Greetings Mafiosos. It has been my great pleasure to know Klown for a long ass time. We spent time playing together as allies during the wars of round 200 but he has been around MUCH longer than that. I have know Klown to be one of the most considerate and caring ;layers fopr his family, in the game today. In this long overdue interview, he shares some insights about himself, his game history and some small tidbits about his TMB career. So go grab some popcorn, and hopefully you will enjoy the read.

TwitterBig.jpgFirstly, please can you tell us a little about yourself?
I am TJ, 41, Male, I am a pot farmer from Oregon, USA.

What do you do when you are not playing TMB?
I watch and play American football with friends as well as hiking, playing in the ocean with my pup, and enjoy concerts. I also play playstation and occasionally I'll do open mic stand up comedy

How long have you been playing the game and how did find out about it?
I've started playing round 7when my son found it while looking for a game we could play online together

Can you share some history from those early days, until now, about the families, unions, crews you ran with?

Can't remember the 1st family but when my son and I returned later we both joined Spawn family and by our next round back I had taken over as boss and it became the 3rd family in XTC union with ARES and Engelis and had a place in the Detroit union briefly.

Then we went to Devils Gate and I brought my cousin Tavis in. His 1st round he was booted and hit so I left DG and took with me a core group of their players and reformed XTC with Sydneyboi and nicky9.

We went to London and had a brief union with STFU family called Legends. After that fell thru Hannibal, mobster30, wannamuffin, DamnShame, and AngelAtWar(hellz) and formed Warhounds. I had a move and when I returned I found that Warhounds was closed and AngelAtWar (now hellz) was in a family called Ronin and I was taken in there.

After a few rounds I was asked to help rebuild Phoenix and Hitsquad so I went back to Detroit and helped by restarting Warhounds and recruiting for the 3 families. A couple rounds later we had several families full in Detroit where I met Maverick127 and brought him on board

As the years came and went we would disappear and reappear at random times until 3 years ago when we returned to stay.

icp-weed.jpgWhat were the biggest wars or battles that you can remember being part of in the game ever? Can you give us some insights of what you saw and experienced?

Best wars of my memory was London vs NYCU and DG vs FH (although DG lost miserably).... but my 2 favorites for me was when Illuminati was running Istanbul and decided to flex on a 6 member free family named Chief Officers ran by Plotter.

I hopped in and let them hit me after warning them. Next round Istanbul was flooded and by the end Chief Officers were allowed to play in peace.

The other fun 1 was when DevilsGate decided to hit us and Hellz went through and single handedly wiped almost all of them out. Vinny of DG threatened me so we finished them off. I also love the families that claim they will end us only to collapse in the process.

What would you say was some of the high points for you as a player that you enjoyed in the game?

Highest point on tmb I'm living lol, Lowest point I'm living lol. All our high points and low points of success - we proved: win or lose, we will keep coming for respect and usually get it, but sadly, we have to occasionally have to fight friends and lose people in the process.

I mostly try helping newer and free players get an understanding of the game if I can while helping them get credits or established .

Which players stood out from then until now for you, and why? Which of them are still around?

Players that stand out i have mentioned. Players I respect and why, that are playing:

Domenico- great boss that commands respect and has the loyalty of his people without buying them. If there wasn't a Warhounds I'd probably play there

KS-great player and even better looter that some say cheats but have never handed solid proof on. A huge reason I've had a great deal of success at times

Sexy-Jag and elmo-the glue that's held us together many times over. No matter what any say these 2 have been amazing in my time away whenever or whatever the reason

Antrocco- Perhaps 1 of tmbs most underrated players out there. As a boss I've seen him lead MBU into some damn good scraps and he's never known to lose his cool or composure on here.

Dmx(semi-retired)- is possibly the greatest looter I've seen. Like KS he's got fans and haters(same thing) and doesn't care what his enemies think about it. I'd love to see him and KS have a loot off for a round (from Warhounds of course)

Pauley-The-Pit and Loota- These 2 have brought Ronin back and have shown glimpses of past greatness that offers hope that they'll return to that killing nature we all love and miss

Beva, Don-Sami and MrWorker- these guys are needed in tmb more now than ever. Like or hate them they keep people logging in to see what they are saying next and have a special power that can allow them to split a union without a duty wasted but usually carries an echo saying shots fired

Clutch- many say he screws any family or union over he runs with and I've been told he'd screw us over. I've never had it happen in my family that I recall.

368hyu.jpgTo Any Missed people I am sorry if I left you out.

So what keeps you coming back to TMB after all these years?
Helping my families and the free players keeps me around mostly, the rest is the shit talking and it's getting harder and harder to find people with this level of wits to keep up with

What were some of the biggest drama things you have seen or experienced in the game? [if any?]
By far the most drama I've seen and created on here was my feud with a guy named PUSS. In 2006 when I lost my daughter to a drunk driver I wasn't planning on returning but this guy calls me from his unblocked number and threatens my son will have an accident too so I got inside his head had him thinking I was going to his address. He began getting paranoid in game and in real life.

'As long as there are players needing help and people needing to get pissed off:, I'll be here doing just that.' - Klown

368i7u.jpgThanks MrsKlown for the love and support through the years, Shout out to Elmo and Sexy-Jag for being the glue that's held us together

A special thanks to joedog and Mitch who have shown loyalty and friendship and exemplifying what it is to be true old school Ronin.

Special thank you to my haters for you are the reason we are continuing to grow and expand. And Skeemin, Stalked and Dusk and the rest of the Loco crew, my biggest fans of all an extra special thank you!...Because of you and many more/others on tmb- you give me something to log in and laugh about. TonyGiovanni - never forget ups and downs, 'lil brother you are always family in and out of the game.

All love to my Warhounds. My reason for logging in!

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