Greetings Mafiosos, Today we bring you a long overdue interview with one of TMB's most respected long time veterans, Miko. We are privileged to hear him share with us a brief snapshot of his times past, and present at The Mafia Boss Game. So grab a beverage, sit back and read up!

Hi Miko, thank you for agreeing to share your time with us and to do this interview! Firstly, would you care to share some personal info about yourself? Like age/gender, where do you live, what do you do when you are not playing TMB?

Hahaha! Age is a question I often try to forget about, but, I am a 47 year old, with a teen mentality at times. I am from just outside Dundee in Scotland, about 60 odd miles from where Elmo is from. As for what I do when I am not playing TMB? .....That would be either working or having a bevvy (most of the crews I've worked with will confirm the drinking with my drunken voice clips often left on Skype chats over the weekend). My 4 daughters and a wife are enough to drive any man to drink

Besides TMB - What other hobbies or activities do you have, that you are passionate about?

I am an avid football fan and follow my team around Scotland most weekend (That's real footie! Not that American rubbish, with Rugby players in ‘poncey’-pads!)

I also used to do a fair amount of parachute jumps after my years in the forces but am unable to do this now due to health issues but still help out on occasion training normal civvies to carry out their charity jumps an shit. At this moment in time having just moved to a new house all the focus is on improvements to the newly built “man cave” in the back yard. A guy needs his space yeah? coollogo_com-16438777.png

How long have you been playing the game and how did find out about it?

I actually bumped into the game after I made a typo searching something else on the net and the name got me intrigued so I joined and that was the start of the journey.

I Just got my 11 year badge on my profile last round but have been in and out of the game for a while. Been back this time for around just over 2 years now.

7vyy8w_large.pngCan you share some history from those early days, until now, about the families, unions, crews you ran with?

Wow that is asking an old mind to go back a long way.....When I first joined I was recruited by Gunshow/Onslaught and ran with a crew called Ironcross, for around a dozen or so rounds. Game was crazy back then and there was always loads online and at one point we ended up with, I think it was 9 families.

We thought we were untouchable for a few rounds as free players and just killed for a bit. Someone in one of the families we had made the mistake of hitting Ronin who at the time had Ronin and Ronin Nuthouse...Chains and the guys there absolutely brutalised us for about 3 rounds solid and then Ironcross split.

During that time I spoke a fair bit to Chains and he offered me to take up with them and I stayed for maybe a dozen or so rounds.

I then left the game for a couple of years and returned and moved onto Omerta (boring I know and to be honest that is when I really fell out with the game and left for my longest period) Carbon/Amir who ran a family there was a close friend from my Ironcross days and I earned a crust as freeplayer at Omerta simply by holding and maxing for about a further dozen rounds.

My latest return was due to the fact I was bored as fuck recuperating at home after suffering a double heart attack, god only knows what possessed me but I looked the site up on my phone reset the password and logged in. Was glad to see Ronin up and running with Pauley and actually doing quite well so I hooked up with them and even ended up running them for a few rounds(which I take as an honour)

We then unioned up with Teds and the WDFWY crew and decision was taken to retire the Ronin name again although I am sure it will be back. Times with WDFWY and particularly when we teamed up with BH were possibly the most enjoyable times so far for me in the game and got me hooked.

You honestly could not meet a crazier bunch of misfits and we had the best of everything for a few rounds with a mix of great collectors in WDFWY and some of the game’s best ever looters who form the majority of BH. We took a few rounds here an there and all was good most things came to an end.

Alex left the game and we tried to keep WDFWY running between me and LB but it was an impossible task as Alex was the driving force with some excellent "silent partners" in the background.

From there I went back to BH and spent a good few rounds with IMHO the best looters in the game over a long period of time and I mean that with no disrespect to other great looters like Zodiac and Sno etc. When BH were on their game their looting was 2nd to none. Fuck knows what happened there it seemed like fuckin Ramadan killed em all off but I'll miss em and made some good friends over the whole WDFWY/BH period. Love you lot.

