bank builder NUGGZ in the process. DON CORLEONE had this to say about the attacks

“Only the dead have seen the end of war”...

We also saw Loco Boss SKEEMIN, take care of BIG_PIG and STALKED took care of Jamie aka DABAWS …. Leaving IU with about nothing on the board and their few looters without a bank. TMK has been quiet as well as LOPOV, I didn’t think that will stay that way, through the end of the round, we will see …. !

On the morning of day 7 saw a few more start to build, as PETENASTY from TrapHouse is now sitting over 3.1mil du's, and SKEEMIN figured he would leave some candy on the table with about 1.4mil opps (and a few revenges out). It will be interesting to see if IU does anything today to retaliate the hits!

At 7 days 6 hours your collecting leaders are:

- IC with $7.7 trillion
- Apo/WC with $5.8 trillion
- Trap House with $4 trillion
- Gogo-LOCO with $1.9 trillion

Day 5….. and TURBO is about to start, some fair rules as we see transfers everywhere, no range and a 360k cap…… this should be good.

Day 5 in Main, not much has happened the last few days, everyone has been just sticking to their game plans, we have not seen any retaliation toward LOCO for the killing IU bank. In fact, we have not seen IU do much in the last few rounds, are they quietly recruiting? Are they falling apart? I guess we will see as this round moves on….

Before turbo starts we see DON_CORLEONE still leading the ops builders with 4.1 mil, followed by DARKSTAR with 3.6mil and now another Loco member, THE BIG BOSSMAN, build up with 3.4mil ops and is overtaking Trap House’s PETENASTY.

CAPTAIN CLUTCH still has the most defensive's for the round so far with 2.8mil and DARKSTAr with 2.2 and again SKEEMIN now with 2.0 mil hitmen to protect his ops.

MIKO, TOPGUN, and SNOMAN are leading the most violent Mafioso’s with their looting skills. Nobody has really started killing yet

The leading collecting families right before turbo are:

- IC with $13.7 trillion
- APO with $10.5 trillion
- Trap House with $9.2 trillion
- Loco climbing on DON and SKEEMIN collects with $7.4 trillion
- SS trailing right now with $3.3 trillion

Day 1 of turbo starts with a player named JUICY building to 14 mil du’s,
while everyone else just starts building on sub turns. As day 1 ends, we see that nobody has started killing and there are actually only 3 players building du’s... with juicy again taking the lead. As the morning of end of turbo round starts, we see that Juicy blew his load and ended up having a little over 8 mil kill points. Then he was killed by RUN... who had been amassing almost 10 mil ops which were dropped over night to 9.3 million by some jealous hitters trying to get sweet revenge.

We have noticed that the bots are not refreshing as high as last turbo and that really shows in globals with nobody amassing more than about $35 trillion right now. We see SHARK make his move in kp’s and now UUU is trying to catch up as well, who will land in the top 3?
6 more hours to figure it out...

Meanwhile in main round we have noticed the Warhounds and Traphouse are at it again, trap house is tuff and has plenty of spenders but Warhounds has the numbers, next round will be interesting to see these 2 fight it out.

Loco, APO and IC continue their march towards the top of the leader boards getting their crews to loot and collect. Near the end of day 3 your top collecting families are:

- IC with $29 trillion
- Trap House with $19 trillion
- Gogo Loco has now overtook APO at $16 trillion

Some Turbo round notes here….It was great to see good killing here and UUU made a great last few hours to take gold away from JUICY, who ended up with silver and SHARK was able to hold onto bronze

In free killers, HAN made a statement with over 1.2 mil dus killed which almost doubled silver snagged by GG who was almost double kps over 3rd which was RUBYANNE …. What a show put on by these guys!

In the last 20 minutes we saw 10 jump off and collect almost $220 trillion, which they held for a long time before passing to RUN… now with about 12 minutes to go we noticed that RUN was also starting to collect as UUU was getting family cash together as well.
In the last 10 minutes the JP did not move, there was no challenge and at the last 2secvond.

RUN passed the pot to TURBO for his win, which allowed the Rat Pack family to come away with a nice gold collecting family, followed byPEACH with silver and HalfWay Family led by CHI for the bronze family.

DRAX was looting his rear end off all turbo and came thru for him with a great gold in level 3, KIDDO grabbed the silver and G came up with bronze.

Level 2 had some back and forth in the final minutes but when the dust cleared, CHAIR took gold, NUTELLA grabbed the silver and STONE finished with a bronze

Level 1 you can tell families are taking care of their free players with these rewards, which is great to see in the game

DOT, the loot king himself, snatched a gold with 38 trillion and WET just barely edged BUSY by less than $1 trillion to take silver and SAOFLOREs was beat for bronze by less than a trillion. It was very competitive at the level 1 tier this past turbo!

