Greetings Mafiosos, today we bring you the second session of short quickfire interviews with three players who have been around for quite a while. So without further ado, we present: Clutch, Scaronface and Mitch

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Tell us about how you got into TMB in first place and why you stayed?

Clutch: My childhood best friend found the game and showed it to me at a local internet cafe. For nearly 10 years, I played the game casually, and always used a different name. Then I decided to stick with just one name. The name Captain Clutch is homage to the Halo 3 legend, Walshy.

Scaronface:I first got into TMB as friends of mine from School told me about it and they had a family or 2. We ended up being around 20/30 members strong from our school alone which was good fun. I stayed as I wanted to become the best in my school which then turned to being the best in the game.

Mitch: It was in january, I was taking the Christmas bottles to the bottle exchange. Some guy was just returning home from court, where he had a hearing to determine if he was a danger to society. We had words and a fight. At any rate I knew his dad was a mafia boss, so when I got home I pulled a pork chop out of the freezer, slapped it on my eye, and figured I better do some research on what I was up against, So I googled Mafia boss.This site was listed on the first page of results. And as I'm a curious guy, I clicked on it.

I thought wtf is this, an online mafia game. I put the pork chop back in the freezer and signed up. As I'm a Canadian I started out in Montreal. I hired some men, And noticed the biggest fam in Montreal Was Havoc_Evil_Pain. So I asked the guys that were online if I could join.

They sent back a note, telling me that I could not join, and to move out of Montreal or they would kill me. As I was reading the note, wondering wtf, they proceeded to kill me. I stayed in Montreal and proceeded to kill them. The next day their Consigliere, a guy named Black invited me to that family. Told me the reason they treated m bad, was they thought I was a spy. Anyways he started to train me. Towards the end of the round most of them got banned from the game. There is more to it, but this is getting a little long so I'll move on.

2. Who were your mentors and first families?

Clutch:West Coast and WolfPack. Was so long ago, I don't remember the names. When I rejoined the game, using the name Clutch full-time, it was Legends union and Inner Circle as the ones I learnt the most from. LuckyNate from ICS_Revolution taught me how to collect with a level 4 sub, and Phantom from West_Coast taught me how to kill for KP and actually earn medals.

Scaronface: To be honest I've had a number of mentors, I was extremely immature in my younger days and never liked taking shit from anyone. Back in the day there was a Monopoly in place where the top families would rotate the rounds. I always liked fighting against that, in terms of mentors though I'd say - Viking_Slap, Honda, Woodsman, Mr_Feldman, Viking and CORAL plus a couple of other notable characters. My first families that I can remember we're Foundhell_Apocolypse, Dynasty, MBU. And a few more but my memories faded a little haha.

Mitch: After the Havoc disaster, I joined Money Making Gangsters. Freelance was the boss. Cool fam taught me alot, I talked to freelance a few weeks ago. Nice guy!

Where are you now and what's your strategy?

Clutch: I'm in a newly created family called Alchemists. My strategy right now is to help grow the family and see what happens.

Scaronface:Now I'm with Dynasty, where I've spent 85% of my TMB life, I loved the icon when I first joined back in the day then eventually we went extinct. After a few rounds under MBU (Moscow Blood Union) I decided it was time to bring Dynasty back, I took the role as the leader to try and bring back the glory days. I've had countless great memories and battles. I always felt like we were truly Isolated and I enjoyed that challenge of fighting against the Monopoly.

Mitch:These days I'm trying to rebuild a Money Making family. The first few rounds was like herding cats, but now that we have no allies naps or rules it's more fun. And our strategy is to have fun. Seems like allot more talk on the family and business board now.
Where are you from in real life and what do you enjoy doing outside of TMB?

Clutch: Oh, Canada. Watching UFC fights.

Scaronface:I'm from a small village called Dreghorn in the West Coast of Scotland and I work full time as a civil engineer on the railway. However my passion is for Esports and Poker, I own my own esports organisation called The Atlas Lions or @TheAtlasLionsGG on twitter, We've sent teams to compete all over the world across multiple titles which has been great fun! I'm an avid poker lover too so try to play and stream on twitch as much as possible on the side.

Mitch:I was born here in Halifax, Canada, and I've been all over North America. I liked to race cars, and boating. Love the summer here as we have 100's of beaches here.

Who are you impressed by at the moment and why?

Clutch: Domenico. Have you seen his family lately? Looks like a blast from the past over there ... boat load of old players with level 4 subs. Looks like the ol' gang is making a comeback.

Scaronface:I'm honestly impressed by all the grinders and OGs who've played this game from the very start. Inner_circle. Nameless, West Coast, Omerta, Foundhell etc. Like I love seeing names that I've known for years still around. Even if we're on the opposite sides of the battlefield I still respect everyone who plays and enjoys the good times.

Mitch:I'm not impressed, with anyone here.
Who don't you like and why?

Clutch: Pretty much everyone, because they're stupid. No need to air dirty laundry at this time.

Scaronface:Who don't I like? Hmm a tough question as I'm a pretty easy going guy. The old timers will remember this and most will probably agree with me when I say the 'Pissheads' Family of old were by far the most annoying and arrogant I've ever played against. They were lead by CYPRIOT who dominated the game for years, honestly he reminded me of Xerxes I the great Persian king as he was absolutely ruthless haha. I remember he 0'd our whole family and when I asked him why he told me he hated our Icon lmao. I enjoyed the many battles to help bring his reign of terror down! IU were a bit of a pain at times as well, especially when a few of them were from Scotland to like Eck/Cocamafiosa so it was a fun rivalry.

Mitch:I have no enemies that I know of.

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Any shoutouts?

Clutch: Shout-out to all the haters who said it couldn't be done a 3rd time.

Scaronface:I've got so many and loads I've sadly forgot due to the years that have went by, but shoutout to anyone I've had the pleasure of sharing a family/union with, Dynasty members, MBU/RU members, Mill by best friend from school who played this game alongside me for years, Chrispy, Gasface, Viking slap, Mr Feldman, Woodsman and all of the other great members I've met over the years. It's been a blast!

Mitch:I would Like to shout out to Joedog, he's been my pal from the early days till now, he's a great guy.

Thank you
- The Mafia Boss Reporter

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