There certainly is no shortage of excitement on TMB these days! The blood bath between Traphouse and Foundhell/IU_RU Alliance continues! Chaos has erupted on the streets of Chicago once again, as the Nameless family reopens an old wound with Southside-Elite....AND........ A familiar family re-emerges from the archives of TMB: Has Omerta returned?


It appears that a bank hit which happened in Round 1025 from Stinky_Socks, hitting the Southside_Elite bank, was no accident.

He was seen operating in the Nameless family, in this round and hit them again! This time, he was cheeky about it, demanding the compensation back that was given back to SS the previous round for his original hits on SS.

Maxx would not give in and the two families went to war. SS were kind of on the backfoot, caught off-guard, as everyone had started the round building hitmen/hustlers, yet they still took an eye for an eye, warring with Nameless.


Meanwhile at the gates of Foundhell: Pe_We_Pe took the gloves off and joined the battlefield with his family. He went in building low (by his standards), and was seen attacking any Trap House members he could get in range of. It also looked like Foundhell members primarily built hitmen/hustlers in an attempt to build past the attrition of war with expectations that their operatives might survive the round!

Stinky_Socks saw an opportunity when The_Wolf hit Pe_We_Pe. He zeroed The_Wolf, revealing his hand as another ally to Foundhell. An enraged Traphouse retaliated and plowed through the already depleted Nameless ranks. This subsequently brought Nameless into a two-front war between a revenge-thirsty Traphouse and Southside_Elite.

On the other side of the world: the Inner_Circle/ West_Coast alliance are quietly standing by and building, watching from the sidelines. Watching the moves are being made…. as we see a few new families emerge this round: 13-Omerta founded by Saint-Bread and Alchemists, led by Clutch. UC-Avengers appear to be working with Alchemists in a newly formed alliance. Capodatutticapi has disappeared and Tree_Of_Life has gained in popularity as they expand to two families.


TMK was seen in Foundhell, this round 1027, reinforcing IU_RU's alliance with FH. On the most-read recent posts, on the forums, one or 2 people mentioned this as a capitulation by TMK, to rise to the challenge. TMK himself has been silent about everything. It certainly is apparent that Pe_We_Pe has now emerged as the new SHOT CALLER in TMB.

Another interesting move is noted from Foundhell, late in the round - Benny_Blonco is seen in several smaller families (Money_Making_Mafia, Tree_Of_Life, and possibly some others also) donating money, to try to push Traphouse completely out of the ranks.


IU_RU look to be recovering from the war this round as several members returned from hiding out in smaller families with over 300k DUs. TMK had built late in the round at over 1 million DUs and was not challenged, giving his family confidence to continue building.

The jackpot rose to $2,538 and went uncontested to 13-Omerta as MaskedBread built to over 22mil ops at the 4 minute mark and collected over $420-Trillion, to secure Family Gold and his 2nd Level 4 Gold. He gave credit to his newly formed alliance with Foundhell, IU_RU & Nameless; stating that "When you show respect it's always returned..."

vector Babe.png

Looking into the early beginning of main round 1029: The war between Nameless and Southside seems to be over, with Da_Secret posting SS as an NAP. There appears to be a temporary ceasefire between Nameless and Traphouse now that Stinky_Socks has joined 13-Omerta.

Who knows how long this will last?

As always, we thank all our players for making this game exciting, fun and never dull, and we will continue to work to bring you game news, round reviews and gossip from the streets of TMB.

Thank you to everyone for your support, and we hope and pray you all stay safe and sound in these strange times.
-The Mafia Boss