Now I am earning my bones in IC which is weird as I feel like I have to prove myself to the crew all over again but I hope to do that and so far they have accepted and welcomed me in.

What were the biggest wars or battles, that you can remember being part of, in the game ever? Can you give us some insights of what you saw and experienced?

355vfq.jpgLmfao...the biggest battle I was ever a part of was 2 Ronin families beating 7 shades of shit out of 9 Ironcross families. I think that was the point in the game where I learned never to under estimate anything and of course during the time I spent with Ronin every round was a battle.

Chainsaw was an amazing guy and when choosing who to hit for the round after we built he would always pick a family 2 or 3 times the size of ours just to prove his point. Amazing dude and great leader.

What would you say was some of the high points for you as a player that you enjoyed in the game?

To be fair I’ve enjoyed a lot of high points in the latest time back so I have been lucky there. Highest point has mostly been some of the great people I have met. WDFWY was an outstanding time. The sheer fuckery within BH is just second to none and I am sure they will all be back some day the bunch of crazy fucks……now it’s on to IC and no doubt there will be highs and lows there

Getting a level 4 gold was unexpected. Plan in WDFWY was to get every working member a level 4 gold and to be fair I think we got a few. My thanks for that go out to Alex and also to Talia who was the voice of sense among us.

In your opinion, Which players stood out from then until now for you, and why? Which of them are still around?

Cuchalain was one of the first players I ever met when I started and he still pops on and off now and again and lets me know he is around. Crazy Irish fucker that he is

I think Chains will always be remembered of one of the greats of the game by anyone that knew him and of course you have Cyp…Pops…Stinger and the many Omerta and Pissheads from back in the day

Brad [TammyGunz] - is still around, who of course you know well from the old days. He is quite possibly one of the guys I am closest to in the game just now although we both went our separate ways when BH came to a finish. He has stood the test of time and is one of the most genuine you can meet and nuts at the same time.

Unsure if there is a lot of the old timers about now that I had access to back in old days as I was a quiet fucker back then who kinda done what he was told and watched the big guns from afar. Lopov is obviously still about but is deep in business over at IU now so I suppose he has possibly had most success and last-ability.

Lot of the old IC faces are still about who I am still trying to prove my worth to and of course Tommy is over at IC who has Ronin links also

girl.pngSo, what would you say really keeps you coming back to TMB after all these years?

Jeeez that is a fuckin question because every time I come back I piss and moan about the changes and then stop and think that yeah you kinda need to make them in order to equal the playing field. Think all that matters is that I do keep coming back and I only hope that if I do leave again in the future I do NOT come back due to a heart attack

We certainly hope not brother! What were some of the biggest drama things you have seen or experienced in the game?

To be honest the majority of dramas that I have actually seen have actually occurred this time round since my return.

The whole Freak v TMK thing that lasted a few rounds was a good watch and I feel if Freak had the right guidance then he could have in the long run challenged TMK over the course but that wasn't to be and instead he surrounded himself with a lot of people (not all) who were purely there to leech subs, turns and cash.

If he had learned the ins and outs of the game before jumping in with his cc then we could be in a different place right now and I am sure even TMK will agree with that.

In the end it ended being a very profitable time for TMK as Freak just pissed into the wind with his money.

Also if you ever want drama then you normally only need to look for Dusk and it is never far from there (joking before you kick off on one Dusk)

Lol, I’m not messing with Dusk, I know much better than that....she will kick my ass! Miko, thanks a ton for sharing your time to give us some insights into your experiences in the game.

Shout outs to all my new crew at IC who have welcomed me in, thor-3 who gives me shit on a daily basis, Brad, Soulja, CJ and all the fuckin mad BH crew wherever they may be just now, Loota who has come a long way in a short time and Cuchy my Irish brotha. #fuckyou!!

Oh and Elmo seen as he left me out of his shout outs just to guilt trip the fucker (xd)


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