Hello again everyone. This week it is my distinct pleasure to bring to you an interview with one of TMBs most respected players: NoMrcy. I have had the honor of meeting and chatting to this absolute gentleman of a player for a good few years now. He is well loved, respected and a true veteran of the game, having played in illustrious families such as: Omerta, pissheads, IC, IU, and UC, to name a few. So without further ado I present our most receny MAIN round winner: No Mrcy.

Hi NoMrcy, thank you very much for taking off from your precious and busy time to share with us all so we can get to learn more about yourself . So let’s get the basics out of the way: would you mind to share some personal details: where are you from, who are you, what do you do off of TMB...?

Well a lot on here know me as Dan, I just turned 27 and I’m a proud Aussie! When not playing TMB I’m busy with work, I have been Military since I was 17, so find TMB a good platform to unwind and throw good banter around.

Besides TMB - What other interests besides work and TMB, do you enjoy? What do you do when you’re not ‘at work’?

My career I’m very passionate about, but outside of that I love my boxing and rugby/ rugby league.

How long have you been playing the game and how did find out about it?

I’ve been playing about 13years now on and off, my first account I still don’t remember my log in details so that’s gone. I found the game by accident as I’d just watched Goodfellas, for the first time. So I was searching about the actual people involved etc, found The Mafia Boss in the google search and the rest is history.

What was it like in those earlier days? Can you give us some history about families you ran with?

Well this could take awhile so apologies in advance... the round 60-70 mark I started my TMB days as I still remember there only being free and supporter ranks. My first family I was recruited into was an Omertà family, our boss was Mean_Boys (still up there as one of the best TMB players of all time imo) and he taught me the game tactics. I quickly moved up as being younger I had a lot of free time and Aussie allowed me to be online while most of the game slept to help bank and do the collect/looting totals.

About a year in I started to spend and my work was getting attention so I was sent up to the PissheadS_SexGods family for my first tier rank. The day spent in that family I clicked well with Lips and the crew. I was invited back the following round and with us having 6 or 7 Omertà families at the time, I wanted a change and chance to kill instead of just building and collecting over and over. So that was the beginning of my time at PH’s.

To me this was the best period in TMB history, going on city raids killing all organized via Chatzy or Skype and the NYCU having our back, wars 100-300 players deep and actual looting so you had to watch guys like the VBP crew who looted for us, I remember the tits ...the 29 union was strong and then round 203 hit.

There was multiple factors of why Cyp left and PissheadS stopped playing, everyone always blames just the expirations on turns but was more to it. Lips got me into his game which he was starting off and he lost a round towards the end that seemed to piss him off more than normal, I still remember the message from Lipsey saying it’s all over. By round 210 there wasn’t a fam anymore, A few took charge but it just didn’t work out as a PissheadS family and the BANK union had emerged just after round 200.

I had gone off to join the military soon after and wasn’t allowed phone/internet for 3 months, when I had gotten back to TMB is where Feldman’s CCCP began and ultimately the RU union. I played with Leo hitting MBU for control of Moscow for many rounds as they would always kill us, setting up a bank was harder than first thought.. but as fate would have it I was sent on my first work “holiday” to Tarin Kowt. Things in my TMB timeline could’ve been very different had I continued from the merger of CCCP & MBU to create Russia United and ultimately the IU-RU of today.

After being away from the game for many years I honestly can’t remember why I thought of TMB, I logged in to check out the game and things were very, very different to say the least. No more Omertà, Splooge wasn’t running UC, IC last time I played were small time and SS were still around, no more big unions with hundreds of players.

At the time Stinky_Sausage was in IC and reached out, only Pisshead I could find until PETE came back. So I joined IC and this is where I got to meet Teds.

We got on right from the beginning but then my reality check hit, how hard could it be to take a round again? I don’t know my log on from the original account and this account had no lvl4 golds so I wanted to change that, Round 831 wasn’t claimed by anyone in IC chats so I thought fuck it I’m taking it... so on a mobile while getting ready for work I dump in and go with 20mins remaining without telling anyone, I get over 1Q collected and my Skype blows up... all this talk of some TMK.

Thinking surely I’m safe as it’s only 8 mins to go, but then I check the globals!

He is at 2Q and closing in on 3 quicker than I can refresh on my iPhone, how could this be? At that eor I found out the hard way TMB has changed drastically, I look at the past rounds and is only the 2nd time in TMB history a eor total of over a quad was reached at that point and I was still beat. I needed to learn how and Teds gave me the crash course, after more and more learning It was actually Babbo who taught me to go quick and is still how I do it like last main.

Things at IC we’re going well, I was consig in Teds family and had one of my best mates on here to date, Luckynate, in the family with me. I did shake the tree a little when Teds had a round off and said could do as I please, so like was explained in Nate’s interview we brought in BigAnT and Righty into the family and I called it IC-IU. That didn’t help me when some internal drama kicked off, Jackie-D and I never saw eye to eye.

