A Story of Traitors, Lies and Cowards

This story will spend about 2 years leading up to today! The start was approximately 2 years ago

Part One: The Start of It All

I joined a family called SCU with an old friend called DonStracci, who at the time was head of SCU. SCU had 2 families and I created the third, becoming 3rd in command of all of SCU empire, (Skarface was in charge of family number 2 so he was 2nd in command). This is where I first met 'Basciano' (One of the main traitors you will hear about a bit later in the story). Basciano was consigliere for Skarface in the 2nd family so he was already below my rank, any where with all due respect to Donstracci. Stracci was pretty lazy because it seemed as though it was me and Skar doing all the work so me, Skarface and Basciano decided to coup Donstracci so we talked our family members into it as well. I went to Donstracci's family to be consigliere and then I kicked out all of its members in order to give me and Skarface and Basciano some extra time a head start.

Part Two: The Birth of DBD – DeathBeforeDishonour

When we took over the family, we had all of mine plus all of Skarface's combined so we had nearly a full family. Over the rounds we did great, however I was mad that basciano was 2nd in command when in reality it should have been me who should have been the head of the whole family since it was my idea and I did most of the work. Instead I should have at least been 2nd but I just carried on as it was. DBD was turning out to be the same story. The family was starting to fall and get greedy and put greed in this case before its own brothers. I was doing all the work the family fell to only have 5 members so I started recruiting more members and making a few extra allies and I did it the family was starting to prosper again. But as it was prospering I was having a conversation with one of the allies who attack our ops called Lucky Chevy. Lucky_Chevy also told me that he took the piss out of DBD and hated us as allies. This made me mad so.... I was defending our family THEN Basciano (The so called 2nd in command loyalist) had the nerve to start moaning at ME about defending our own family in front of our so called allies that were downing us. This really pissed me off. Then I got kicked from the family by Skarface, I did all the work for DBD I was the one that made it a reality. But I was the one this time that got betrayed.

SOO then I went off into the wilderness of TMB... Approximately a year ago.

Part 3: The Wilderness

Soon I came across another family called Avengers but it wasn’t working out so I left due to bordem this same thing happened for a while until I came across 'Mobsters.' In mobsters I had a chance once again to do my stuff however many times it was the same story. One particular round we ranked loads we got more money then any other allied family yet we didn’t get picked to be ranked. So I was getting frustrated at how players worked. It always seemed that the lazy selfish players were getting all the rewards. BUT THEN I met 'Hazziano' AKA ajax. What began what was a beautiful relationship which lasted the majority of this rest of the time. I came to ajax with an idea to create a family based on UK. And we did for many rounds though it was a failure without being able to get members or allies and we kept changing name of the family. But then we stuck to our guns and decided to name it UK_WARRIORS.

Part 4: The New Dawn

A new dawn began. UK WARRIORS just me and ajax were in it and I created a organized plan of action first we would take it easy and be patient and get 'loyal' members because UK_Warriors would be based totally on loyalty and honour. We got some very loyal members over the next few rounds to name a few (Haggs, Soe, Misfit). I also got us some allies and the allies I choose to do business with were 'LOST BOYS' and an old friend of mine was in lost boys called 'DonStracci'. DonStracci and I forgave one another and started a new relationship based on trust (Not in a gay way haha). Over the next few rounds we started a union called 'Liverpool Union' and we did brilliantly. We were the heads of Liverpool we had about 3 to 4 families under our belt. We also ranked ourselves without any outside help. This was truly the golden time of TMB for us. Also when I was doing well Skarface and Basciano noticed me and wanted me back again hahaha).

But then ajax got a call from 'RU' and the ship started to sink......

Part 5: The Sinking Ship

Ajax talked me into it. (Ajax had gotten blood thirsty now for medals, ranks and rewards instead of loyalty and honour ). But anyway i moved to Moscow with ajax and the UK WARRIORS split up from our Liverpool union and became RU UK WARRIORS to start a fresh in 'RU' and we left Liverpool union in the hands of LostBoys'. Although it was rewarding in RU there was no sense of loyalty or honour everyone only cared about ranks. I was getting fed up Lostboys asked for my help so I decided to help lostboys out in Liverpool for a bit but lostboys were getting lazy and the Liverpool union fell apart. So I moved back to my family ru uk warriors. When particular day Basciano ask if he could join my family (I was in a happy forgiving mood). So I let him join anyway when we started to slump a bit in RU Basicano left for a another family. Ajax was mad and said he never wanted him back. When we was doing well again Basciano wanted to join again. However (I'm a nice guy I dont know what I was thinking but I gave him ANOTHER chance which wouldn’t have happened if it was someone else). (However one round I got banned for a week) When I came back a week later I noticed that the family had changed. RU ignored me and everyone was acting strange. So I asked what was going on. ANYWAY I was kicked FROM MY VERY OWN FAMILY!! (Because since I came back during the round I wasn’t the boss ajax was so I was basically powerless ). Then Basicano the traitorous rat who I stuck up time and time again and gave him chance after chance betrayed me AGAIN!! He wasn’t thankful or grateful for what I did for him to come back to our prosperous ranking rewarding family. He then had the nerve to send me provocative messages.

I was a great boss. I was patient and kind, I recruited, I taught people how to play, and how you make allies. I made the family a success. Yet it wasn’t enough I was the one that got HIT.

You see all Basciano cared about was medals, rank and rewards he doesn’t care about friends, loyalty or honour. (I told him what I did for him and that ajax hated him, but he didn’t care about that ). When I was gone apparently ajax, basciano and SOE had been planning to coup ME! I didn’t understand why though because I had already seen my karma in DBD.

I'm sure that very soon RU WARRIORS will fall and Basciano will get burnt very badly because what go's around comes around; You will have serious karma one day.

Part 6: The Aftermath

During the aftermath, I am now creating a new family. UK TERRORISTS are a freedom fighter family and we are based on nothing more than REVENGE AND JUSTICE and we plan on getting our spiritual family back either dead or alive!!

Thank you for reading my blog, the truth and story behind it.

My Conclusion:

My conclusion is nobody can be trusted; people only care about rewards. People have forgotten loyalty and honour and that Basicano is a serial traitor and a coward and all the medals he has got along with RU WARRIORS AND UK TERRORISTS SHOULD BE MINE!!!

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