Once again, our intrepid investigator, Fornax, gets deep down and personal with another of TMB's most notorious players, non other than Harryverderchki from IU_RU_HQ. He was reluctant at first, but he warmed up....a little. And then he just left....

Fornax: Hello Harry, Have you read the latest player interview?

Harryverderchki: nope

Fornax: Well, you've been nominated as the next contestant on Fornax's player interviews!!!

Harryverderchki: what kind of cash we be talkin.
I don’t do interviews.

Fornax: No cash. Just fun. Just normal stuff. Most of the questions would be just like the ones I asked Elmo.

...Just barely touched the surface of game issues. Mostly it's just to get to know each other.

Harryverderchki: .......

Fornax: How about I just ask you some questions and you nod or grunt or something?

(Harry grunts. It’s hard to tell if it was a grunt of approval or a grunt of “go the fuck away.”)

Fornax: Would you care to share some information about yourself? Where do you come from, anything that you feel we would all like to know?

(Harry just stares at me. I feel like he may pounce at any time.)

Fornax: What was your first car?

(evil eyes looking back at me.)

Fornax: What was your first job?

(Harry looks at me in such a way to say “I DON’T NEED MONEY, NEVER HAVE, NEVER WILL!)

Fornax: What wouldn’t you eat?

(This was a stupid question. After looking at Harry, I realize he’d eat anything. I think he’s about to eat me.)dark-blur-frame-spider-183812.jpg

Fornax: Are you afraid of spiders?

(have you ever seen a look of someone saying “SERIOUSLY?”, well that’s the look I just got. But I bet he is secretly scared of spiders.)

Fornax: Who introduced you to the game?

(Harry shrugs his shoulders. He either doesn’t know or didn’t care enough to remember the person's name.)

Fornax: Have you traveled much?

(I knew not to ask this. There was a permanent stain on the gaming chair that Harry was sitting in. I knew he hadn’t left this room in quite some time. The dozens of empty DORITO’s bags confirmed this.)

Fornax: Thanks for your time, Harry. Any shoutouts?

(Harry sat cold faced. I can only assume that whoever he wants to acknowledge already knows who they are.)

Fornax: Who do you want to see interviewed next?

(Harry shrugged in a look of “I don’t give a flying rip. YOU choose!”)

Fornax: Well folks, that is Harryverderchki from IU_RU_HQ. Need I say more? I know Harryverderchki could have said more, but what he said, or DIDN’T say spoke volumes.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Forax’s player interviews. Until then, Stay hydrated!