Our intrepid investigator, Fornax, Engages with one of our oldest most experienced players, Elmo. So sit back, grab a cuppa and get some insight into the Mafia Boss career of Elmo, his dark days, and tales of blood and money.

Fornax: Ready for this EPIC interview? But honestly, it’ is nothing much. Just having some fun.

Elmo: Yup lol

Fornax: Ok. This interview is just for kicks. First in-depth question…...
Would you care to share some information about yourself? Where do you come from, anything that you feel we would all like to know?

Elmo: I live next to Oscars the grouch in a dustbin..lol nah sure....I live in Inverclyde, Scotland which is widely known as the Scottish riviera.)

Fornax: Ha, Tell Oscar I said "Hello!"
What was your first car?

Elmo: Fuck it was a clapped out Vauxhall Astra that cost 500£ it had a leak from the petrol tank so I had to park half on the kerb at nite to avoid it from dripping out...I'm not into cars that much...

Fornax: Not too far from my first car.
Do you remember your first job? Where you actually got paid.

Elmo: Yup it haunts me.....I used to work for a coal merchant when I was 16 years old....I got dropped off at the yard with a shovel a hopper (which is scales to weigh the bags of coal) a load of coal bags and a 40ton pile of coal....it asnt my finest moment of my career


Fornax: We have to start somewhere. My first job was a bus-boy in a Mexican restaurant. No shame in hard work.
Speaking of food, what wouldn’'t you eat?

Elmo: To be honest there's not much I wouldn't eat food wise lol....I do like my scran.....I like a bit of spice and something with a kick too it...

Fornax: We have a bit in common. I also like spicy food and seem to try anything, at least once.
Are you afraid of spiders?

Elmo: Nah no afraid of spiders but we don't have the scary poisonous fucker's here

Fornax: Lucky you.
We have brown recluse and black widows here.
Do you travel much or are you a home-body?

Elmo: Not as much as I would like....a beach holiday with the family every couple of years is about it.....although I do travel over 100miles each day with work

Fornax: That is quite a commute. I guess TMB is a good way to do some relaxation then.

Elmo: I don't have a commute to work as such...I get my van home and start work from the house...it's more the driving at work lol

Fornax: Who introduced you to the game?

Elmo: I can remember playing tmb when my daughter was a baby she is 13 now..I lost me computer so 5 years later I tried to log in and couldn't remember my pass worse so I had to make a new account..I played for about a month and wrapped it ..until just over a year ago when there was someafia shit about the mafia on the telly...so I looked up tmb and to my supreme it was still a thing ...although sometimes it's more stressful than relaxing

Fornax: What was the first family you were in?

Elmo: First time round I can't remember...bloodpack is in my mind for some reason...I can remember wolfpack and west coast had about four or 5 families each...I don't think there was unions on those days...it was allies we had then lol

Fornax: Who do you remember who you first met?

Elmo: there was a guy called drew blood he was boss,,,and a dude named clem was consig,,,,,i can remember pimpknuckles and another was Satans little helper,,,who knows maybe more ppl will remember them ??

Fornax: I remember Pimpknuckles and Santas little helper too.
Do you remember your first big war?

Elmo: really thats cool,,were they in vegas pimps or something ??i think i recall Montreal being add into the game and we moved there
i dont remeber who we were at war withbut there was a war chat room ???? Chatzy it was organised and we all hit at the same time lol

Fornax: YES, I believe it was something like Vegas Pimps. We were all using Chatzy or MSN chats. The war rooms. Good times. Had to keep an eye out for spies.
So, who taught you how to play? Who took you under their wing?


Elmo: haha yeah wasnt there a passcode to get into them lol ,,
back in the day didnt ya just wait for someones networth going from 0 to 529m then ya whacked them as the had no guns or that cant remember too much more,,,but since i came back over a year ago it was DMX who showed me the ropes ,,,,man i miss him,,i also watched a few guys at eor,,one worth a mention is lacosta he could certainly knows how to hit a bank

Fornax: Exactly.The days before being under protection.
When they became active, light them up!
Yes, there was a passcode to get into the war rooms.
Good ol' DMX. He knows his stuff. LaCosta as well.
Both good people to learn from.
Speaking of DMX, how did you end up being the boss of Warhounds?

Elmo: haha i often ask my self the exact sme question,,the answer is quite simple,,,,DMX Retired and i got the gig
but im going put it down to the hard work and loyalty i have shown to our family and union :PP

Fornax: Fair enough. Congrats on the gig. Now I see you are Don of Valhalla. Congrats on that as well.
Care to give us any tips that you have learned?

Elmo: haha yeah i could tell ya but then id have to kill ya,,to be honest i must be the worst killer in tmb history and the most average looter,,so im pretty sure any so im no sure i can offer any tip or advice to anyone
but what is it they say "god loves a tryer" ,,,just take that chance when it comes around and remember your roots


Fornax: And with that, thank you for taking time to do this.
Any shout outs?
Also, please pick the next person I should interview. It can be a vet or a person who just joined today.

Elmo: shout outs defo to mrsklown klown dmx and sexy-jag ,and also to our usual crew in valhalla..who continue to show there loyalty no matter whats serverd up to us,,,,

and after a strange tihng happened yesterday i nominate harrrydeverchi from iu to be next please,,,sometime you get a mental picture in your head about someone, and to discover he has fancy lights in his back yard that make the trees all pretty and that he tortures squrrels its just not the picture i imagine

Fornax: Harryverderchki it is then.
Thanks again.

Stay tuned....Harryverderchki....are you ready?