7c26b8e2649f57b6d0d3c79c9fb69055.jpgI left IC due to internal beef, the drama and that’s all there is to it. I don’t play to deal with shit. I use it to unwind and catch up with people. I took a loss of money when Tru left and I copped it sweet, I tried to reach out a few times, but he literally vanished one round and I hope the guy is ok, as nobody could reach him. I logged in and they’d made Jackie the boss so I said fuck it I’m out, it sucked as guys like Torm, Sno, Darkstar, Babbo and Blues were solid.

I went to UC as Reck is a fucking awesome recruiter; LaCosta was a big part of my decision to play there at the time as we’d already knew each other from our eor antics and trash talk. Now the thing with my time at UC, we dominated the turbo rounds and Reck/Hollywood_Hubert are a force when they move.

I have so much respect for that UC crew they’re a solid team when all the guys are active! It’s where I learnt the importance of looting bots as then looters like Mits, Reck and Volkov were doing 10tril+ a round.

I stepped away from TMB, a few things changed in my life and at the end of last year I was sent on another work holiday. When I got back home I checked in with Nate on Skype, was great to catch up and we didn’t really talk about the game just work and personal life. I logged in and Nate was offline, but wasn’t in IC was back home with IU-RU. So I asked for an invite to Lopov.. bing Skype went off, BigAnT asking if it was me. It was that simple, I’ve been with the crew ever since and I have to say its the first time in over 10 years I look forward to jumping online to check in.

There is no drama here, we all know our jobs and if you want to learn the best killers, looters, collectors are all here so I just shut up and took it all in. At the end of it all it’s a game, I can log in and chat to anyone in the crew and that’s really what I get from TMB nowadays.

What were the biggest wars or battles that you were part of? Can you share with us some of the more memorable stories?

Well, first off, the TMB war news blog used to be an awesome part of the game, used to add fuel to the fire. For me a major war comes to mind.. the NYCU war, probably the biggest I’ve seen and due to the size of the game nowadays one of the biggest there will ever be. Phoenix attacking NYC for control over the city, 30 plus families jump in and all out war, simply epic ending in creation of the very respected NYCU.

What would you say was some of the high points for you as a player that you enjoyed in the game?

My highest point is probably my last round win, I’ve been wanting to have a run at a main round for a long time.

Which players stood out from then until now for you, and why? Which of them are still around?

For me I’d have to start with Mean_boys as he taught me the ropes & his gameplay was respected for a reason.

I can give you my top 3 quite easily. Mr_Feldman has to be regarded as one of the all time greats to play, A rise in PissheadS at our peak and then to create what is now the most dominant team in TMB history RU.

Now it comes down to the age old type argument... Michael Jordan or Lebron James?

For me Cypriot vs TMK,

I don’t care what anyone else has to say this is my opinion and I have the unique position of working close with both.
Cypriot had an iron grip when unions had more than half a dozen full families, he spoke or built and the game moved.

Now TMK has 74 wins, but the game has less active players then an old unions numbers alone. I can’t split these 2 as the game is so different from each era, but I feel Cyp had a strong control as any build he would zero no matter who. TMK has control of the eor but uses more tactics around who and when he hits or builds, a lot of players don’t like these dominance’s and try for rule changes etc.

But if you know these guys you’ll know how loyal to there team they were/are, as without the team behind them both they couldn’t have accomplished what is the 2 strongest names in the game.

What would you say keeps you coming back to TMB after all these years?

The people basically.

Ok so this is the point where we add shout outs, so please, feel free to pay tribute to your friends.

Shout outs, over 13 years so bear with me please... I’m going to have to start with my boys ...LuckyNate, LaCosta, Reckaholic & Teds! Hands down best mates on here.

Next up is Mean_Boys for showing me how to play, Pops, Harmonic, for giving me a start.
Lips for changing the game for me and Cypriot, Satanseviltwin, DUBYAH, Maddmanwells, MR_Feldman, PETENASTY, Driver, Splat, beta, the_mutt, Woodsman, Coral, JA, Blues, CyrusTheViruS, Splooge, Daniele,Gringo, Bam, Nino, Da_Secret, Bigben, GoAtBoy, Dom. Man_Tits you fucker that pic still haunts me, Gasface and TAMMY you 3 together were trouble...

To IC: thank you I had an awesome 50-70 rounds, Torm and SnoBro always down for a chat and good advice, Darkstar, Tru, Dubby, Babbo, Levi, Tommy, Ducky, Killa_P, Kank, Triggerman and Leith.

The whole UC crew for having me!!Hollywood_Hubert, Nexus, Volkov, Familymatters, Wolfgang especially.

To the guys and girls through the game I’ve had the chance to interact with, Meh and Phat-Tony, 69myballs, Greasy, ChopperJo, ShaneSimpson, Clutch, Skeemin, Kimbo, KS, DirtyNick, DezL, Pinkdot, SexC, Acidic and my boy RizZky.

BigAnt, Ilovebites, RoRo, TMK, Gale, Lopov, Dawbas, Skeet, Nugz, Fatal, RocknRolla, Iboss, Blackswan, Mikee and the rest of the whole IU-RU crew for making the game fun again!

If I missed anyone my bad, thanks for your time Storm

And thank you for your time, brother, for sharing your story with us. In the words of the great Dr. Spock: live long and prosper.

- The Mafia Boss

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