Greetings Mafiosos - This is a war report. It is written by a player from his viewpoint; he took time and effort to produce this blog. He tried to report the details as unbiased as possible. If anyone or any other seemingly important details or other happenings is left out, that you, the reader may feel, should have been is because this is that one persons summary perspective on what happened last round. It does not represent the views of the game or its staff or owners on what happened for the entirety of last round.


These past few rounds have been full of war, and round 1029 was no exception. Many families have joined in the chaos, for reasons of their own. Traphouse has been in the news a lot lately.

A forum thread titled "TH vs Four Fams" is going viral across The Mafia Boss community, with over 3000 views and 81 comments in just 5 days (If you haven't read it yet have a look through, it gets quite heated!).


Foundhell apparently had agitated the LOCO family, when Pe_We_Pe reportedly hit Skeemin in the previous round, for reasons that are unclear at this time. (If anyone has more information on this please comment below). ‘Darkside’ AKA Skeemin, squared off with Benny_Blonco, building over 1 million DUs. Benny matched him and eventually managed to overpower, we can expect some revenge later down the line here.


A different but parallel event was occurring between Traphouse & Foundhell. Pe_We_Pe & Benny_Blonco - built to 2.4 million Defensive Units, waiting to be challenged. Traphouse however, did not take the bait and remained focused on the smaller builds, giving them not much to attack.

Pe_We_Pe would not be deterred. He dropped his networth to 3 billion, trading out AKs for smaller arms and selling off cars and drugs to get in range of ninenine & The_Wolf, who were both at ~500k DUs each. Pe_We_Pe's Defensive Units were not happy with the situation and many of them ditched during his attacks.

He lost a bunch of DUs to get in range of his targets, but got what he came for, and zeroed them both; sending a clear message that the ends justify the means. Badass.


13-Omerta waged war with UC_Avengers, claiming FamilyMatters made hits on them the last couple of rounds(according to UC). An interesting claim, as 13-Omerta was only formed last round. Roku ripped through the UC ranks with a build of 750k DUs, he then hit The Wolf, and finished off on his own family member, Saintbread, adopting the idea that it's better to leave nothing for your enemy to take. Also Badass.

Traphouse then decide to initiate attacks on 13-Omerta by chipping away at their lower builds, thus aggravating their leadership team. They responded with an ultimatum: Remove The_Wolf from Traphouse or all out war.


The_Wolf then proceeded to offline-type zero Stinky-Socks, Chaos, Y-Ddraig-Goch, Saintbread, & Tony2Guns. Omerta is immediately tipped off as Stinky-socks & Saintbread are online and rebuilding to over 5 million DUs collectively. The build-off lasts over an hour. Saintbread DUs are zeroed. When the top of the hour expires, Stinky is idle and gets zeroed. Saintbread rebuilds to 700k DUs and shifts tactics. All high operative builds become personally banked above 1 trillion to protect them out of range from further attacks.

Within 24 hours, Nameless enters the war against Traphouse. Nameless, seemingly being in a blood-alliance with Omerta, were receiving hits from Traphouse, due to Nameless members being spotted maxing Omerta players, to protect against operative hits.

****0 DAYS 1 HOUR MARK****

All is looking pretty much open and shut for the final hour. TMK had built to an impressive 20,000,000 operatives and issued a challenge:

"Add those turns " he collects to 298 Trillion and waits.

10 minutes remaining in the round and S3XTOY from Traphouse is seen building. TMK is idle. S3XTOY climbs to almost 100 million operatives and begins collecting. At first it seems like an incredible overspend, but then at the 4 minute mark the jackpot doubles!!! Pe_We_Pe steps up and begins building, but S3XTOY already 5 minutes into collecting, has a 5 Quadrillion lead!

Pe_We_Pe climbs to 94 million operatives! He begins collecting but is there enough time??? S3XTOY is at 6 Quadrillion but Pe_We_Pe is climbing quickly. 1 minute and 29 seconds remaining S3XTOY passes the 7 Quadrillion mark and Pe_We_Pe slows in climb. There just isn't enough time to catch up!

It is quickly becoming clear that S3XTOY is not going to lose his lead. The round ends with an incredible result - S3XTOY walks away with a MASSIVE win, and with a networth total well over 9 Quadrillion!

If you have any questions or comments about the round review please comment below!


S3XTOY at an unprecedented 99,385,598 operatives! He also held the most defensive units at 62,026,214. Has anyone ever seen a build higher??

Most attacks out:
Sky: 74,841
Devil: 59,976 and
Miko: 43,767.

Best Supporter Killer: PINKDOT with 9,516,978 Kill points!
Best Free Killer: RD with 675,576 Kill points!
Jackpot winner: S3XTOY at net of $9,598,444,808,676,448


Well done to everyone for the consistent effort and hard work to achieve these results.

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- The Mafia Boss Contributing Writer