A mans house is his castle is HIS NATION and HIS PLANET !!

Spiders, ear wigs, general bugs, woodlice n shit ARE IMMIGRANTS they are invading MANS house. So most of the time i as the king, soldier and immigration officer will deport them if i can other times i will just ''eradicate them''. I do proudly discriminate based on they species and looks, woodlice i tend to let go since they do no harm, ear wigs i kill on site if they are big, if they small they can carry on......Spiders however they face immediate DEPORTATION OR EXECUTION. Depending on size. If they small enough to fit in a prison (jar), fair enough ill deport you...but don't ever come back or i will EXECUTE YA.

Flies well these a sneaky motherfukahs they are like paratroopers just flying and dropping in when the windows open i give them a set time to fook off out otherwise i will be faced to get the air defensive out ....the old paper will do....if that doesn't work prepare for the gas masks and rats well i never had rats but beware rats you will be walking on a mine field....


...Also humans beware i do not discriminate any human steps in the house its time to git darrr shotgun outaaa yeeehawwww.

So here you have it i stamp my house flag in the ground and my house belongs to me why ? because i am SUPERIOR and you are INFERIOR. Immigrants you will face deportation or execution YOU have been warned.

By MrmotherfackenWorker the Border patrol