Back to main round...... as soon as turbo was over we see the pot jump, …and its TMK, building building ..... and there goes DON_CORLEONE dead! ......TMK is making a statement ….. but wait .. he doesn’t kill SKEEMIN? Weird… from what we have been told IU and LOCO came to an agreement to end their war and move on....

So does that mean that IU and Warhounds are still fighting? Is Warhounds giving up on IU to try and fight Trap House? I guess we will see next round.

Another notable action, we see Skidmarks TUSONE and 800lb Gorilla not only smack and zero CLUTCH from APO, but.... (In this authors words) produce a very funny well written forum about doing so…. We saw NORSEMAN, aka JOARR.... finally use his du’s to protect his family, but at that time the damage to APO was already done and its showing with their 4th place run right now, compared to them last round, time will tell next round but I can see blood in the streets already all over the place

1 day and 3 hours before EOR your leaders in kp's and collecting

Kill points SUPPORTER:

-ACE with 4.5mil
- DARKSTAR with 2.4 mil
- And ELMO with 2.1 mil

Kill points FREE:

- GRIM with 1mil
- ANGELO with 582k
- BEE with 450k

Collecting Families:

- IC with $47.4 trillion
- Trap house with $31.5 trillion
- Loco with $24.5 trillion
- Apo with $17.4
- SS with $16 trillion

As the last 24 hours start winding down, we see HITS EVERYWHERE as guys were gunning for their spot on the killer boards
…. As it ended DARKSTAR tallied up a nice set of kps for gold with 7.2mil kills, PETENASTY come in 2nd with 5mil and beat out WOLFENSTEIN by less than 10k kps, what a close race there which it looked like ACE was gonna be able to easily pass PETE for the silver until ELMO from Blackopps Warhounds family, hit him in the last hour. HOLLYWOOD HUBERT ended up in 4th and SKEEMIN rounded out the top 5

Free killers saw GRIM take it with almost 1.2 mil kps, Fred from IC family rolls in 2nd with 701k followed by some loners: ANGELO and BEE for 3rd and 4th, and skids own MickyKnox living up to the motto that a round with dus is a round wasted finishes out the top 5

After TMK built after turbo and smacked Don Corleone from LOCO, most had to assume that the veteran was going to smooth sail another JP, and when the dust settled that is just what happened.

TMK wins by a landslide with more than $33 trillion above TOPGUN who took silver for $18 trillion, but if you notice the family ranks, IU sets in 4th with only $20 trillion, now with the $30 trillion TMK had then could have EASILY slid into 1st place family, so why not?
Is there really some sort of “rotation” between IU and IC? Are there other families involved in this? Anyways, TMK nails the pot, tOPGUN from APO with a great new level 4 silver, and ICs TOMMYPICHERO adds another bronze level 4 to his stack,

In level 3 ADVERSARY from IC gets his 1st level 3 gold, RAVAGE gets the silver and HITMAN from LOCO gets another level 3 bronze just missing a silver for his set by about $600 bil

Level 2 we see CONTI from IC with the gold, DARKSIDE gets silver and OVID from Warhounds gets the bronze

Level 1 had BONESAW from Loco take a nice gold, SHAW takes the silver and GOKU comes in with the bronze

Collecting family ends with SNOMAN and IC with over $36.5 trillion in the family bank, great round for them, and the new family Trap House ran by KIMBO SLICE with $29.2 trillion to finish with a great silver for their squad.

KIMBO had this to say about what Trap House is doing:

“"Man it’s just fun to be back, been gone over 6 years, came back a few rounds ago, made some calls and were all just having fun, good to be back”"

Loco comes thru led by SKEEMIN for a great bronze for them with 25.2 trillion: Here is what SKEEMIN had to say about Loco and their round:

“"L3 bronze, L2 6th place, L1 Gold, 5th Supporter killer, Family bronze “"

IU come up a tad short for 4th place and the old calm and steady MAXX of SS in 5th, would like to note here, that 5th place is taken with $18 trillion and there is a huge jump to get to 6th place by almost $14 trillion…

We saw DUCKY start up the old IC_Omerta_ICS_Cellblock family and they made a great 1st round with a 7th place finish, overall, a pretty good round for them. We had some wars between families, we saw some big attacks - things are already shaping up to be interesting for the next few rounds:

Congratulations to all the winners and families!

- Anonymous Author

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