I am a great man and in order to HONOUR THAT since its my real birthday this round, and my TMB birthday last round i want to give you a gift A RELIGION and a way of life of worshiping me.

I reckon its about time the glorious comrade leader with his wise words and great looking body, PROPPA BRITISH that is, skinhead, ugly beer drinking, patriotic working class, bacon sarny eaten muthahubbard, The BODY'S A TEMPLE in itself.

But with my overwhelming WILL and no surrendering will i am one NO i am the greatest person that has every stepped foot inside this world born 4 years ago, gone through shit and come out clean on the otherside AND NOW I AM HAMMERING SHIT !!.

But what i want to talk about here is that now I have gotten so great and i have SMASHED ALL MY ENEMIES I THINK ITS NOW ABOUT TIME, We create a community religion and me AS THE GOD !. Its also a religion of peace solong as people play by the rules. If not ITS RE-EDUCATION TIME.

AND SINCE its my Birthday this round My reyyaaall birthday then what better time to start a new religion for my fello TMB community.

Do you think I'm been too generous ? I mean it is my birthday after all you should be the ones giving me a gift.