AS A PROPPA MAN this is how a MAN should be

and proud of it

LIFE is too SHORT so down with the weak feminist society constantly bashing us men, bring back masculinity.

the government constantly trying to brainwash us and tell us what do and what to think and how to act. F-EM. AS MEN we do as we want.

EAT what you want just generally don't give a sheeeet eat as much greasy stuff as you want... Burritos for you Mexicans, pizza for you Italians, curry for you Indians and burgers for you yanks. AND FRY UPS for us BRITISH MEN !!..

drink what you want... build ya belly up, theys nothing better then working all day and then coming home able to relax

don't bother exercising we do enough of that shit at work. Oh in my case walkin darrrn to dole centre .. its hard and stressful. Now though since I passed my test, 1st time .. I getta cruise darrrn.. so now I wont loose any extra fat by walking. 1 point to me 0 to exercise ahhhhh

sit infront of TV watching sport and action films. non of that gayee feminim love shit on my box

Be PROUD of who you are, get tattoos, shave ya head etc.. MEN do not dooo hair.

protect the innocent.

Us men have the worst deals and harder life therefore we deserve the right to atleast enjoy ourselves eating, drinking whatever we want AND MOST IMPORTANTLY been incharge of the remote. Women need to learn to support us again instead of been against us shouting and talking us darn. instead they should go to the kitchen and get me the bottla opener.

by MrWorker ; p