Greetings Mafiosos. This blog is a short update round up for the previous Main and Turbo rounds 1033 and 1034. Also included is some short service announcement from Admin. Round 1033 was a symbol of the changes to come. Relative peace has emerged with the rivals of Traphouse being reduced to just IU, this round, in regards to war. Foundhell recovering well after the disappearance of Pe_We_Pe with Benny_Blonco, and we saw RavenT stepping up to fill the void.

Big announcements are on the horizon, with a promise earlier, that changes were coming to the game's dynamic, that will hopefully improve the game experience and balance, overall. With some of these changes, the first immediately noticed, were the subscription prices returning to their original prices.

With the nerf on the amount of subs given out with the credit package specials, and the fact that subs must be used the round they are bought, it is clear the focus is to balance out the subs. It has been noticed that there is an overwhelming presence of level 4s in the game, making the lesser tiers under-populated and subsequently their tier prizes are more or less uncontested.

1034 Turbo round was another 360k cap non-ratio round (My personal favourite) meaning there was high value on looting and team mates working together to collect. We really saw the value of this when a huge play in round 1032 (similar round rules) was made, where OB-GYN took gold with $330 trillion, and when 2 entire families collapsed with minutes to spare in the round and combined their resources to take the win from Wallace and his family. This turbo round went to Max (AKA Chucky) from IC at 130 trillion for his 3rd gold medal. Congratulations!

For the first time in a long time, EOR main round 1033 went relatively quiet. Omerta taking a surprising level 4 win, as IC had some fairly large pre-builds.

The level 4 win went to Saint-Bread at $140 Trillion.

For the family ranks, Southside were at 3rd, Foundhell at 2nd and Inner_Circle at 1st.
A sneak-peek into round 1035 shows us more clarification around some of the changes to be implemented as it is announced that once you join a family, you cannot leave it! We also see the impact of the sub prices as there is far fewer level 4s in the beginning of the round. This means a few things folks. The value of a diamond sub is now much higher as fewer people have them. It may be worth biting the bullet and pooling with your family to get that edge over your opponents; or....perhaps it's time to finally fill out your medals.

From Storm:
'We at TMB know that it’s very tough for players who were used to getting the discount prices, to understand our reasons to adjust to the return to full price. But this is very much like when we decreased the won credits prizes, [where we now see an increase in competition] we are pushing to make the values of levels much more meaningful.'

'It’s always going to be tough on the community to at first understand what we are trying to achieve via doing it this way, but in 2-3 rounds, everything will balance out. No. Of Players at level 4 will decrease, other levels will increase, and overall family totals will become less at round end, but in a balanced way. It will work hand in hand with the reduced rounds prizes. Turns will become more meaningful and you will have to loot and collect with more precision to make bank.'

'We will of course in future, host the specials once one a while and they will be just that: specials. It was always noted in our sales announcements, that
the products we have are on a discount, and please note this can be removed at any time.'

'Also noted and came to a head Last round - we saw many very suspect looking looting attacks where players were making a lot of senseless simultaneous hits and getting nothing in return,. This means either some type of cheating or not looting precisely, probably due an excess of turns available too freely. So this is also a factor that is causing some unhappiness in the community in general. We have a good idea what speed players should be looting at and we are re-setting the game appropriately due to this recent observations.'

There are some more actual game play changes coming soon, one of which I can announce now that we are working on - will be the return to DU kills counting for kill points only. We are working on this currently and it is planned to be live very soon. We are removing the generated kill points and you will only earn KP’s of actual winning attacks.'

- Storm

That's it for this round review. A Quick shout-out to all the looters out there. You guys work your butt's off for your families and it is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

- TMB Reporter