Round 437 had the introduction of more new rules. These new rules prevented boosting. There’s also the late round mission completion for ranks. The rules were met with mixed emotions. Some people were upset that there was no warning. Also, that they had adapted to the last set of rules and now they’ve been changed again. I think the rules created less action, not only do you kill for BT’s but, now there’s no boosting. What’s there to do?

“New rules are a fucking joke” -Eck

“I love the new rules. It pushes players to work, either together or independently. IU family was terrible last round because most went for the individual ranks. Weeding out the whores can be a good thing.” – Brandos_Built

“I have a feeling the game will change soon” -EMIR

Let’s get to the killing stuff. There was some however, nothing of any significance till EOR (we will get to that later). Most killing was for the looting of BT’s and the obligatory odd fight. In supporter killer ranks we see Italianboss take an early lead only to see Cocamafiaso take gold in the last hour followed by Duck_Hunter taking the silver. In the free killers we see Struka take a commanding win for gold followed by a close battle for second between Hollywood_Hubert and Tai_chopper_pan. Family killers was dominated by IU and RU once again, the only change up was Chaos_Theory beating out UC_MBU_Avengers for the bronze.

“Killing, I don't know. It kind of turned into a weird game of limbo, how low can you go? My special lady friends will tell you I can go pretty damn low. Family rank, the new rules with limits on missions a day hurts the free players the most because the restrictions are the hardest on them but we did our best. UC ain't dead can't quit” -Hollywood_Hubert

“Battle trophies are Gay!!!!” -Cocamafiaso

Now, let’s get to the more interesting stuff. Collecting sees an early build by the UT family with Ding_Dong and Realt building big. We also see their family have a few smaller builds. With no boosting we see Realt leave UT with 12 hours left in the round so that Ding could start to attack and take the cash. Once complete we see Ding sitting on top with 27 trillion. With an hour to go we see the JP jump and a builder is on his way, someone to challenge. The new rules create a harder time for Ding to get back up. All he can do is watch. This is when Trojan comes into play and build to over four million OP’s. First, he collects and gets in range of Ding, zero’s him and steals two to three trillion. Trojan sits idle for about thirty minutes and watches. With ten minutes to go he builds to twenty-seven trillion and takes the win from Ding, as there was nothing he could do. Was Trojan a Hero for taking the win or a coward for hiding? It’s easy to use a fake name and hide (yes, I speak from experience). Trojan made claims on his profile to be NH then switched it up and went to an ICS family. Were these just diversions? What’s the point of taking a win and hiding? Yes, people will talk about it for half a round but, he soon will be forgotten. Or will he? Was Trojan the right name? His moves were not hiding and everyone was awake when the attack came, all saw it coming (except for Ding). UT was sent a wakeup call. No win is easy.

“NYC sat back and observed, had a decent turbo and picked up a couple main round ranks. I thought Ding had built silly and his tactic with Realt was clear from the start. Whoever Trojan was made a good move. Shame I didn’t do it first” -Brandos

“We don’t know who Trojan was, he asked for invite so we sent.” -Ikah

Other collecting this round had Kold and Elvilla finish 1-2 in the level 3 ranks followed by T_M_K. In the level 2 tier we shorty out collect Kid and sellz just beat out sniper for the bronze. Level 1 tier had bugs taking the first place gold and Mafiasogod just beating out Votan for the silver. With no boosting we still have IU_RU union taking the higher ranks but, not so much in the lower tiers as almost all families are represented. In collecting family ranks, they go back and forth on who will finish were but, the two early leaders UT and Chaos_Theory finish just the way they started, with a gold and silver. Bronze was taken by Southside_Elite. The closest IU_RU family finishes in fifth place, that’s the only one to make the collecting ranks. Union ranks were taken by White Hand Syndicate. On a side note upon review of the ranks it’s interesting how Brandos led 2 unions into the top ten ranks.

“I believe we did extremely well. There was no boosting. Our family has a good balance and everyone works together and contributes. We ranked without any boosting which was nice. Chaos is strong and has active players” -Elvilla

It was an interesting round, slow at first with fireworks at the end. With no new rule changes for next round what will people do? Is it safe to adapt to these rules or will more be rolled out in another round?

Round Results:

-Level 4-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Trojan $27,367,217,771,125
2. DiNG_DonG $21,116,727,128,779
3. RealT $3,897,550,863,345

-Level 3-

rank mafioso net worth
1. kold $510,024,722,064
2. ElVilla $463,659,095,875
3. T_M_K $203,659,150,104

-Level 2-

rank mafioso net worth
1. shorty $193,505,149,953
2. KidVengeance $157,682,882,918
3. sellz $128,052,781,823

-Level 1-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Bugs $57,441,164,701
2. MafiosaGod $44,232,404,345
3. Votan $40,458,122,500

-Best Supporter Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Cocamafiosa 1,839,108
2. Duck_Hunter 1,821,430
3. italianboss 1,763,784

-Best Free Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Struka 457,177
2. Hollywood_Hubert 253,269
3. Tai_Chopper_Pan 245,699

-Collecting family-

rank family boss net worth
1. Untouchables DiNG_DonG $3,062,771,766,600
2. Chaos_Theory kold $1,988,295,129,497
3. SouthSide_Elite Madd_Maxx $1,228,578,247,041

-Killer family-

rank family boss kills
1. IU_RU MarlieS 6,671,187
2. RU_IU T_M_K 6,170,781
3. Chaos_Theory kold 3,668,197

-Union -

rank family boss kills
1. White_Hand_Syndicate daveyboy $1,390,628,326,278
2. IU_RU_Friends MarlieS $1,031,918,469,843
3. United_Coalition SEXY-JAG $785,323,667,307