Mars or Earth my theory of life

If you could be one of the first colonizers of mars or live on mars would you ?.

Theys a lot more that meets the eye to me... Mars is very mysterious place just like the moon is. They is acient ruins on mars by higher advanced beings that have obviously been covered up by the government new world order lot.

Mars is the same theys loads of ruins and stuff which keep getting ''blurred'' out on photos and videos and transformed so that they ''the gov and elites'' can lie to people.

I believe that MARS was once the exact twin of earth but earth was newer and was still forming when the martian people (which are our ancestors) were alive. I believe they were an advanced civilisation and possibly are the ones that came to earth and built the pyramids all over the world.

This is my theory. That when earth was still forming... it was deadly for the martians to go to earth at that time and populate it. But at some point mars had a Armageddon that destroyed most of the planet, however been advanced they might have had super space ships and stuff to transport they survived population to safety and at the same time they created a DNA type thing and sent it to earth to SEAD it so eventually we would evolve. Meanwhile the martians might have taken refuge ON THE MOON that's where all these ruins on the moon comes from.

Then time passed by and we humans where in tribes and stuff ( also the martians would have evolved aswell with science and stuff ) and they came down to earth and with they superior technology they showed they human brothers and sisters how to build so they built the pyramids plus some tribes been dumb in them days obviously thought of them as gods and goddesses and sacrificed to them.

But I believe that in reality we are all just martians but obviously we humans are native to earth but we descend from martians.


I always see wiered stuff in the night sky things that cant be explained and I can see things that are really far far up into space weird shapes that move about back and forth a satellite dosnt do that... and it defanatly isn't a plane before anyone says it because planes have lights and you can tell they in earth atmosphere.

And that the ''aliens'' which are really just our martian ''brothers and sisters'' are still keeping an eye on us to see how we are doing.... they might also been a far superior people have colonised other planets.

plus aliens are on the dark side of the moon aswell the part which humans never see... and the ruins on the light side have been blurred out by cameras so that the governments and the architects of the new world order can keep people dumbed down and not tell them the truth of who they really are.

ALSO the nephalim could be the martians attempting to mate with humans and it created thoughs tall human like things TALL HUMAN SKELETONS HAVE also been found all over the world... the nephalim and they also had acient cities such as Sodom and gomorah which was DESTROYED because of its sin and evilness AND noahs flood etc...... maybe that part of history was a failed experiment to interbread but it created a mess so they decided to restart ?.

So I believe that all this is the TRUTH behind everything.